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Everything you need to know about Salesforce – 5


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So you can use Google, Hoover’s profile, etc and you can research the person and the company further to gather really good information. Additionally we can directly send leads or prospects emails right from Salesforce, for which the HTML Email Status option can be useful. It is also possible to track how the email is doing through the HTML Email Status Help – information like did the person open the email, when did they open it and how many times they opened it are some of the question that will be answered.

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Now once you have all the information you need the next step is to convert the lead; you would want to take it out of lead status and convert it into accounts and contacts that you can really work with. So if you go ahead and click on the convert, you will be converted to the ‘Pre-convert page’.

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So, basically it is giving you a warning saying, “after this lead has been converted it can no longer be viewed or edited as a lead”; so you then have to go into contacts and accounts to work with that.

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Once it is converted you will notice that you will have one contact and there is an opportunity associated with it. So, what we have done by clicking the convert button is that we have created an account, a contact and an opportunity. That is the quick way to get information into Salesforce and then we can start manipulating the information to roll them into a forecast and get them into reports.