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Evolution Of The Hadoop Eco-System

Change is constant. Technology is fast progressing, and this is the age of development. The potential for big data innovation is vivid. In this context, it can be said that the Hadoop eco-system is a body in motion. Even few years back, Hadoop referred to as HDFS and MapReduce and its associated software programming model that wee synonymous with the big data systems. This is true, but not the total. In fact, there are lots more in Hadoop. Big data ecosystem is emerging at a rapid rate, and it is difficult to track changes. The ecosystem provides lots of choices and option.

More Companies Are Finding Uses:

In 2014, large numbers of companies implemented Hadoop ecosystem because they found it utilitarian than much before. It is used for managing routines of everyday businesses and finding solutions to complex business problems. Therefore, it is quickly moving from its old position and establishing itself as one of the most viable technologies for small and big businesses. The huge amount of data via smart devices, social media, internet usage, chat rooms, mobile apps, purchasing history and many more things fall into big data. The technology of big data stores and analyzes the information that is usually on the petabyte scale.

Change In Technology:

Advancement in technology has completely changed the way in which people look at data and databases and the ways these are used. The data are used for wide varieties of purposes, specific to the requirements of different companies. For instance, the healthcare industry is making use of big data for fighting heart disease and cancer while the military big data is used for preventing injuries. It goes without saying that big data is changing the world. The software and technology behind the big data that helps it keep running and up is none other than Hadoop ecosystem.

The Best Software Library:

Hadoop ecosystem can be considered as a software library that helps processing large data sets across clusters of computers. These operations are done with the help of simple programming models. In short, it gives companies the ability to gather, store and analyze huge sets of data easily. There is a large library of programs that complement the base of the framework to give companies specific tools for the desired results. There are lots of modules within the ecosystem and these systems together give tools to the users for additional support. In addition to that, it also gives

  • The ability to process large sets of data in real time,
  • Automatic scheduling of jobs,
  • Managing cluster resources.

Access To Tools:

With the constant progression and evolution of Hadoop ecosystem, users gain access to a large amount of tools that are capable of performing complex operations and mechanisms. In addition to tools, resources are also available for helping users personalize their big data experience. Consequently, these can fit in any business styles and modules. It is because of this reason that both large companies and small sized businesses are implementing Hadoop ecosystem into their businesses for greater benefits.

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