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Why choose cloud computing 


Why choose cloud computing as a viable option for data storage? The reason is because cloud computing applications are limitless!

  1. Using cloud computing allows you to access your data and applications from anywhere. So as long as you can link with the cloud through the internet none of your data will be confined to a single hard drive or location.
  2. With the movement of your files to the web, you no longer have to pay for expensive high-memory computers. You simply need a device that is powerful enough to run the middleware needed to connect to the cloud computing system.
  3. In a company-wide setting, when you use the cloud, your employer will not need to buy software or software licenses for every employee; instead they will pay a fee to a cloud computing company to let all their employees to access their suite of software online.
  4. Servers and digital storage take up physical space which you might have to rent. Cloud computing companies store your data on their hardware; so no physical space is needed at the front end.
  5. Streamlining the software and hardware requirements will reduce the IT costs
  6. Finally the cloud computing systems backend is a network of computers. You may be able to take advantage of the network’s combined processing power to speed up the operation.


However even with all these benefits there are still potential problems. The two biggest concerns are security and privacy. You are handing over your important data to another company to watch; not only that, if you have the ability to login to your files and applications from anywhere it is possible your privacy can be compromised once the data leaves your hands. Web sites and cloud computing services can get hacked. But there is still hope! Cloud computing companies live and die by their reputation and reliability. Therefore, they do everything possible to secure your files.


An additional concern is the effect cloud computing will have on the IT industry. Cloud computing can streamline computer systems reducing maintenance and repair. Therefore, all the work of IT will move to the backend of the system.


Finally, the infrastructure of cloud computing is very expensive. So, companies begin to charge you monthly or annual fees when you want to store more and a few GB of data. You can easily hit the limit right in the middle of transferring the 100 or so pictures you took that week. In addition, internet service providers may implement bandwidth caps which limit the amount of data you are allowed transfer over their network each month. This will certainly affect your cloud upload and retrieval capabilities.


Thus, cloud computing is about storing your stuff on remote servers instead of your computers and this info can be accessed anywhere and anytime. And this concept comes with many pros and some cons too!