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Major Disadvantages Of Using Hadoop

It goes without saying that Hadoop is a big hype in the market, especially in the context of big data. It is the backbone of large numbers of implementations that offers distributed storage, ideal performance, and superior scalability. It is because of this reason that many companies view Hadoop as one of the best platforms for managing high volume of data infrastructures. However, critics are of the view that Hadoop is not necessarily the end solution to all big data problems. In fact, many companies have experienced lots of problems in using Hadoop for managing big data. A great idea is to take a look at the disadvantages of the same.

Threat To Security:

Hadoop is often a complex application for many companies. It is important to note that managing a complex application can not only be difficult, but also challenging. The security model of Hadoop is disabled by default, and this is mainly because of the sheer complexity. The person responsible for managing the platform should have the idea of enabling the security system. Otherwise, the data can be at a huge risk. In addition to that, Hadoop also lacks any form of encryption at the network and storage levels.

Small Data Problems:

As the big data is not made exclusively for big businesses, not all the big data platforms are suited for the needs of small data. Hadoop is one of them. This platform has been designed in such a manner so that it cannot manage the small data solutions. It is designed to deal with high capacity data. As a result, it lacks the efficiency of supporting random reading of small files. This in turn often results in huge errors. Therefore, organizations, that have to deal with small quantities of data, should not go for Hadoop in order to save cost. On the contrary, it might pose problems for them.

Extremely Vulnerable:

It is often risky to run Hadoop applications in some settings. The framework is written entirely in Java, which is one of the most controversial programming languages in the world. As a result of this, Java has been exploited by cybercriminals and used in many security breaches. Hence, several experts are of the suggestion that Hadoop should be dumped for safer and more efficient alternatives. In fact, many experts are of the view that there are several safer and efficient alternatives available. Many small companies have started adopting other alternatives to Hadoop.

Issues In Stability:

Hadoop is an open source platform. Hence, it is created with the contributions of many developers that continue to work on the same project. Regardless of the fact that improvements have been made constantly like many other platforms, yet Hadoop experienced lots of problems and issues instability. Therefore, organizations, that are using Hadoop, should run the latest stable version of Hadoop. If they want, they can also run it under third party vendors that are equipped to handle such problems. This in turn will enable organizations to utilize Hadoop in the best way like never before.