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Top 35 jobs without a degree


Here are the Top 35 jobs that don’t require a college degree; firstly we have heating and refrigeration mechanic, executive assistant, industrial machine repairer, paralegal assistance, insurance agent, stenographer, tax examiner, wholesale sales representative, electrical power line installers, surveyors, electrical technician, supervisors or correction officers, loan officer, insurance appraisers for auto damages, subway and streetcar operators, supervisor of construction trades, aerospace operation technicians, claim adjusters, supervisors of mechanics, installers and repairers, petroleum pump system operators, media and communications business operations, specialist power plant operators, online advertising manager, fashion designers, dental hygienists, supervisors of fire fighting and prevention workers, nuclear medicine technologists, elevator installers and repairers, nuclear power reactor operators, web developer, radiation therapist, administrative service managers, supervisors of police and detectives, social media marketing manager.


In the number two spot, we have general and operations managers, so their average income $94,000/year. Now coming in at number one is the highest paying job without a degree according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics and it is air traffic controllers; also high-stress job, but that’s why pays an average income of 108 thousand dollars a year. But one you should really pay attention to is social media marketing manager with an average income of eighty-seven thousand dollars a year. And here are some reasons why. This is a position you can start nearly instantly with little or no experience; all you really need are basic computer skills. And the best part is the jobs are in very high demand; it is a burgeoning, booming industry.


People and companies all over the world are coming to the understanding that they need social media managers; they need people to manage their buzz, the buzz that’s created about their company out there on the internet. There are a number of companies and people out there that will help you get started right away. Social media managers are in demand everywhere, all across the nation. Big companies, small companies, you can be hired on by any company. You can work right there in their office or you can be a contractor and consulted in the work from home. So, there’s just the enormous opportunity in this field right. So, start right now and get to know what it takes to become a good social media manager and you can help yourself get a good, well paid and satisfying job without having to worry about getting a college degree.