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How does it work for a normal businessperson?


If you are like most businesses you track your business information in a lot of different places; but finding your way through emails spreadsheets and presentations can take up a lot of valuable time. And you may not find the information you need, right when you need it! Salesforce is a centralized place where you can track everything you need to run your business – from your contacts and accounts to your sales deals and your documents. And because it runs in a cloud all you need is a web browser or a mobile device to access it.


So, using Salesforce is just like using Gmail or Amazon. For example, let us consider the day in the life of Bob Green, a Salesforce user. He starts his day by logging into his Salesforce account and first checks out his home page. At the top of the page are his tabs that help him quickly find the information he needs – from accounts, contacts and sales deals to reports and business dashboards.


Next, Bob can see his name and status update; this is where he can let his colleagues know what he is working on. He can then open up the Chatter field to know what is new with the customers, accounts, deals and documents that he cares about the most and collaborate with his co-workers. Just like one can follow people on FaceBook, with Chatter you can follow the business information that means most to you.


Then there is his dashboard where he tracks the business data that is most important to him – like how many new leads his team has or what stage his team’s deals are in so that he can quickly see how his business is doing and where he needs to spend his time.


His tasks in calendar sections show him what he has to do today – like having to attend a lunch meeting with Alex or having to send a follow-up email to Jim. And since it is easy to sync all this with Outlook or Google Calendar, all the information required is in one place and always up-to-date. Hovering on a particular task can provide more information and by clicking on a name you will be taken to the contact record where all the contacts key information is available – like the contact’s title, contact numbers and who he reports to.


Salesforce is quite easy to customize; so you can track any information you need like whether you have done any business previously with the contact before or where the contact is a decision maker of his company. Additionally, Bob has all the past interactions with the contact at his fingertips. Instead of having to dig through emails or documents at his desktop, he can just turn to Salesforce and turn up the speed for his meeting in a matter of minutes. And after calling the contact, Bob can update the task with keynotes and even set next steps for himself or someone he works with. And then create a new task for somebody else that is emailed to him immediately. And once all this is saved it is updated automatically to Chatter so that anyone interested can follow the deal without much involvement from Bob.


This is the best part about Chatter; Salesforce does the work to keep you updated on the things you care about the most. The power of Salesforce is that it is a centralized help for you to keep track of all the information you need to run your business faster and smarter. And because it is run in the cloud you can use it wherever you are; all you need is an internet connection or a mobile device.