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Tableau has implemented different kinds of products for different uses. There are mainly four products:

Tableau – Different types of products available

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Server
  3. Tableau Public
  4. Tableau Reader


Tableau Desktop is mainly used by developers to create reports and dashboards.

  • At the time of saving your file, you can save it in different formats like .twb and.twbx where .twb means Tableau workbook and .twbx means Tableau packaged workbook.
  • When you save your file in .twb format it won’t store any snapshot of the data.
  • When you save the file in .twbx format it will save the snapshot of the data.
  • You can only open .twbx file in Tableau Reader.


After you create reports in Tableau Desktop you can deploy to Tableau Server. Then users who have access to the Tableau Server can login with their credentials and explore the reports and dashboards therein.


Tableau Public is a free version of a tableau. In this, a lot of options are not available like you can save it your file in local machine with .twb and .twbx format. When you save the file it will go to Tableau Public cloud database; so anybody can see it. And finally, Tableau Reader is a reader so that you can be able to explore Tableau files that are in .twbx format.