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Salesforce – 5 important features – Content sharing


The second important thing is the idea of content delivery; if you are familiar with the workspaces and the content management system within the Salesforce you would probably familiar with the fact that you can go through the different spaces that you have and set them up for internal vs external users.

Content sharing in Salesforce

Instead of taking a large PPT and emailing it, we can actually use this content and deliver it directly to your customers. Whether this content is 50KB in size or even 500MB, you will be able to deliver this content to your customers simply by clicking on delivering content.

Content sharing  Salesforce

But there are a few things to bear in mind!

salesforce Content sharing

We can allow the recipients to view them in a browser or download this as an original document. And in case we don’t want them to make any modification we simply have to uncheck the allow recipient to download as ppt. Additionally we can be notified when the content is viewed, we can remove access to the content and additionally we can also make it password protected. So, if we want we can deliver a single piece or we can also deliver a content pack if required. And in case of any questions about the various options we simply have to click ‘help for this page’ on the top right corner.


So, when we are ready we click save and next and Salesforce will create a mini webpage that we can preview.

salesforce for Content sharing

Viewing the preview will provide us with an idea of what it is that we are sending out to the customer. We can browse through it and see exactly what the customer will see without having to go for download and waste time, storage and bandwidth. Once everything is double checked, simply copy the link and send it to whoever should be seeing it.

content management system within the Salesforce