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The history of cloud computing


Generally, when discussing cloud computing, the most common idea that comes into peoples’ mind is, well, isn’t cloud computing sort of like the internet? People have been using applications on the internet for a long time and for many people they are very used to start doing this just at the turn of the century. In 2000, 2001 a number of applications started popping on the internet people were able to use them via just a web browser and the web browser experience moved from static web pages and static links to a web browser experience that felt and looked like applications that ran on your desktop.


So, things that we are all familiar with in the communication space like Skype or Webaxe, really simple applications that people use every single day which is the search whether it is Yahoo search or Google search or Microsoft search, etc are applications as a service. So most things that people equate to cloud computing or did for some time, are often called software as a service. So, you leverage an application across the internet and people can use it for free or free with ads or pay-per-use or pay-per-year model are actually the origin of cloud computing. That is where people actually started thinking about cloud computing.


So, if you look at the previous history, what we are actually doing is we are extending models that people have used for decades in terms of computing. So, what we had before was individual end users and devices which we able to access computing resources somewhere over the internet and this model has slowly evolved. It evolved from mainframe applications to domain points and everything centralized to minis and client servers where you had a little more intelligence at end point and more distributed computing in terms of where the computers reside and again all this accessed across the network and that’s localized storage, centralized storage, localized applications and centralized applications.


And again what we have been seeing is applications that have been evolved across the networks, data residing in multiple locations, which could be local or could be distributed, and over time the technologies that access this have evolved from terminal to PCs to devices that use browsers to mobile devices, tablets and where we are today.