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Free Cloud Applications – Some common and useful examples


Here we are going to discuss some top free cloud applications; in other words we are going to learn about some software that runs in a web browser which you can use for free. Firstly, let’s look at Google Docs – a tried and trusted cloud word processor, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing package. As with all cloud software using Google Docs means that you can always access your work from any computer. Files could also be uploaded or downloaded in a range of standard formats as well was created from scratch. The Google Docs word processor is basic but fast and stable and we have personally already used it on many occasions.


The Google Docs spreadsheet is also very solid and allows users to insert not just standard formats but also animated diagrams and maps linked to spreadsheet data. By creating a Google Docs form, it is also possible to automatically conduct an online survey. While you can use Google Docs privately all by yourself the collaborative features also very good indeed! Once permissions are granted multiple users can work on a document simultaneously and can even open a chat window. There is also a mobile version of Google Docs that allows you to access your documents on a Smartphone. Finally, any kind of file can be uploaded and stored in the one gigabyte of free file space. Google Docs can, therefore, be used to make online backups; it’s also great for sharing files too large to attach to an email.


Since June 2010 Google Docs has faced competition from Microsoft Office Web Apps. These are online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and can be accessed from Windows Live SkyDrive. In contrast to Google Docs, Office Web Apps a very much intended as a compliment to a locally installed office suite; documents appear with full formatting in view mode but are displayed more simplistically when being edited. The collaborative functionality is also rather weak. This said Office Web Apps do feature a familiar Microsoft ribbon as well as offer a generous 25 gigabytes of free online storage.


Pixlr is a superb online image editor and offers a very powerful range of tools; these include Liars, a History Brush and a wide range of real-time filters. In fact, there are functionalities included in Pixlr that are not available in some traditional image editing packages including Photoshop elements. Anybody can use Pixlr for free without even registering. This said no online storage is provided which means but you have to save your work to a local drive when you’ve finished editing.


Over Aviary.com, you’ll find another online image editor called Phoenix as well as well as a vector-based drawing package called Ravan. However, Aviary’s really exceptional media tools are its Myna audio editor and Roc music creator; Myna commits multi-track audio recording and editing. All the standard mixing controls are provided as are a range of audio effects. There’s also a very wide variety of sample clips included getting you started or as another option you can use the Roc music creator to make your own audio loops and bands. The rock sequence has a great interface for creating your own compositions, includes over 50 free instruments and is highly addictive.


Finally, in this round-up up of free cloud software, Jaycut is an online video editor. The package provides two video tracks, an audio track, an effects track and allows users to add transitions and titles. Final movies can then be published directly to YouTube or other websites or downloaded to your computer in a variety of formats. The fact that videos can now be edited in a web browser is also a great indication that cloud computing is starting to come of age.