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Why Cloud computing is  a big buzzword?


Why cloud computing has become such a huge buzzword in the industry and why it is being viewed as the next evolution in the industry is because they have begun to say, let us just break down what cloud computing does for an IT organization or for a technology company looking to be in business and try and provide services. So, this is what cloud computing does; it does a couple of things.


The first thing it does is it says, well I’ve got applications, which can be over applications or re-written applications, and I’ve got infrastructure under that that supports these, and this infrastructure is going to be storage, servers, network, etc, and if we start to look how the cloud computing companies are doing it in the public domain we will be able to see that they have been able to deliver rapid applications, they are being able to do that on a dynamic basis, they are able to take the resources they have and grow them and shrink them pretty easily too. To some extent, as an end user, you are able to consume these on a soft service basis as you don’t have to go through IT procurement or business justification to procure these. All one had to do is go to a website and simply sign up for the application which is then ready to use. So, there was a level of self-service built in these applications.


Hence, for the self-service, the dynamics, and all the other requirements, great levels of automation was built into the applications, the infrastructure and the overall nature of these businesses that are delivering software as a service, which is really the first incarnation of what people really think of as cloud computing. In most cases, these were thought to be “public cloud”; and by this we mean the resources are available to the public. And what happened was many companies, enterprises as well as government companies, began to ask themselves, along with the services that are available as public domain how the providers are being able to do that.


And since these services didn’t make up everything that was required for these businesses, the businesses sort ways to leverage what these companies do, what are their best practices, and are there ways in which one can take advantage of these practices and either use them on a different level, like internally for their own business in most cases or run it privately for the use of companies with such requirements. And this is why and how “Private cloud” came into the picture.


But this also gave birth to the idea that maybe the service providers themselves should get into the business of being able to infrastructure and application resources available on next generation outsourcing. So, the evolution was from a public cloud where everything was software service and everything was public to where enterprises, governments, and other commercial elements are being able to take the advantages and services from the public cloud and potentially deliver these to private environments. So since cloud computing is being able to evolve itself to meet new demands it is currently termed the next big IT revolution.