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Hadoop training in HyderabadThe increasing demand for the Apache  Hadoop training has been noticed across the globe. Using this training, an individual is trained in different aspects of the big data. The trainee learns about the analytics and the reporting skills which are of utmost importance to understand the big data, which further improves the performance of the business. This training module is specially designed to analyze the insights of the big data, compiled and organized in such a way that ensures that the data makes sense to a larger segment of the audience. Training in Apache  Hadoop makes it easy for the fresher to start a career in the IT sector.


Big Data – Its importance in the present and future


We would look into the future of data and its importance to society and business. We know that nowadays data is functioning as a decision support system. Soon its role is going to graduate as a fundamental basis of the digital nervous system. The term digital nervous system was popularized by Bill Gates in his book business @ the speed of thought which released in 1999. It wasn’t a term coined by him, but certainly he popularized this idea the most.


What it refers to is that an organization starts to act as a biological nervous system. When simplified, the natural nervous system follows the following cycle:


That is it senses, interprets, decides and acts. It detects information from the five sense organs and then explains the information and refers to historical data and then determines what actions would be favorable to the situation and then it acts on the decision. Similarly, this behavior can be replicated in an organization with data serving as a foundation of such a digital nervous system. This might sound more like Skynet or nervous system in the Avatar in the forest.


Let us take a hypothetical case to understand this better. Suppose a person updates on a social media platform that he is going to international travel and the software gets this feed from social media updates and then sends you a message on your cell about a cool travel insurance scheme that suits you – this is how things. Or to take another example, say the competitor changes the pricing and the band score software quickly responds to the situation and changes the price of its product to maximize the profits. This is what the future of organizations is, and we might see this happening very soon.


In reality, this isn’t there is no need to say it might happen and in the future since this is happening now! This is going on in most of the online websites like FaceBook. Most FaceBook pages will have Adwords on the right-hand side which reflect the person’s search history. For example, if a person goes to Google and searches for a refrigerator online, after a while if you visit your FaceBook page you will get ads about refrigerators being sold online.  So, FaceBook and Google are using this intelligence already, and we can see this happening.


For your information, no human intervention decides that the refrigerator ad should go on your FaceBook page after you have searched for refrigerators online. Classification of audience, display of ads and charges to the advertiser happens automatically, with the help of software, without the requirement of human intervention. This is just one of the many examples; Google page ranking, suggestions, YouTube recommendations, and in many other situations online, it is software that is sensing you, interpreting you, deciding and acting upon you. It is these sort of customized services are what every organization, big and small, is striving for. And this can be made possible only by processing huge amounts of data; that is why you can see Big Data jobs would continue to increase in time shortly.