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Oracle CRM Training in Hyderabad

Oracle CRM Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet

For availing faster and higher user adoption, companies are now inclining towards CRM services in demand users. These courses of Oracle CRM are professionally trained under strict guidance while dealing with RCP Technologies. You are asked to take apt advantage of extensive training options, which include customized training, as tailored to match the needs of your company. Depending on the unique aspect of your business, we packaged various forms of Oracle training sessions, and all of CRM values. Our training is divided into regular training, public training, and custom training divisions.

Standard training services

With every step or deployment of Oracle CRM, an organization is likely to access larger web-based courses. These are conveniently located in the support center and training values. This training can be availed whenever the right time comes. The role-based courses are available without costing you any extra charge. These role-based courses are all mark of critical processes and help organizations to achieve better results. Through demonstrations and presentations of Oracle CRM Online training, these courses are likely to provide you with step by step procedure. We are glad to illustrate best practices, used people to start away with the method, right away.

More about public training

Offered either in the virtual classroom or with onsite service, these training classes are instructor-led in nature. Here, our professionals are ready to provide you with highly packed courses, meant with hands-on exercise and demonstration. These services are likely to reflect on real life scenarios. On the other hand, these attendees are likely to access to experienced expert so that you can get your questions resolved. These are mainly subdivided into three broad categories, and those are:

  • Administration Essentials services
  • On demand advanced analytical workshops
  • Demand data workshop for import values

Customized training for you

These courses are mainly intended for those companies, which are willing to avail most of the on-demand subscriptions. These programs provide both managers and users with some simple services, as aligned to specified corporate terminology, goals, and business procedures. This on-demand training team works well with your chosen subject matter and help experts to understand and at the same time document your available organizational requirements. These are mostly used to deliver some tailor made deliveries for additional needs.

These courses are individually available in either virtually or through live classrooms. Moreover, we also have feature skilled instructors, who are ready to share theirs in-depth knowledge of the noteworthy CRM on demand technicalities. These are mostly used to support any form of business objectives, waiting right for you.

  • Onsite training
  • Web training
  • Training the trainer

What will you learn?

After you have come in direct contact with our ORACLE CRM training in Hyderabad, you will get the golden opportunity to:

  • Customized the available application to meet with company specified business requirements
  • Defining appropriate default settings and with password policies for company
  • Embed sales methodology related to application to enforce proficient practices
  • Set up users in the said application field and provide them with apt visibility and access to some value added information
  • Extending the function of application and perform critical maintaining tasks
  • Identification of tools and also resources, which can help the administrators to be hugely successful

Preferred audience for this course

Such famous Oracle based CRM training courses are meant for few specified personalities, available. From technical consultants to project manager, there are loads of options, which are waiting for you. On the other hand, we have some different courses, meant for business analysts and with reliable, functional implementer services.

Look for the course topics:

Depending on the flexible needs of customers, there are different types of roles, which an administrator is likely to play for you. Listed below, are some relevant course modules, which are meant for people like you.

Administrator’s role:

  • Administration application pages
  • Administrator tasks
  • Setup templates and resources

Set up proficient defaults and control of password:

  • Security-related settings
  • Set up the company’s profile
  • Proficient password controls and proper sign in

Access control and management of visibility rate:

  • Access profiles and features, which are used to control data access and visibility
  • Role management and manager visibility
  • Set up users and flexible sharing of data with business book

Page layouts and customized fields:

  • Cascading picked lists and modified or new fields
  • We links and default version of field values
  • Detailed page and with related section layouts
  • Dynamic layouts page
  • Action bar, homepage, search and converting lead layouts

Extension of proficient application:

  • Customized web tabs
  • New types of records
  • Web applets

Set up catalog of product and scheduling of forecast:

  • Forecast types and product categories
  • Opportunity Forecasts
  • Schedule setup of forecasting

Assign records on automatic rate:

  • Assigning ruler groups
  • Automatic version of assigning records
  • Assigning teams and territories
  • Assignment rules criteria

Embedded of sales methodology:

  • Modified or new sales procedure
  • Pipeline reports and sales stages
  • Sales procedure coach

Proficient use of workflow rules with automated actions:

  • Workflow rules
  • Trigger events and workflow actions
  • Workflow monitoring services

Management of access to analyzes and reports:

  • Visibility to data in relevant reports
  • Customized and prebuilt analytics
  • Proficient controls for report
  • Homepage analysis services

Performance of critical maintenance tasks

  • Management of users
  • Update of forecast definitions
  • Monitoring alerts
  • Management of records with data quality
  • Test of new features
  • Understandable environmental friendly features

Objective of our courses

Through our courses, you will avail the services of customized fields and with proficient page layouts. We would also like to configure some automated record assigning rules. These are also related to sales methodology with CRM on demand. You can even try and look for automated actions, which come with workflow rules like you have always wanted. Through our relevant Oracle CRM training, you can manage roles and users and also analytic reports.  Make sure to use CRM on particular demands with some other applications.

Ensure to maintain the applications and performing some critical maintenance, after coming to terms with our services. You have the liberty to control access to recording structure. Our courses will also help in describing the role of any administrator like never before.

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