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Future Job market Trends in India for Hadoop Developer

This is the age of Hadoop, and many people are looking forward to making a dream career. In fact, skills in Big Data and Hadoop can create a difference between having your dream career and left behind in the field of competition. In fact, it is largely suggested that technology professionals in India and US should volunteer for Big Data projects in order to increase their scopes and prospects. It is important to note that the popularity of Hadoop is giving rise to lots of jobs for developers. By volunteering for these projects, developers can become more valuable to their current employers and marketable to other employers, as well.

Incredible Growth Of Hadoop:

Constant research is predicting a big market for Big Data, which will tend to increase revenue at 32% a year till 2016. Along with the technology, the service market will also grow at a rate of 27% annual growth rate. There are lots of big players in the market that are looking for Hadoop developers that are capable of managing Big Data in their companies. The job market for these professionals is lucrative, and is accelerating at an increased rate. Thus, it can always be said that Hadoop is on the rise.

The Current Trend:

Companies that are hiring Hadoop professionals now and in the future are looking for various roles including:

  • Product managers,
  • Hadoop developers,
  • Database administrators,
  • Team leads,
  • Software testers,
  • Senior Hadoop developers,
  • Engineers and professionals with operating skills.

Thus, there is a plethora of job opportunities in the field of Hadoop. Some companies are even reconstructing their search engines with the help of Hadoop technology. As a result, they are looking forward to hiring more people with skills to support the search process. On the other hand, some companies are also looking for people with work experience on Open Stack with Hadoop as one of the key requirements.

The Scope Of A Developer:

A Hadoop developer is one that loves programming and makes the most out of it. With working knowledge of SQL, Core Java and any scripting language, a developer can expect to find jobs in large numbers of companies. In addition to that, working knowledge of Hadoop related technologies like HBase, Hive or Flume helps in accelerating the growth of his career. The skills associated with this technology are getting distributed evenly in India or China because it is not limited to USA or UK. Along with Hadoop, the related technologies are increasing the demand for Hadoop professionals.

Opportunities And Salary:

Looking at the forecast of Big Data market, it looks promising and the upward trend will continue progressing in the course of time. The market is not a short-lived phenomenon and technologies are here to stay. In fact, Hadoop has the potential to improve job prospects along with salary regardless of whether a person is a fresher or experienced. The salaries have increased more than 3% in the last year for people with expertise in big-data related language. Companies are also betting big on professionals that can play better roles in their competitive plans.