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Why  Hadoop?


Many students as well as professionals what to know why learn Hadoop? What is so special about it? This is especially true for people who are already working in some other domain like Java, .net, oracle, etc for quite a long time now.


Hadoop is red-hot as it is, because:

  • It allows distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers using simple programming model. Here the emphasis is on large datasets and simple processing; though the datasets are large Hadoop allows for simple handling and processing of such large datasets.


  • Hadoop has become the de facto standard for storing, processing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of data. So, if there is some business, big or small, that has to handle data in hundreds and thousands of TB and PB data then Hadoop should be and will be used by such businesses. And, companies that handle such enormous amounts of data are on the rise which means the requirement of people who can work with Hadoop is on the rise too.


  • Hadoop is cheaper to use as compared to other proprietary technologies such as Oracle, IBM, etc. and it can run on low-cost commodity hardware too. So, this can also be a way for companies to handle their data in a cost efficient way which means more businesses will embrace it and hence more demand for professionals with Hadoop skill.


  • Hadoop can handle all types of data; whether it is structured, semi-structured or even unstructured data like logs, emails, sensor data, pictures, videos, etc. And since this is the sort of data that is being and is going to be produced more and more in the future, there is a requirement for Hadoop and Hadoop trained professionals now and in the near future.