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Modern Uses of Hadoop: Things To Know

It’s no secret that Big Data has made its presence felt in the industry and is bringing about a big change all around us. Companies have realized that they can leverage the data that is being generated on a regular basis to work on business and marketing strategies that can pay rich dividends. It’s also true of consumers who can now offer data to companies and in return get a better experience. However, you will have to understand that these are just some and more obvious Modern Uses of Hadoop, which is more influential than you might have initially imagined.

Professionals with Hadoop skills are much in demand in different industries today and it’s not difficult to understand why. While placing of targeted ads is one of the common Modern Uses of Hadoop, its impact is far reaching. There are many industries and companies in various fields that are utilizing it to their advantage. It’s something you can do well-paying attention to as well in order to get the most out of it.

  • Hadoop distribution from Cloudera has been a game changer of sorts as far as the travel industry is concerned. In fact, it is considered to be the way a majority of online travel bookings all over the world are powered. If you only imagine the numbers when it comes to online travel bookings, you can understand the impact it has been having.
  • Another one of the crucial Modern Uses of Hadoop lies in the world of Mobile Data. With users shifting towards mobile platforms in large numbers, you know this a big market and Hadoop distribution is at the heart of storage and processing of mobile data from wireless providers. With the number of Smartphone users growing exponentially, it’s not difficult to determine its actual impact.
  • When you talk about Modern Uses of Hadoop you just cannot ignore the ever burgeoning e-commerce industry. Reports suggest that several huge platforms that host a large number of sellers are adopting this strategy to get information that can make a big difference to their overall fortunes.
  • One of the innovative uses of Hadoop lies in sorting and processing data from ships, which are found in the ocean looking for seismic data. This data is important to depict the presence of oil reserves.
  • There are companies that are also using it to suggest ways to save energy to users. Long term bill forecasting is another of its modern uses.

Some of these Modern Uses of Hadoop make it very clear that it’s having a huge impact on various industries today.