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Apache Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners – Getting Started With Hadoop


A lot of enthusiasts are looking for the best Hadoop training just to get a secured and fruitful job. Yes, the career opportunities are vast as it is involved very top-class and famous companies which often open various vacancies for Hadoop professionals.

Before learning Hadoop, it is better to determine all the factors associated with the same to make up a great decision to go with the same or not. There are lots of things which must need to be checked in advance to decide your career with Hadoop. However, it is always better to move ahead with some researchers. Here they are-


There are various pre-requisites available for which you should need to be prepared for learning Hadoop. For great practice, knowledge and doing live projects, you should need to download and installed latest Hadoop must run in a better way. You should also consider-

-Single Node Setup program if you are the first time user

-And, Cluster Setup for large and distributed clusters

Aside this, it will be good if you have some basic knowledge of JAVA programming language as then you can easily understand the core concept and feel easy to work with Hadoop. But, this is not mandatory, however, if you don’t know JAVA at all, you can still have a hope to learn Hadoop in a better way.

Know the core elements of Hadoop

In the Apache Hadoop tutorial for beginners, you should also think about the core elements of Hadoop, which you need to go through to become a pro. There are various terms associated with the same, but four essential elements to Hadoop, you should definitely think about.


This is a “Yet Another Resource Negotiator” which usually helps in managing the resources successfully across the cluster environment. It is the best in separating the resource management in different daemons for better performance. It is generally associated with the- Resource Manager, Application Master, Node Manager and others. Learning the same is very important, and you should consider whether your Hadoop learning institute is offering the same along with others or not.


HDFS is an acronym for the Hadoop Distributed File System which is a very important element to study to work with Hadoop easily. As Hadoop can easily work with any distributed file system, thus, it is the heart of the Hadoop which must be known to all. You will also need to deal with the HDFS cluster- Datanode, Namenode, Secondary name node and other related terms.


Be familiar with MapReduce, which is the most important fundamental part of Hadoop. It is used in performing various Map Tasks, like- transformation along with an aggregation. You would need to learn about its sub-components, including-

-A Set of services for managing entire workflows execution successfully

-An API to write the MapReduce workflows in JAVA

Apart from this, there are lots of things included in the Apache Hadoop tutorial for beginners, which will help you in learning Hadoop so easily and the shortest possible time.