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Everything you need to know about Salesforce – 4


Now that we know all the various tabs that are available with Salesforce let us get an idea of how it feels to actually work with it. First we are going to go over to the Leads tab and create a new lead.

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So, once we create a new lead we need to fill in some information; all the red bars that have been highlighted are mandatory fields that have to be filled or you will not be able to save it. Once the basic information is filled and some other information that might be important to you like address information etc are updated, we can click on the save button. This will create a new lead in the name of Sam Smith.

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U observe

If you observe closely you will notice that we a still on the Leads tab. So we have a Sam Smith lead and it shows the company he works for and all the other information that has been saved about the lead. Here it should be pointed out that this is one way why Salesforce is so powerful; it connects information in such a way that you as a sales rep can know as much as possible before you meet with a customer or prepare for a meeting with the customer. Part of that are the social connections.

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Once a lead is created, you will quite quickly be able to go to their LinkedIn profile, FaceBook, Twitter and also their YouTube page, if they had one, and thus learn about them as much as possible before you actually meet with them. The whole goal is to really understand people and their businesses so that you can come in with good ideas. Prospects don’t have time to meet with salespeople unless salespeople already have some degree of understanding of their business and some ideas on how to help them with their projects, business initiatives and their problems. Thus, Salesforce is a tool that you can use to organize and find information to help you with that.