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Big Data Online Training

Big Data Online Training in Hyderabad

You can quickly become a Hadoop expert now by just mastering the art of Map Reduce, Pig, yarn, Hive, Oozie, and even Flume. For that, you are cordially invited to join hands with Big Data online training, for some immediate response. Moreover, with the help of our experienced veterans, you will be given the opportunity to work on some of the industry based and leading projects and use cases. Moreover, we make sure to offer you with an overview of the current Apache Spark, associated with distributed data processing service.

More about the course:

The Hadoop and Big Data training course from our side are primarily designed to enhance the current knowledge and skills, relating to Hadoop developer. As this field is offering an exclusive salary package, therefore; more and more people are trying hard to be an excellent developer. Through us, you will be able to cover up the core concepts, along with the efficient implementation of different types of industry led cases.

Some of the course objectives:

After going through our course, you will get to,

  • Understand the concepts of HDFS along with the map reduce framework
  • Know more about the architecture of Hadoop x
  • Setting up the present Hadoop cluster and writing the MapReduce complex programs
  • Learning more about the data loading techniques with the help of Flume and Sqoop
  • Performing the current data analytics with the help of hive, pig, and YARN
  • Implementing the map reduce and HBase integration
  • Implementing the advanced stages of indexing and usage
  • Scheduling jobs with the help of Oozie
  • Implementing some of the best practices, relating to Hadoop development
  • Working on some of the real-life projects on Big Data analytics
  • Understanding the importance of spark along with the ecosystem
  • Ways to work in the present RDD in spark

For whom is this course designed:

Currently, Hadoop is now considered to be a cornerstone of every business technical professional. To stay right ahead in this form of section, Hadoop  is likely to become a must know technology for these relevant experts:

  • BI or DW and ELT professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Testing experts and project managers
  • Mainframe professionals
  • Graduates, who are willing to build successful career around the chosen big data
  • Software architects and developers

Reasons to learn Hadoop  and Big Data:

Recent statistics show that CIOs are making Hadoop their major platform in the year 2016. For enjoying better career related prospects and grabbing job opportunities along with financial growth, Hadoop is known as a better option. Therefore, if you want to make it big in this Hadoop sector and earn some hefty salary packages, you are asked to get in touch with Big Data and Hadoop certified modules from our store.

Pre-requisites for this course:

It does not matter in what IT background you are associated with, as you can always master Hadoop with the help of our course modules. However, it is somewhat mandatory to have a basic knowledge of SQL and Core Java, if you want to know more about the functionalities and usage of Hadoop program. If you want to brush up your Java skills, there are some complimentary self-paced courses, readily available from us.

Learn more about the course modules:

To match the growing requirements of aspiring students, we have separate course modules, relating to Big Data training online, with a hands-on practical examination. Some of those relevant modules are now listed below:

Understanding the importance of Hadoop  and big data:

Learning objectives: Here, you will get to learn more about Big data, along with the limitations of present solutions for Big Data related problems. Moreover, the students will get to use Hadoop for solving some of the Big Data related problems. You will come to know more about the components of the Hadoop ecosystem, and with modern architecture. Some of the other sources are the anatomy of the file read and write functions HDFS and ways in which, map reduce framework works.


  • Solutions and limitations associated with data analytics framework
  • Big Data and Hadoop
  • Hadoop features and ecosystem
  • Core components of the Hadoop x
  • Storage value of Hadoop as in HDFS
  • Hadoop processing along with MapReduce framework
  • Hadoop different forms of distributions

Hadoop  HDFS and architecture:

The primary aim of this module is to help you learn more about the architecture, associated with Hadoop cluster. Moreover, you will also get an excellent idea of the necessary configuration files related to Hadoop cluster and techniques, relating to data loading service. If you want to know more about ways to set up the single node along with the multi-node Hadoop cluster.


  • Federation a high availability relating to Hadoop x cluster architecture
  • Typical production cluster and Hadoop cluster modes
  • Common forms of Hadoop shell commands
  • Configuration files relating to Hadoop x
  • Multi-node and single node cluster relating to Hadoop administration

Hadoop  MapReduce framework:

Through this module, you will get to learn and understand the importance of Hadoop  MapReduce framework, followed by its work on map reduce in HDFS data stored service. You will get to find out more about the ways to understand concepts like in the input splits in current MapReduce, practitioner, and combiner, along with demos on the current map reduce. Such services take pace by using different forms of data sets.

Advanced MapReduce:

Get to learn more about the advanced form of MapReduce concepts through this module from our side. Some of those concepts are distributed cache, counters, reduce join, MRunit, customized input format, XML parsing and even the sequence input format.


  • Distributed cache and counters
  • Reduce joins and MRUnit
  • Customized input format
  • Sequence form of input format
  • XML file parsing with the help of MapReduce

These are some of the top graded course modules, which you will receive after going through Big Data courses online from our side. It is mandatory to get your name enrolled with our seats, as we have limited seats for you. There are different types of packages, which we have sourced for your needs and we ensure to offer you with excellent quality modules with only trained veterans, for help.