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Faculty Registration

To be a part of our team and to associate with us, one must need to fulfill the given criteria
We are total 20 members faculty members working for a different organisation.Teaching is a passion for us. So happy to serve students. If you had a passion for us some teaching experience and real time industry experience, then this is right platform. Drop you mail ID, Profile to us. We will back to soon.

Presently we are looking Faculty partners both online and offline, the following technologies.

  1.  SAP Success Factors
  2.  SAP HR
  3.  Microstrategy
  4.  Informatica
  5.  Oracle Apps
  6.  Python
  7.  Hyperion
  8.  SAP GRC 10
  9.  Oracle Transportation Management
  1.  Oracle Identity Manager
  2.  Apache Spark and Scala Training
  3.  SAS
  4.  Salesforce
  5.  Tableau
  6.  QlikView
  7.  VMware
  8.  Hadoop (Both admin& Dev)
  9.  Data Scientist

Major programming highlights:

  • With the help of our faculty courses, you will come to know more about the areas, which we serve.
  • Moreover, you must have a good communicative skill, which will help you to create a perfect course, like never before, along with proper communication with students, their parents, and the needs
  • Certified professionals are always invited to be a part of our courses, only if they are loyal enough to work with us
  • Even though, we have fixed hours of working, but students’ priority always remain on the top. Therefore, if they ask for any queries, you need to be awake and response to their questions, as soon as possible
  • In coaching practice, there will be minimum ten clients all set to help with coaching practical solutions
  • Apart from academic classes, faculty members need to be free enough to provide practical courses to the students, as well, when right time comes

Experience matters the most:

The aspiring members need to have minimum three years of experience in the chosen technical field. They need to be associated with both the traditional as well as the current changes, as taking pace under this domain. The more experience you have, the better teaching facilities our students are likely to avail from your side. Our leading professionals will check your credibility rate, and you will judge of your knowledge and intelligence first, before providing the final result.