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Prerequisites For Learning Hadoop – Step By Step Guide

Hadoop course is something which can easily transform the lives of any. Yes, learning the same means soon you will be called by the best blue-chip companies for extracting, managing and controlling the large volume of data with great hardware and tactics.

As everything becomes more updated and hi-tech, therefore high volume and varieties of data, which are created, need to be stored for further use. Not only this, via learning Hadoop one will able to perform the same along with the best tricks to make this task relatively cheap, quick, and hassle-free. Moreover, before learning this innovative course must grab complete info about Hadoop.

Yes, most of the businesses of every domain make sure to have a Pro to collect the data for more understanding of customer behavior, trend, consumer preferences, and to find other various solutions to run business in a better way. Thus, the need for processing data is automatically increasing the demand of the professional who can quickly work with the same data for great production. You might don’t believe, but 4.4 million IT jobs are globally available for Hadoop students to handle big data.

Prerequisites to learn Hadoop

There is no hard and fast rule or complex prerequisites for learning Hadoop. All you just need to have a dedication along with basic knowledge of JAVA and LINUX. Don’t have technical knowledge on Java and Linux? It is not a problem anymore as most of the Hadoop syllabus is designed in such a way so that you can easily learn Java and Linux basics in fewer or more hours or days. Also, you should have a technical mind and must be confident working with web analytics, data analysis and distributed computing and other sorts of programming which are required in the same.

Sound knowledge of Java may add advantage on your Hadoop course, but we can’t say that it is one of the most important prerequisites for learning Hadoop to be started with Hadoop. As Hadoop course includes few tools, like- PIG and HIVE that are used to give complete knowledge of high-level languages so that big data on your cluster can easily be performed. For writing your own MapReduce code, you can pick up any language of your choice, ranging from- C, Ruby, Perl and others. This will help students to read and write from input to output using Hadoop streaming.

Those who know JAVA in a better way, they can use the same for customizing Hadoop in any possible manner as they are looking to have. As Hadoop and its environment can be easily modified or extended to additional functionality. Thus the knowledge of JAVA can be very helpful. Moreover, sometimes it is very much necessary to go to deep into the Hadoop code, which required JAVA pro to handle the situation easily. But, if you are not a technical savvy anymore, joining the best institute of Hadoop will clear all your doubts and give you great theoretical and practical knowledge to handle any kind of big data.