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Eight tips to effectively use Salesforce – 2


  1. Salesforce for Outlook: There is a plugin to Outlook that offers you a desktop integration to Salesforce.com, which is very simple to get. Again we start at setup; we go to setup and in the left we select the Desktop Integration option and select the Salesforce for Outlook option; we then just have to download it and follow the instruction to set it up. This tool is just great, especially for creating copy emails into Salesforce, look up contacts and lots of other things within Outlook.
  2. De-clutter you tabs: Salesforce comes with a number of tabs like Home, Chatter, Files, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Dashboards, Reports, etc. The more number of tabs you have, the harder it is to find the one you need. It is very simply to get rid of the stuff that you are not going to need. Again first go to setup and in personal setup there is an area here which includes My Personal Information. Click on that and select Change my Display option. There you will see two options: customize my tabs and customize my pages.


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Clicking on customize my tabs will let you choose which ones you want to show and which ones you want to hide. So all the tabs that you don’t need and you don’t use and which are practically only distraction to you, just select them all and click on the remove button to get rid of them and hide them. and if required you and also select and add one or two of the tabs that you might feel are necessary by just selecting them and clicking the add button. Once all the necessary changes are made just click on the save option to see the changes reflected on your Salesforce.com page.