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Learn Hadoop From Scratch – Important Tips and Basics


Learning Hadoop from the beginning and in proper order is necessary to become a pro in the same domain. However, better make a list of the most important things which you read, understand and remember to work with Hadoop quickly. Undoubtedly, there are lots of free data available online in terms to learn Hadoop. Thus, one can surely think to jot down everything to increase excellent knowledge.

Today’s time is very hi-tech and to learn Hadoop, you don’t require to attend a school and waste your precious time at all. Even, for more direction and help, it would be good to join the best online classes, which can help you up in a pretty good manner. All in all, learning Hadoop can be done with your own space and for the same just rely on the best internet connection.

So, let’s proceed with how you can learn Hadoop from scratch and what are the arrangements you would need to be done. Learning Hadoop can be easily done with the help of the internet, all you just need to think about the syllabus, installing Hadoop for practical work, important aspects which you should definitely need to understand, regular practice and guidance from online professionals. Apart from this, you should need to consider following important things which will help you to learn Hadoop in a brilliant manner. Here they are-

Strong Pillars Of Hadoop- HDFS and MapReduce

Both – HDFS and MapReduce are vital technologies which should definitely be understood by every Hadoop student. Using HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System will offer you complete knowledge of storage and MapReduce is all about programming which helps a lot in processing.

Moreover, MapReduce is known for its parallel programming model which helps in writing distinct applications for great processing to get a large volume of data in the form of thousands of nodes, multiterabyte datasets, and various others. This program usually works on Hadoop – an Apache open-source framework and reduces the burden of different tasks. You must learn great tactics so that you can easily get a great number of map tasks to produce final output as expected.

The HDFS file system is associated with the Google file system, helps in offering a distributed file system to run on commodity hardware. It is very similar to the Distributed File System but has highly fault tolerant so that everything works smoothly. All in all, both are vital, thus included in the topic to learn Hadoop from scratch.

Linux and JAVA knowledge – mandatory

It’s a time to revise Linux and JAVA to speed up your success. Yes, if you want to learn Hadoop fast, you should better get in touch with the languages you have learned before. As Hadoop is generally written in JAVA to run MAP and Reduce tasks – also written in JAVA, thus, very important to revise or improve your knowledge on the same. Even, you can try out JAVA for dummies books or check online sources before you begin your Hadoop course.

Slowly, you will start getting theoretical and practical knowledge about Hadoop, which you must revise and put all that knowledge to work.