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Modern Uses Of Hadoop in Different Fields

As many of us have realized today, Big Data has been a game changer for several industries. Hadoop is at the back of this massive revolution that is taking place in the industry where Big Data is ruling the roost. It has now become obvious to organizations that they can gather information from their customers and put it to good use. For starters, they can ensure that their marketing strategies can be built around the information they collect. One of the common Modern Uses Of Hadoop thus is to offer a personalized advertising experience to customers.

However, the impact of Hadoop goes way beyond that. That’s the reason there are several Uses of Hadoop Training that professionals in the field are experiencing today. They can find a place for themselves in different industries that make the most out of Hadoop and the leverage it gives them.

  • If you are looking for one of the special Modern Uses Of Hadoop then you don’t have to look beyond organizations that capture high-definition images from satellites. This information can help them forecast geographic changes. Hadoop makes it extremely convenient for companies to store and process these images.
  • If your organization has been struggling to handle tasks like gathering data from servers or analyzing it then you will find Hadoop and the professionals trained in it to be your lifesavers. That’s because Hadoop makes it possible to collect data from complete device logs and store them as well.
  • Hadoop can also be used to process data that’s generated by machines so that you have all the information you need about malware. It can be further used to predict cyber attacks and thus helps you be prepared for this very real threat of today’s times. As a result, you can see that one of the Modern Uses Of Hadoop includes Internet Security, which is of primary concern to organizations.
  • A large number of Intelligence agencies have discovered the benefits of Hadoop since it can be used for fraud detection. It can be done quite simply by processing all the consumer data and spotting anomalies in it. This procedure gives you a clear indication of frauds that may have occurred.
  • It can also have its benefits for professionals in the healthcare industry because with Hadoop it’s easier to get information about patients in one place.

These are some of the Modern Uses Of Hadoop that speak volumes about its huge significance today.