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Big Data VS Hadoop – The BIG Question

There is a great difference in Big Data And Hadoop, which most of the people never pay attention to. In order to understand about their differences, better check out the mentioned relevant points for improving your knowledge.
Talking about Hadoop – it is widely accepted as the best open source distributed computing platform which is associated with dozens or massive server nodes in order to extract vast volume of data. It is one of the tools that is designed and developed to handle a very big data using various methodologies and algorithms. This program runs under the Apache license – maintained and regulated by a global community of the users to use effectively. To perform in a better way, it uses two most important attributes, named as- MapReduce and HDFS.
Coming to Big Data, this is called the large volume of data which is needed by all the businesses and individuals in order to fetch the specific goals and functions of the organizations. Big data summarizes different kinds of data which is obtained using HADOOP for further processing tasks. You might don’t know, but a lot of businesses hire great manpower to collect all the important data using inexpensive ways. All in all, we can say any large mass of information that are collected can be called as BIG DATA.
This was all about big data vs hadoop, but there are lots of things which one must know to know everything about the same. Coming again to big data, it is generally used for the marketing purpose to make our products and services better as well as fantastically reach to the target audiences. Big data have been here in the market for years approx which is also known by the name of the business intelligence. Big data is defined in many ways, but the true fact is – it is all about mining the data in large quantities to use them for various purposes. Those who are looking to reap various benefits, Big Data Solution is the best thing which can give quick advantage to any company. Moreover, this is something which each and every business domain and size must consider to use for better growth.
Next in big data vs hadoop, you should know more about Hadoop and its benefits. It was developed in 2006 which is a big data framework, usually used to carry out all common big data related works. Hadoop is not at all data mining, even it is here to manage the data storage using HDFS, create time scheduling for computation tasks for storing the data. It never be a part of the complex analysis, but very essential for any business to give various benefits without spending much.
One of the best descriptions can be about their differences, is- Big data is generally used to collect large sets of data from various social media sites, like- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others can be obtained in the form of videos, text, images, graphics and others. And Hadoop is all about managing the massive data for a company use.

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