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Software that make up Hadoop Ecosystem and their functionalities


Today we are going to try to explore the Hadoop ecosystem and what the various parts are that make up this system and what the contribution is of each. So, what is Hadoop Ecosystem? The success of Hadoop framework has led to the development of an array of related software. Hadoop along with the set of this related software makes up the Hadoop ecosystem. So this is what Hadoop Ecosystem means! So what does the Hadoop Ecosystem do and why is it important? Well, the main purpose of Hadoop Ecosystem is to enhance the functionality and increase the efficiency of Hadoop framework. The Hadoop ecosystem comprises of Apache Pig, Apache HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Scoop, Apache Flume and Apache Zookeeper along with the Hadoop distributed file system or the HDFS and the MapReduce.


Hadoop users and learners are familiar with the last two and we all know the functionality provided by the Hadoop distributed file system and the MapReduce framework. So, now we are going to try and explore the functionalities offered by the rest of the software that make up the Hadoop Ecosystem. Let us begin with the Apache Pig: Apache Pig is a scripting language used to write data analysis programs for large datasets that the present within the Hadoop cluster. The scripting language is called as Pig Latin.


Now let us move on to Apache HBase; Apache HBase is a column-oriented database that allows reading and writing of data onto the Hadoop Distributed File System on a real-time basis. Now let us move on to Apache Hive; Apache Hive is an SQL-like language which allow querying of data from HDFS. the SQL version of Hive is known as Hive QL or Hive Query Language. Next is the Apache Scoop; this is an application that is used to transfer data to and from Hadoop to any relational database management system.


Then we have the Apache Flume; Apache Flume is an application that allows us to move streaming data into the Hadoop cluster. So, what is streaming data? Well, a good example for streaming data would be the data that is being returned to the log files. And finally, the Zookeeper; this takes care of all the coordination that is required for all the above software for them to function properly. Thus, these are all the parts that make up the Hadoop Ecosystem and their respective functionalities.