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SAP GRC 10 Training in Hyderabad

Our company, at RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd, caters to various needs of customers and provides them with advanced stages of SAP courses. Focusing mainly towards GRC 10 training, we would also like to talk about the basic SAP courses, for novices. Therefore, be it a standard course or any advanced platform, we have a vast plethora of courses, meant for our aspiring students. All our courses are meant for a particular duration of time, and you need only a host device and proper internet connection to be a part of our online training courses.

know about SAP GRC 10 Training in Hyderabad

Our reliable course on SAP GRC 10 Training in Hyderabad covers all components and processes of SAP solutions, for governance, compliance, and risk. With the primary focus on access control, process control, and risk management, our course will offer you with standard implementation information and scenario on customizing any case study example. You will get to learn about ways to compliance with business procedures and IT systems with processing controlling strategies. You will understand ways on how to eliminate the risk of user creation and perform analysis on super user authorization.

You are likely to explore the phases of risk management to supervise the financial as well as other related legal risks. On the other hand, you will also enjoy an insight into the reliable Sap solutions, to compliance well with foreign trade. There are special courses available, which will focus more towards guidelines on labor safety, environment protection, and SAP EHS.

Highlights of our GRC Training program

There are some specified highlights, which we would like to share, through our courses. Listed below, are some of the major highlighting points for you to focus at:

  • Process and access control
  • Risk management facilities
  • SAO GRC integration and SAP global trade services
  • SAP health, environment and safety issues

Through our courses, you will land up with some fascinating solutions to provide corporate accountability. These are done through control initiatives, unifying some corporate strategy, the discovery of opportunity and loss mitigation, across extended enterprise. Managing this opportunity can even help you to extend strategies and processes, which need to be evaluated by the firm, and extended to some suppliers, partners, and customers.

What are our goals?

There are some promising goals, which we have in store for you while going through our SAP GRC Training courses.

  • Through our courses, you are likely to get introduced to the SAP risks, governance, and compliance with GRC 10.0
  • Get to know more about key risks, governance and compliance processes, as supporting to GRC 10.0 solutions
  • Identify the applications, which can integrate solely with GRC 10.0 solutions and describe the major business benefits and features of integrated solutions
  • Get to know more about location and purpose of key user interfacing components. You will also get to discuss the harmonized navigation structure and ways to authorize the effect on users.
  • Understand the ways how common functions work and dealing with relative master data, as shared through GRC solutions. Get to describe the IMG organization.
  • Go through general implementation procedures and with key steps. You can also configure report structure, presentation and content to go with it.

For whom are these courses meant?

All the reliable implementation consultants and key technical business users are associated with GRC 10.0 projects. If you are IT governance experts or have been associated with a business team-leading services, this platform is meant for you. Our programs are also suitable for GRC IT auditors and SAP security professionals. Before thinking about joining our courses, you have to understand the knowledge associated with integrated SAP procedures. You must have a thorough knowledge of authorized concepts as related to SAP system, which will make this service an easier option.

Now for our training course content

Thinking about GRC Online Training in Hyderabad ? you have to get in touch with the training course and the content, associated with it. Some of our sources are:

SAP GRC access control of 10.0

  • Overview of GRC structure
  • Access control 10.0 with introduction and landscape notifications
  • Duties segregations and SOD risk management procedure
  • Overview of Risk remediation and GRC architecture
  • GRC components with GRC 10.0 post installation procedure

ARA or Access risk analysis

  • Maintaining and configuring the rule set
  • Manage and analyze risk factor
  • Maintaining a critical accessing rule
  • User level and role level simulation
  • Performing Ad Hoc risk analyzing structure
  • Mitigating risks

EAM or emergency access management

  • Configuration of emergency access management
  • Maintain controllers and owners in the central owner maintenance
  • Assigning owners to firefighter IDs and assigning controllers to firefighter IDs
  • Assigning firefighters users to some firefighters IDs
  • Maintaining reasons code and monitoring emergency access
  • Review any form of log report

ARM or access request management

  • Maintain the workflow of MSMP
  • Framework of business rules
  • Customizing workflow and creating any access request
  • Setting specified to management and provisioning users
  • Personalized forms for end users

BRM or business role management

  • Configuring the role management strategy
  • Role related or specified configuration options
  • Configuring the role methodology with settings for condition groups
  • Maintaining owners for any role management and creating a single role
  • Mass management roles

Apart from these courses, we have another special course, stated as migration from 5.3 to GRC 10.0. You will come to know more about the real meaning of migration, and why migrating from GRC 5.3 to GRC 10.0 is considered to be a good decision.

Based on software release

Our courses are primarily based on software release, like:

  • SAP process control 10.0
  • SAP governance, compliance and risk 10.0 SP4
  • SAP risk management 10.0
  • SAP access control of 10.0
  • SAP ERP central component or EDD 6.05
  • SAP Netweaver 7.02

So, wait no longer and get acquainted with our courses, right away! The faster you register your name with us, the better courses you can avail from us. Our courses are now selling like hot cakes, therefore; you better enroll your name with us, now. Go through our contents first and choose the course, which you think is better.

Give us a call  or email us your  requirement. We are happy to help you!


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