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Who is using Hadoop – some figures!


There is a lot of hype around Hadoop and many people think do people really use Hadoop because it is a kind of free product; so is it really over-rated? So, to understand the popularity of Hadoop here are a few figures to just give you an idea:


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The maximum usage is by technology industry and we expect this. We all know that Hadoop was kicked off by technology industries like Yahoo, Google and Twitter and FaceBook infrastructure is built largely on Hadoop; so we kind of know that. But now what started to happen is consulting companies both small and large are staffing up, they are building organizations, stacks of products and technologies that help organizations; so that’s not surprising. What does surprise people is the number of vertical industries that are actually getting into Hadoop.


Some more figures to understand how big Hadoop is: in over 50% of organizations who have Big Data people are either about to get into Hadoop or already using it. So, it isn’t about throwing out all you have; like throwing out your skills set, your hardware and software. It is about adding Hadoop to your already established organization. There are a lot of data fabrics emerging to house Hadoop.


Another thing you have to think about when using Hadoop is it isn’t just taking what you have today and scaling it. Rather it is about being able to do things you couldn’t do before; like build new capabilities, new products and services based on that data.

When people hear this word Hadoop they throw a lot of things in that bucket but don’t understand the subtleties. But the truth about Hadoop is that it is the release of two fundamental layers; the data management and storage layer that the IT guys have to worry about and then there is this analytics and use layer. So we start with structured and unstructured data; all that data that is there either within the organization or public data and the markets that are emerging. So all the data you can imagine and all that data that is available to you from these data market  places is making its way onto Hadoop.