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Unique And Modern Uses of Hadoop

As Big Data starts getting its due importance in different industries so does Hadoop, which is the major driver in the field, so to speak. Marketing strategies all over the world have changed rapidly and Big Data has got a lot to do with it. Now it is possible to utilize the data one can get from consumers and not only offer them services accordingly but create a highly personalized advertising experience that can tick the right boxes for them. And that is one of the widest spread Modern Uses of Hadoop that we are seeing in the industry today.

But what if you were told that there is so much more to it and in fact Hadoop is being implemented by several companies to reap wide-ranging benefits. There are some unique and diverse Modern Uses of Hadoop that make it a big tool for companies today.

  • Infrastructure management is definitely one of the most important uses of Hadoop as companies are beginning to realize. It has made it possible for organizations to gather and analyse data from their servers, switches and other IT gear as well. Data can be collected from entire device logs and stored in Hadoop too.
  • One of the exciting Modern Uses of Hadoop is to store and process images. There are companies that get high definition pictures from their satellites, which can then be used to predict geographic changes or other crucial events. Now storing those images for future reference has become a lot easier.
  • Different financial service organizations are using Hadoop for detecting frauds. In fact, there are several Intelligence agencies that are also using this strategy to good effect. All one has to do is store all consumer data on Hadoop and they look at anomalies, which could suggest or give an inkling of fraudulent behaviour.
  • Modern Uses of Hadoop also include processing machine-generated data, which can give you a fair idea about malware and other patterns related to cyber-attacks. In many ways, it can also strengthen other security products by telling them whether to accept more traffic or not and thus becomes a big player in Internet Security.
  • Hadoop can also be used in healthcare industry, especially to power services that leverage semantic analysis. As a result nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals will have the answers to the questions they have regarding patients health.

These unique and Modern Uses of Hadoop have been game changers to a large extent in their respective fields.