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Everything you need to know about Salesforce – 3


Till now we have gone through most of the tabs in Salesforce that will be used on almost a daily basis by a normal salesperson. And now we come to the most important part of all which is the reports. A whole lot of different people, in different job designation, pull one type of report of the other almost every single day of their professional life. A salesperson has a lot of information with him at any point of time; information about sales, deals, opportunities about prospective deals, the companies involved and the people to contact to get the sales or deals through, etc.


So, if you are a salesperson, you have a lot of information in your Salesforce account and you have to be able to organize that information in different ways so that it makes sense and so that you can then share it with others. And for this reports can be very helpful; reports allows you to customize the way information is laid out and then to share that information.

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And then what the dashboards do is they help you visualize all that information in those reports that you have pulled. Which means, that you can create bars and charts and all those kinds of things and you put them on one page or all together, which makes it possible for you to communicate very clearly and very quickly with the help of these tools.