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Linux Training in Hyderabad

Linux Training

With growing ubiquity of Linux platform, this is associated with embedded and server markets. We, at RCP Technologies, are all set and ready to offer you with Linux courses and with advanced Linux training in Hyderabad. This is mostly provided to both individuals and companies, coming up with a variety of training options. The primary aim is to increase the Proficient use and knowledge of Linux. We are all set and ready to keep our Linux courses, which are vendor-neutral in nature. All our courses are created by real leaders, associated with Linux development community. Whether you are looking for high performance to time to market Linux platform, our courses can help in dealing with critical business strategies, too.

Our reliable Linux course provides the ambitious students with a unique return, associated with an investment opportunity. For any individual, we would like to help them find their Linux talent, all time. This advanced training is going to provide the developers as well as administrators with golden opportunity to capitalize on their talent gap. We are defined as best Linux training institute in Hyderabad, and with courses, which can easily blow off your mind.

Course for the developers

As we like to help everyone from the roots and with developed services, wait no longer and get in touch with the courses, from scratch till the end. We have specialized Linux courses, which are solely made for developers.

  • This course is practically designed to help our hardware and application developers
  • They will learn more about ways to integrate QEMU and KVM in their related products.
  • Students will get to know more about low-level information as related to KVM kernel modules
  • QEMU virtual monitor with machine and with hands-on programming for students, along with debugging labs and profiling

Valid course of optimized Linux drivers and others

We have some specialized courses, which will help the professionals to optimize Linux device drivers for more power efficient level. Get to learn more about enhancing or developing power-efficient device drivers, as related to Linux systems. You will also know more about Android and inside of the Android internals.

  • This androids based training is associated with Android development training from Linux online training in Hyderabad
  • It is likely to offer you with hands-on tour, as related with internals of modern OS system for modules and similar other devices
  • Out aspiring, students will get to know more about the ins and outs of android anatomy, which comprises of an Android framework.
  • This program also consists of inter-process communication of Binder, hardware abstraction layer and power management strategies

Other courses under Linux development

Linux development courses are practically available under embedded and you to project. Depending on the needs of customers, we make it a point to categorize the courses, under two fundamental divisions.

  • Under embedded Linux developed a course, you will get advanced training on this platform of Linux and ways to develop any embedded project.
  • You will also gain some real world experience with extensive practical sessions and with target devices
  • Get hold of a solid understanding of embedded values with Yocto project.
  • This field of online Linux training deals with bitbake and Poky reference distribution
  • Proficient use of emulators and also planning to build images for multi architectures
  • Through yocto project, you will also get to know more about board support package, also known as BSP

Development through Linux drivers

Just like other courses on Linux, this particular package will talk about the proficient development of Linux drivers. Get to know more about the drivers and with specifications of various types. You will also learn more about the apt API and with methods, associated with the kernel and interface of devices. Learn more about internal infrastructure and basic methods, through our Linux kernel debugging and internal session. Here, we would like to deal with both practical and theoretical underpinnings. You will also get introduced to the pivotal tools, which can debug and monitor the kernel.

Other courses under enterprise IT and administration training

The field of Linux is a broad field, and you will get to know more about the categories and sub-categories, which we have in store for you. Get along with our Linux online training in Hyderabad, and you have so many values added services, for your needs.  Some of the practical courses, which we have in store for you, are:

  • Software-defined network with unique open daylight forum
  • Virtualization of Linux KVM
  • Enterprise automation of Linux segment
  • Essentials associated with Open Stack administration
  • Performance tuning of this segment and with higher availability rate of Linux architecture
  • Security means with advanced system networking and administration
  • Linux system administration with essentials of this category

Open source compliance course

There are individual forms of open source compliance course, which we have in store for you. We are ready to help you out with Linux online training, which you will get from nowhere else. The courses are not just considered to be amazing in nature but divided into various sections, to let people choose their best one. Under our open source compliance course, you can always take help of specialized hands-on courses. Some of those are:

  • Management and implementation of open source compliance
  • Executive review, as associated with open source compliance
  • Overview as related to end to end procedure of open source compliance
  • What you need to know about open source programs on compliance
  • Practical guide to going with open source developmental model

Get the project training going

With us, you are likely to avail comprehensive project training courses. These are practically divided under Tizen training, and you need to be a part of it, to know more about the sources. You will get to know more about portable application development as related to Tizen devices. Get the best Tizen training, meant for non-developers. Just get in touch with our official number right away, and we would like to help you from scratch until the end. When you are thinking about Linux administration training in Hyderabad, now you know the right name to call or rely upon. You can give us a call right away, and we are happy to help you.

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