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Everything you need to know about Salesforce – 1


In the world, where information is exploding, what if there was one place to look where you could find all the information you needed to run your business as a salesperson. That actually is what Salesforce is! So, here we are going to get what Salesforce is, what it does and why it is there.


Say, you are a salesperson; which means you sell things for a living and by things we mean stuff. And stuff is really important because that is the thing you sell to people. And the thing about people is that they work for companies and these companies have things called projects and these projects and initiatives. And so there is information about projects and initiatives that you need to understand and keep organized so that you know that the information about this particular project is associated with that particular company and not another company and you will have to know that person who is going to work on that particular initiative and make it a success. So, in a way with the right information, you can help that person, help that company become successful.


So, what needs to be done is there has to be a way to maintain all this information about the people, the companies and the projects and all of your stuff so that you can match up your stuff with their stuff. you want to make sure that the stuff you sell solves the problem for the people and the companies that have the projects. And once you have all this organized, there is your boss who wants to know about all that is happening. So you need to create a forecast from the information you have and that forecast all the information you have in neat little columns and which is then submitted to the boss.


The information and the forecasts that are submitted to the boss should be accurate since the boss is going to look through them and then turn it into their boss. And their boss has to go in front of the whole world and sometimes in front of Wall Street and say this is what is going to happen to our business this month or quarter or this year and then they say the expectations. But in case they miss those expectations, either on the upside or the downside, the world thinks that that particular person doesn’t know what he is doing and that not a good thing because ultimately that person got the information from you. So, if you can’t roll out an accurate forecast in most probability businesses can go bankrupt and people can end up in the street without jobs. And to avoid that happening all you need is Salesforce!