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Traditionally a lot of our data has been analyzed in Excel because that was all people had for a tool and they would work very hard with it but that isn’t smart work. Tableau has been a really positive tool in helping create this great positive cycle where principals ask for data and Tableau allows us to provide it quite quickly. Then they provide feedback on what part they liked and what part they didn’t and where they want additional data and then we are able to turn that into quite quickly. And thus, this creates a very fast cycle where we all can learn faster and get answers a lot faster.

 Tableau and Excel

Excel has its space too; it is great for creating spreadsheets, it being a spreadsheet tool. But the beauty of Tableau tool is that it can then connect to that Excel data and one can build things pretty quickly. Thus, one can say that Tableau allows faster speed for analysis. This is obvious in the time took to get the visualization done; so, for a report that used to take a week for it to be done, we could replace it one in 24 hours and now it can be uploaded over the system just overnight. So now the person-in-charge has a whole week of time that can be spent on more important things that have the positive impact on business.


Another advantage with Tableau is, when it comes to a huge amount of data which has been traditionally in-comprehendible, it makes visualizing such huge amounts of data easier. When looking at massive amounts of data, it is really hard to pick out relevant information from huge spreadsheets as should be done when using Excel. But with the help of visualization and all the techniques that Tableau users, we can show millions of points of data on just one screen at one time and instantly figure out what is happening with our processes. In Tableau, it is one, two and three clicks and it is done; hence, you are saving a lot of time too.


With Tableau, we get the better insight into data we have and hence there will be more impact. Hence, people feel lot more empowered, a lot more effective as they are able to spend their time doing things that are the lot more effective for the business. Using this tool we can create our own story along the way so that we don’t have to forget where we were and where we are now. We can create different views of the same information to see which one we like best. Thus, people don’t have to spend hours now looking at Excel data and mining it. Right now, we can expose what the relevant data is and others can see the most relevant patterns. There is a lot less use of Excel by organization since the advent of Tableau; it still has its role, but we are trying to minimize it so that people can spend more time thinking about the problem and less time trying to find the answers.