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SAP HR Training in Hyderabad

Time To Enrol For Our SAP HR Training in Hyderabad

SAP HR is a software application by means of which administrators can manage their data about their human resources in the most effective and efficient way. A person associated with SAP HR will play the role of an analyst and he will be responsible for working with different payrolls, finance, HR users for the development and maintenance of HR processes and procedures. Consequently, it can support the HR and payroll functions leading to immense benefits for an organization. Therefore, it can be said that SAP HR consultant is an excellent career scope.

Learning About The Module:

Before selecting this career path, it is crucial for you to learn about the module and the basic concepts associated with it. Obtaining a valuable training in this field can turn out to be the source of guidance for you. We are a premier institute offering SAP HR training in Hyderabad. We have established a niche in this industry and today we are recognized as a highly reliable training institute. Plenty of candidates enroll for our training program every year, and each of them feels glad in joining our institute. After obtaining the certification, they get some of the best jobs in the industry with high paying salaries. Therefore, you should also join our institute for getting the best.

The Major Module:

It goes without saying that SAP HCMmodule plays an important role in building an organized management structure in different enterprises. These consultants are the most demanded professionals. With us, you can gain an overview of SAP basics, Net Weaver, and SAP solution manager prior to starting with the HCM or HR module. Candidates will have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria for becoming fully eligible for opting for the exam. We assure that we will offer thorough training and prepare you so that you pass the exam at one chance.

Much Beyond Recruiting:

Most commonly HR or HCM is associated with recruiting due to which it is associated with the vital processes in a company. However, it is crucial to note that HR is much beyond recruitment. In an organization, HR is not only responsible for hiring employees, but also for degrading employees based on different factors like departments, payment details, designations and many more. Other important tasks handled by these professionals include employee engagement, promotions, team motivation tasks and others. These works might sound simple, but they are not. However, on obtaining SAP HR online training in Hyderabad from our institute, you will learn these things. Thus, you can play great roles in any organization.

You will learn that in order to streamline the diverse HR processes, the SAP ERP operations are used because these are the most flexible software for different HR processes. With us, you will learn the basics and the operations of the software for different purposes. This in turn will also aid you in SAP implementation by getting better hands on the SAP module. You will learn to organize and structure the HR processes in a workstation.

Gaining Complete Knowledge:

Our training program is designed by the industry experts. With this training, you will gain knowledge on managing business operations through this enterprise software. In addition to that, it is also important to know that the HR module is used for streamlining and automating the core HR and payroll processes. Consequently, it helps in the efficient management of talents across the enterprise., Therefore, whether you are a business owner or a professional looking for the job, we are sure that our training will give you the best scopes in this industry.

Our Course Content:

Our course for SAP HR includes many important aspects. These include:


  • Introduction to what is SAP and HR in SAP
  •  Structures in SAP like enterprise, organizational and personnel structure
  • Organizational management like relationships, creating positions, maintenance, and reporting structure
  • Personnel administration like personal action, hiring, and assignment of ES
  • Time management like employee groupings, configuration of holiday calendar, configuration of attendance, generation rules for quotas
  • Payroll like the process, in general, allowance grouping, a configuration of pay scale structure, payroll status, indirect valuation concepts and off cycle payroll.
  • Once you complete our course, you will gain the skill and expertise to handle wide varieties of tasks.

Division Of Modules:

The SAP module in divided into several sub-modules. These include:


  • Personal administration,
  • Payroll,
  • Time management.
  •  Personal development,
  •  Enterprise learning,
  •  Performance management,
  • E-recruitment.


The SAP Human Capital Management module is designed in such a way so that it helps companies to get benefits like improving the overall decision-making process, efficient recruitment and retaining key talents, reducing risks, enhancing productivity and many more. In fact, our SAP HCM Training in Hyderabad is designed to teach you all these crucial factors so that it can help in different areas of human resource management suitable for large and multinational corporations.

Handling Different Roles:


It is important to understand that SAP professionals handle wide varieties of roles. Once you acquire training from our institute, you can handle diverse roles like:


  • CATS
  • ESS
  • Personnel management
  • Info types
  • Organizational management
  • Travel management
  • Event management
  • Concurrent employment hiring
  • Training
  • Keeping tracks and records of employees.

Unless, you become a certified professional, you will not acquire a different position in the job market. It is true that getting a certification is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to secure your position in this industry. This is especially applicable if you do not have any experience in this field.


Therefore, it is high time to get in touch with us to find out in detail about our SAP HCM Online Training. We conduct different classes and sessions, as per the convenience of the candidates. Moreover, we also charge affordable rates for our training, unlike any other institution. Our quality of training is accredited and recognized and we offer placement assistance, as well. We will even prepare you for the interview so that you come out with the successful outcome. Do not delay anymore. You should enroll for our training program at the earliest to get the best of what we have to offer.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with SAP AG or any other software services provider. All trademarks are mentioned on this website belong to their owners.


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