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Salesforce – 5 important features – Creating Tags


There are some features of Salesforce.com that don’t seem to be popular with every single customer and yet these little features are really nice ways to maximize one’s usage of Salesforce.com. so, here are five features that might be underutilized by most of us using Salesforce and yet have the potential to really help on a day-to-day basis.


The first is the idea of tagging; you might be familiar with Chatter and how you can collaborate with it. You will also be familiar with creating your own list view that you can go in and create for sales reps or customer reps, etc. All these are things that most users of Salesforce are familiar with. But often you might want to create your own set of tags that will allow you to know which accounts you are going to target. You might not want to create a custom field for that, but you might just want to tag it.

So for example we have an account here for Data Mart and this is where, on the right, that we can add a tag:

Creating Tags in Salesforce

Once we click on it

some features of Salesforce.com

We can now create our own personal tag which means only we will be able to see the tag. Additionally, we could also make it a public tag so that everybody can see it. Once the tags have been created we could mark any one of our accounts in any way we like and later if it is required the tag can be removed too. Additionally we can go to the sidebar and easily access the recent tabs that are being used.


Personal tag usage is another utility that provides the information of the tags we have been using, the number of tags we have, etc. Generally any user can have up to 500 unique personal tags and up to 5000 personal tag applications.


As stated earlier the tags can be deleted manually or to go for a total cleanup we could access the account setup and under tags select the personal tags cleanup option and remove any tags based on any personal criterion.

important features in Salesforce

So the ability to tag accounts, contacts, leads, cases or any custom objects will allow people to identify those top key accounts more readily.