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AngularJs Training in Hyderabad

AngularJs Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet

Angular JS is considered to be an open source web app framework, which is solely maintained by community and Google as a joint venture. It helps in assisting and creates some single page applications along with one-page web applications. These are promptly used to provide CSS, HTML, and JavaScript services, as related to the client side. This can also be defined as an open source and agile framework developed by Google and solely written in JavaScript. It helps the worker to create some reusable, modular and maintainable web applications. Take a look at our Angularjs training in Hyderabad, and you can easily enhance the value of your JavaScript knowledge, right now.

Objectives of our courses:

The primary aim of our trainers is to help you understand the objective of this course and offer the most promising values, without fail. Some of the reliable objectives are:

  • Proper development of RIA with the proper use of Angular.JS
  • Work proficiently with two-way binding features, as offered by Angular.JS
  • Proficient use of dependency injection
  • Work with the directives of Angular JS service
  • Create amazing Angular JS customized directives

Major audience profile for you:

This Angularjs platform is considered to be a preferred course mainly for those people, who are willing to build web applications with MVC style. These are also meant for those single page application or SPA development with the framework of the MVC framework. This course is also a major turning point for those individuals, who are willing to know more about intermediate knowledge of the reliable JavaScript service. It also focuses towards the one web development technicality, meant for your use.

Profile of our trainers:

All our trainers are known for their excellent experience in the field of web language service. They are known as the reliable subject matter experts and with promising expert instructors to help you. In case, you are looking for Microsoft Certified trainers, you have come to the right platform. Our trainers are associated with this field for more than a decade now and have now gained full information in dealing with Microsoft technologies. After completion of our courses, you can easily post for the role of Angular JS Developer.


30 hours

Course outline:

In our lesson, we are going to cover some of the promising topics, as a major part of Angularjs online training, from our side. As the courses are available online, therefore; you have the liberty to get acquainted with the best timing, which can match your choice. Always remember that the focuses will be towards your beneficiary aspect. Some of those major topics are listed below:

  • Overview of the basic SPA frameworks
  • Overview of the available Angular JS course
  • Architectural service of Angular JS platform
  • Difference between angular JS and backbone JS platforms
  • Difference to be stated between Angular JS and Ember JS
  • Difference noted between Angular JS and Knockout JS
  • Tools promptly used for Angular JS development services
  • Overview of the available plunker, batarang and jsFiddle

Starting from the scratch till the end, these courses are meant for both novices and experienced professionals. There are various other values, which you are likely to come across, after going through our courses.

Other modules for you:

There are some other additional modules available for the learners, willing to know more about Angularjs training in Ameerpet and become an expert. These are mostly listed under various modules, as per the needs and demands of customers.

Core elements to be associated with Angular JS:

  • Understand modules and controllers
  • Models, views, directives and filters
  • Factories, services, decorators, and providers

Difference between Angular JS and jQuery Approach:

  • Proficient use of jQuery with HTML forms
  • Use of Angularjs with HTML
  • Work with HTML 5 range with jQuery
  • Work with HTML 5 with Angular Js

Introductory note to controllers:

  • Basic statement of controllers
  • Implement of controllers in same page and external pages
  • Define of multiple controllers
  • Define of nested controllers

Proficient work with inheritance and scopes:

  • Work with global variables and two ways bind with variables
  • Define model data in controller and hook up controllers to views
  • Access of controller data in views
  • Testing inheritance and scopes and understand parent scope
  • Proficient knowledge on scopes with the help of customized JSON object

Work with scope events:

  • Basic statement of events and understand event listeners
  • Work with bested controllers and using $on method
  • Valuable use of $broadcast method and $emit method

Bind with Angular JS:

  • Understanding of ng-app directive and ng-model directive
  • Proficient use of expressions
  • One-way and two-way data binding

Built-in Angular JS directives:

  • Ng-init, ng-hide, ng-click and ng-cloak
  • Ng-switch, ng-show, ng-if, ng-c lass, ng-template and ng-include

Some other courses for you:

Apart from the courses, which have already been mentioned above, there are some other additional points, which are solely waiting for you. At this present moment, the importance of angular online course is gaining worldwide popularity, and there are loads of options, waiting for you to grab. Depending on the online course and their duration or time, individuals have the liberty to choose the best package while discussing more the course, and available points.

Some of those options are:

  • Work with Angular JS forms
  • Validation of the angular JS forms
  • Monitor changes to the available HTML forms
  • Iterate through proper collection with ng-repeat
  • Work with controllers and modules
  • Work with angular JS routing techniques
  • Work with factories, providers, Angular JS decorators and Dependency injections – DI
  • Work with services and application data
  • Development of RESTful service and proper consumption
  • Development of custom directives and work with controllers
  • Development of independent directives, dynamic complication
  • Develop customized filters and understand watch expressions
  • Proficient view of $http and AJAX service
  • Work with MongoDB and with proper use of $q promise service

These are some of the reliable professional services, which are waiting for you. A single call at our online store will offer you with the most reliable solutions, at your service. You are lucky enough to learn Angularjs online, without making any difference. These are some of the available values, which you have always come across. Therefore, a single click for our courses will help you to become an expert.

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