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What is Tableau


Tableau is a drag and drop product that people of any skill level can use to analyze data. It is a self-service business intelligence application people use to answer questions they have. Tableau desktop lets people connect to volumes of data of various formats and visualize it on the fly. Databases, spreadsheets and even Big Data sources are easily combined into visualizations, reports, and dashboards. People build applications and dashboards like these, drag-and-drop at up to 10 times the speed of traditional Business Intelligence system.


The most impressive thing about Tableau desktop is that people of all skill levels can use it. In fact, a free-trial for anyone interested to know about it is also available. People can publish reports and dashboards to Tableau server where they can work with data and collaborate right in the web browser or work on a tablet. One can access a server on Tableau server and start asking the question, make discoveries and share them with the team member using one’s email. You and your colleagues can also open the Tableau dashboard on a tablet, ask new questions and share new insights.


Tableau server is a new and innovative approach to Business Intelligence ideas; people are using it to produce live, interactive and visual windows into their data. These visual windows are zipping around companies, accelerating the pace of analytics and finally keeping pace with the data delusion. Tableau server can scale from small workgroups to companies with tens of thousands of users.


Tableau online is a hosted version of Tableau server; it is fast, flexible and secure business intelligence in the cloud. It allows people to answer questions of their data from anywhere around the world, quickly store data from Salesforce, Google analytics or any databases, automatically refresh schedules or add data models to ensure everyone is working from a single point of truth no matter where they are based. There is no setup time involved or hardware issues; you don’t have to manage a thing. That is Tableau online – the power of Tableau in the cloud.