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Everything you need to know about Salesforce – 2


So, what would it have been like if you did use Salesforce? First, Salesforce isn’t a piece of software and can be opened using a web browser.

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Secondly, using Salesforce you will be able to keep track of all the companies, opportunities, the people and the deals just using a web page or a website. So, it should be understood that Salesforce is quite social and collaborative.

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Another important aspect of Salesforce is the Chatter button; Chatter is the social capability of Salesforce. Chatter is available on the home page itself and on clicking the show feed button we will get a Twitter or FaceBook like the update on what is going on with the things that you are working with. You can say this is one of the really cool and useful tools in Salesforce. The best way to use this tool find all the people in your organization that you have to maintain collaboration with and follow them.

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Once you follow them you will have a feed on your Chatter tab which tells you all about what they are working on. Whenever they go into an account or contact that you are collaborating with them on and if they make a change it is going to show up on your feed. This way you will be able to keep track on their activities that interest you.


Thus, you follow each other on Salesforce and instead of sending emails you just post comments to the feed which is how everybody stays on the same page. So, that is one good or key thing about Salesforce but there are other critical aspects of Salesforce that make it so useful; like, for example, it helps you organize information. As a salesperson, you need to keep track of all the accounts and the companies that you work with and information about them; this is where the accounts tab can help.

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In addition, you need to keep tabs on all the people you are dealing with whether it is your partners or co-workers or the people in those accounts you are trying to work with and sell to. You got to keep track of all their information for which the contacts tab can be used.


Then there is the opportunities tab where you can have all the different opportunities that you are working on, all the deals and all the sales that you are trying to get through and all the information regarding the deals, sales and companies you have to keep organized. So, all this can be done using the opportunities tab. And once you do develop a sales pipeline of opportunities you have to be able to communicate that to your boss and their boss, for which you need to be able to create a forecast that is accurate about all these different deals and people and accounts. For this, the forecast tab can be quite useful.