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Cloud Computing – A Business Model


The world is ever-changing; new capabilities are evolving. Organizations are challenged to move faster; they have to operate differently which means investing in new models, new structures, new processes, new devices and an investment in new training solutions to help them succeed. A part of this revolution is cloud computing; to compete in business today you need new solutions in production faster than ever. Your developers may be moving to agile so that they can release new features daily or even hourly. These new applications need now-working storage provisioned in minutes, not weeks or months and by the way you need to reduce a cost too. So how do you how do you do this? And the answer to that is the cloud!


The cloud is a business model, not a technology, and it demands real significant changes in your people, your processes and in your technologies. Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking, acting and leading and it needs a different set of knowledge skills and abilities too. Cloud computing requires new ways of acting and working and that means changes to most of your existing processes. And the changes will be big; you are going to have to change how IT works with the business, how IT works for providers and how IT teams work together.


We all know process changes are hard and it’s our job to get everyone in the organization on board. Clouds benefits are rapid provisioning, elasticity and standardization and all these require new tools for new vendors. We have to combine people, process, and technology training into a seamless cloud solution and that gives you the benefit of large experience in relationships with more vendors and platforms. Cloud computing changes everything; good cloud training can help you get to the cloud safely and quickly. A good solution is the one that is customized to meet your organization’s needs and goals.