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Cloud computing usefulness:


Nowadays everybody has a lot of stuff; stuff like eBooks, music, applications, files, videos,  and much more. And one is constantly faced with the problem of having to find space for all the stuff one has. With cloud computing, all one’s tuff can be stored on the infinite space of the World Wide Web instead of the limited space of computer hard drive. As described in Jonathan Strickland’s article “How cloud Computing Works” the versatility and power of cloud computing are having a profound impact in the corporate setting and for personal computing.


So, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the storing of data and applications on remote servers and accessing them via the internet rather than installing or saving them on your personal or office computer. The term cloud is used because data or applications are stored on a cloud or collection of web servers or computers all by a third party somewhere else. The cloud can be accessed via the cloud computing systems interface software; that can be as simple as using a web-based service which hosts all the applications and files that you would need for your job or personal life.


The cloud is being used not only to store data but also an inexpensive, flexible and efficient alternative to purchasing, running and maintaining in-house computing equipment and software. Not only that the cloud gives you the ability to work anywhere and at any time because the information is at your fingertips. One example of cloud computing is an online email account; you login to a web email account but only through a browser and the storage for your account doesn’t exist on your browser. Rather, it is present in the email provider’s cloud. So, this is how cloud computing helps use store unlimited data without having to worry about storage space!