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Eight tips to effectively use Salesforce


Here we are going to discuss some simple and effective ways to use Salesforce that people don’t know about. Here are eight of the best ones which we are going to go through one by one:

  1. Hotlink your favorites: Every page in Salesforce is a hotlink; so, the neat thing is where ever you go to the most, whether it is your tasks or home or dashboards or reports or some account or anything, can be hotlink-ed. All you have to do is go to the page you want to hotlink, select the URL like any other web page and just drag it onto the toolbar. Once the link is created you can rename it too if you require. And yes, we can do it with any page in Salesforce. And when we click on the link we can directly go to the most frequented page in Salesforce without having to actually go to Salesforce.
  2. Email to Salesforce: Actually getting email into Salesforce can be a big headache to a lot of people. An easier way is called “email to Salesforce! So, how do we do it? It can be done very simply; when sending an email to a client we have to just enter our Salesforce id in the bcc field.

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And it ends up as an activity history under the contact’s name. so when someone emails you and if you want it to save it on Salesforce all you have to do is while replying add your Salesforce id as bcc and that will end up as an activity history under that particular contact’s name. To find the Salesforce id that has to be included in bcc, go to setup, and click on the email to Salesforce under the emails option on the left. And you will find the id that you need to put into your bcc line to get the emails included in Salesforce.

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To make it much easier, just add the id to your contacts list so that you can avoid copy and paste every time you want to use it.


If you go to my email to Salesforce section and you don’t see the id it means that this feature isn’t activated. It should be activated by the administrator and in case you are the administrator this is how the activation should be done.

Salesforce section

First, scroll down to Administrative setup and select email administration, where you will find the email to Salesforce option. Then, click on it and click edit and activate it to activate the option of email to Salesforce.