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What is Tableau Public? This is actually an interactive data visualization tool; think of it like Excel but which can be posted online and where users can actually interact with it. Currently there are a lot of tools out there for visualizing data but generally there are either too hard for the average user to use or there are kind of one-off applications which means that they are good at doing one type of action like map or circle graph or whatever it may be but are not full-fledged visualization tools.

Tableau Public

If one is looking for an application that can be actually used for general purpose, for making all sorts of visualizations and being able to post it on the web, Tableau Public is a really good tool for doing just that.

“Tableau Public is born out of a need to ask and answer questions of data in real-time. Tableau Public allows you to take your data and bring it to life; it allows you to visualize it and share it with others in a way that they can understand it. It allows you to easily embed it on your web page so that others can see it. It allows you to figure out what the data type actually is; it isn’t just about turning boring data into an eye-candy. Data visualizations are applied so what you can do is drag and drop the data right onto the canvas and really start to see some results and answer some of your questions.”


The dashboard is actually a fully functional application that you can embed right into your website; and all this without writing any code. When you visualize data it lets you create an exploratory environment so that people can discover other insights based on the questions that they have. And this is why the Tableau Public was created; it is a free tool for anyone to use. It allows a dialogue to take place; you don’t need to understand the code and how to program. You don’t have to develop software or be some design expert. Tableau Public helps you in getting the visualization of data done without much programming, coding or designing effort from you.