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A brief history of Hadoop


It is a known fact that Hadoop has been specially created to manage Big Data. Here we are going to learn about the brief history of Hadoop. Everybody in the world knows about Google; it is probably the most popular search engine in the online world. To provide search results for users Google had to store huge amounts of data. In the 1990s, Google started searching for ways to store and process huge amounts of data. And finally in 2003 they provided the world with an innovative Big Data storage idea called GFS or Google File System; it is a technique to store data especially huge amount of data. In the year 2004 they provided the world with another technique called MapReduce, which is the technique for processing the data that is present in GFS. And it can be observed that it took Google 13 years to come up with this innovative idea of storing and processing Big Data and fine tuning the idea.


But these techniques have been presented to the world just as a description through white papers. So the world and interested people have just been provided with the idea of what GFS is and how it would store data theoretically and what MapReduce is and how it would process the data stored in GFS theoretically. So people had the knowledge of the technique, which was just its description but there was no working model or code provided. Then in the year 2006-07 another major search engine, Yahoo came up with techniques called HDFS and MapReduce based on the white papers published by Google. So finally, the HDFS and MapReduce are the two core concepts that make up Hadoop.


Hadoop was actually created by Doug Cutting. People who have some knowledge of Hadoop know that its logo is a yellow elephant. So there is a doubt in most people’s mind of why Doug Cutting has chosen such a name and such a logo for his project. There is a reason behind it; the elephant is symbolic in the sense that it is a good solution for Big Data. Actually Hadoop was the name that came from the imagination of Doug Cutting’s son; it was the name that the little boy gave to his favorite soft toy which was a yellow elephant and this is where the name and the logo for the project have come from. Thus, this is the brief history behind Hadoop and its name.