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Some important features of VMware virtualization


The four basic areas of what virtualization buys you include:

  1. Partitioning: This feature allows us to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.
  2. Isolation: Each virtual machine is isolated from the other virtual machines that are running on the same server.
  3. Encapsulation: Virtual machines encapsulate entire systems (hardware configuration, operating systems, and applications) in them.
  4. Hardware independence: Because of this feature one can run a virtual machine on any server without modification.
  5. Proper utilization of hardware: Virtualization allows better utilization of hardware resources. Consider a data center with hundreds of systems; what research has found is that the general utilization of servers is just in between 5-15%; this is completely under-utilized hardware. With virtualization, we have come up with a sort of consolidation to take care of this problem. We take all the physical machines and consolidate onto fewer physical machines, using the virtual machine concept, and thus pump up the overall utilization of the hardware to 60-80% which is comparatively quite good.
  6. Automation: In terms of automation, people want a lot of optimization to be done; so a lot of tools are coming up where for example monitoring the capacity of the environment in real time can be managed by VMware and help us predict when there is a need to add capacity and also predict when we need to go down on capacity in case the business needs have changed, etc. Similarly VApp speed utility allows users to manage an application from end to end so that it can be seen from a user stand point what the response time is in a particular application and see where the bottlenecks are and make tweaks on the environment automatically, etc.