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Are there any jobs in America for people who don’t go to college?


Can anybody get a job without going to a college at all? So, this is dedicated to career that is not traditional and it is not just for people who don’t want to go to college at all. Maybe you going to college and you got a degree that you just found out is not useful. So, here are your career options: so, option number one is getting a CCNA. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and what Cisco is, it is a company that makes networking devices. What networking devices do is send information from one computer to another computer; that’s pretty much what it does or sometimes it sends information from the computer to a server to another computer. that’s all networking devices do. But however it’s really technical; so what a CCNA does is you work for a company and help them with their Cisco products, usually this will be for like their database servers or Big Data which has growing popularity. A lot can be cloud servers as well and so you will b working with the physical hardware in the cloud and you get to work with that in the IT world.


The next question will be how to get Cisco Certified and for that you’re going to take a test. Typically, it will take you about three months or more or less for you to study for the exam. And in case you pass you are certified and now you can go and look for your job. typically CCNAs, depending on their experience, on an average, can earn nearly eighty to ninety thousand dollars.


Another thing you might want to consider is what’s called Oracle database administrator, which is the same thing as Cisco Certified but now you are Oracle database certified and Oracle deals more with the software than hardware. So, Cisco makes the hardware that manages the networks and Oracle are more on the software side. so here also you go through the same procedure; study for the test through courses online. You can go for self-study or you got live class study and take the test and if you pass you can work in IT world and get paid really good money; again from $80,000 to $90,000 a year. Also you got Six Sigma and that’s a business process and it is a really good thing and that is something you might want to consider. However, you might want more business experience to be a Six Sigma; and so those are your options: Six Sigma, CCNA and Oracle Database administrator certified. They are really great options for careers, not a lot of people know about them until after they graduate from college.


Another option for really good job without going to college mysticism to do blue collar work. What we mean here is blue collar workers are those people who do various jobs like fixing pipes at industrial places or at homes. Such people generally start off at $20 an hour and rise up to $30-40/hour and a lot of people in induces well as well as do sector needs them. Basically, any utility company or any energy company needs a lot of blue collars workers. also, there are mailmen; they make a lot of money, garbage people, if you want to pick up garbage, they made a lot of money. A lot of jobs that people think don’t make a lot of money actually make a lot of money.