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DataStage Training in Hyderabad

DataStage Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet

Reliable Classroom and Online training platform, like RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd, caters to providing aspiring students with placement focused and real-time Datastage training. Our reputed Datastage online training starts from the basic level and finally ends with advanced stages, making you a pro when you leave with our certification in hand. With the help of our certified courses, you will be left with different job prospects in various MNC companies. Avail our first infosphere service with our Datastage training courses. Our trained are all certified experts and with more than few decades of experience, within their kitty. They have hands-on training on some real time database knowledge. Therefore, apart from technical courses, you have the liberty to opt for effective training services, too.

Designed in perfect syllabus

Our team of expert professionals comprises of entire Datastage course content and with a preferred curriculum, as based on the flexible mindset of students. The primary goal is to help you achieve your career goal and get a high salary package within few months of passing our course content. Depending on multiple training sessions, the prices are likely to vary a lot. The courses are equipped with virtual online tutorials and virtual classes, and with some practical demo classes, too.

All our courses are tailor made in nature and can cater to various needs of students. You can either opt for daily classes or look for the weekend options, whichever matches your choice the most. These classes do not have any fixed time, making these courses even more important about workers.  All they need to do is just get acquainted with our admission form first and collect all the study materials. After that, they can log in any time with their personal ID and password, as given by us and study, whenever the right time comes for them.

Look for the courses

Depending on packages, the courses are likely to differ, too. Therefore, while planning to choose our Datastage Training in Hyderabad, you better to aware of the contents of your package. Listed below, are some of the primary and impeccable packages, available without pinching a hole in your pocket.

Introductory note related to data stage:

  • Difference as placed between parallel jobs and server jobs
  • Different as available between pipeline parallelisms
  • Various forms of partition techniques, like random, round robin, entire, hash, modules, same, range, auto, and DB2
  • Configured files
  • Difference as stated between MPD and SMP architecture
  • Data stage components, as divided into two categories; client components and server components
  • Installer of package

Administrator of data stage:

  • Create proficient project with deleting project and editing project
  • Proficient permission to user
  • .APT configuration file
  • Environment creation of variable with permission

Data stage director:

  • Introductory note to data stage director
  • View logs and job status view
  • Scheduling a batches creation

Designer points to focus:

  • Designer introductory note
  • Palette and repository
  • Various types of links
  • File stages and sequential file
  • Lookup file set and data set file
  • Different between dataset, sequential file or file set
  • Database stages and dynamic RDBMS
  • ODBC Enterprise and Oracle Enterprise
  • Stored procedure

Process stages available:

  • Compare stage and change capture
  • Difference stage and aggregate stage
  • Surrogate generator and transformer stage
  • Join generator and merge generator stage
  • Lookup generator stage and with difference between lookup or merge
  • Difference between lookup or join
  • Removal of duplicates and switch
  • Modify, pivot, and funnel

Debugging stage:

  • Tail, head, and pea
  • Row generator and column generator
  • Sample and job parameters


  • Introductory note date stage manager
  • Import services and export of jobs
  • Import of table definition
  • Import flat file definition and routines

Container services:

  • Difference between shared container and local containers
  • Shared container and local containers

Training duration for all

There are various forms of classes, which we have in store for you, while dealing with Datastage online training in Hyderabad, without making a fuss. For maximum students, we have regular classes, taking place under three segments, and those are morning, daytime and evening. Some sessions are meant for six months, where else; there are some other courses, which are available within the 1-year bracket.

Other than that, we have special weekend training classes, which are available on Saturdays, Sundays and any other holidays. You can devote your entire time for these courses, which you might have missed over the weekdays. Moreover, we have special fast-track training programs, which are available with four hours extra classes, on a daily note. It will take four weeks of your time, and help you to become a pro in this segment.

More about our trainers

Whenever you are planning to invest your time and money for our Datastage online training India, you better be aware of some of our trainers, as well. Our Datastage trainers are known for their:

  • More years of experience in the field of Data stage technologies
  • Years of knowledge in real time data stage projects
  • All the trained professionals have experience in working with different MNC companies
  • They have trained more than 500 students, till now and all with satisfied results
  • Strong knowledge towards both practical and theoretical values
  • Data stage certified license and authorization against their names

Hands-on experience for you

Apart from indulging in our academic classes, you are asked to take help of our practical experience too. These courses are focused more on your literal outlook towards this technology, after coming to terms with theoretical values. Through our practical classes, you will be able to understand how good you are on this subject, and how much more study you need. These are also used to provide you with practical experience, which you will feel after joining any multinational companies.

From fees structure to eligibility criteria, everything needs to be informed before joining for any of our Datastage training institutes in Hyderabad, to achieve ultimate result. You can even try and take a look at the syllabus, which might vary from one platform to another. Just ensure to do your part of research well, and start looking for the packages, which are meant for you. Now, you are free from attending any literal classes, as everything is available near your hand, virtually.

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