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Comparison of physical infrastructure VS virtual infrastructure


Here we are going compare the old way of doing things or the physical infrastructure to virtual machines.


  • Without virtualization, there will be only a single OS image per machine. With virtualization, we are breaking the dependencies between the OS and the hardware which is a very good thing because it makes those machines portable. So now we can take the virtual machine and encapsulate it into a VM.


  • Without virtualization software and hardware is tightly coupled. But with virtualization we can manage OS and application as single unit by encapsulating them to virtual machines and VMs are a set of files; 5-15 files depending on how that virtual machine is configured that we can take and move between physical servers.


  • The virtual machine can also be isolated completely so that if one virtual machine crashes the other can keep on running because the first machine cannot bring down the other VMs running on the same piece of hardware. And without virtualization even running multiple applications on the same machine can often cause conflicts.


  • And most importantly, VMware are hardware independent; we can provision things anywhere. For example, PowerPoint presentations can be taken using USB keys and be viewed on other machines too since they are just files. In the same way, virtual machines can be taken from one EXS host and moved to another. That is one of that features that allows us to be agiler and provide high availability, performance availability and help with disaster recovery, etc. On the other hand, normal machines are underutilized, inflexible and have a costly infrastructure.