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Hadoop Training In Hyderabad

Best Hadoop Training In Hyderabad with placement .

Hadoop Training In Hyderabad

No One can Teach Hadoop Training In Hyderabad Live of multiple concepts and modules like  HDFS, Map-Reduce, HBASE,  HIVE, SQOOP, PIG, FLUME, OOZIE, and ZOOKEEPER, etc., like Orapro Technologies.

“Before joining here, I attended 4 Demos in other so-called experts in Apache Big Data Hadoop Training In Hyderabad, but nobody taught me better than Orapro Technologies. I am happy about my decision to get Hadoop Live Training from them. They provided 5 POC s Hands-on experience, hands on installation for Hadoop and Ecosystems, Realtime project explanation, Hands-on Node cluster setup, even helped me to clear Bigdata Hadoop Certification. I am in MNC  now. Choose the right and experienced and the best Big data training institute in India . I trusted Orapro Technologies for my Training in Hyderabad, India Ameerpet,Hyderabad

Hadoop Training In Hyderabad

India requires a minimum of One Lakh Data scientists in next couple of years, the USA alone would face a deficit of 1 lakh 92 thousand data scientists against its requirement of 4 lakh 90 thousand by 2018. So, Huge job opportunities are available in this field.

Gartner survey said that 64 % of Organizations have Invested or Plan to Invest in Big Data in 2014.So, we believe it has tremendous potential and coming with the motive to support, flourish and nurture Hadoop talent.

Technology has progressed on an immense scale, and this creates the need for IT industries and employees of these industries to take equal steps with technical advancement. In this context, the name of Hadoop deserves mention.

It is an open source software project that helps in the distributed processing of large data sets in different commodity servers. It can scale up from a single server to several machines, and it can tolerate a high degree of errors.

Hadoop Training In Hyderabad

Hadoop Live project training | Big Data Online Tutorial

We provide Hadoop Training in Hyderabad  in a wide variety of ways. In fact, we make sure that individual students get attention from our experienced Big Data Faculty trainers so that they can understand the technology well. We even clarify doubts and conduct regular tests to ensure that each student has a clear idea of what they have learned from us. Hence, it will pave the way for their success. We believe that our success lies in the progress of our students.

It is crucial that people associated with the IT industry know the inside out of this technology. Hence, Hadoop Training in Hyderabad is there to cater to the needs. Orapro Technologies is one of the leading providers of Apache Hadoop training in Hyderabad, and our training course is designed in such a way so that each student gets to know the technology inside out.

Big Data Hadoop Online Training In Hyderabad | Big Data Training Online

Apart from personal training, we also offer big data training for project managers. This is to make sure that even professionals can join our class from their home, as per their convenience. We have a separate group of trained professionals that conduct these training classes, and they always make the best effort in inculcating the best values in students. We believe that the best thing about us is the affordable pricing strategy so that it is possible for every student to attend our training courses.

We at Orapro Technologies, Hyderabad have training courses designed for all groups of people right from the beginners to the advanced level professionals. If you enroll for our Big Data Live Project Training, we will provide you with the series of Big Data Tutorial that will be relevant for your real-world applications. You will learn several things from our expert trainers.

Informative, concise and broadcast-quality training delivered to you, Training materials available in audio and video formats,.A grasp of the most complex subjects of Apache Hadoop with easy to follow tutorials.

We also believe that practical learning should always be accompanied by the learning process so that it offers a degree of retention. We provide the hands-on project to work. This goes unmatched with any other form of Hadoop tutorial, both online and offline. Hence, taking the exact steps for your project will become easy for you.

Hadoop Big Data Certification | Big data training and placement in Hyderabad

We have lots of things for you. Once the training process is complete, Orapro Technologies will help you with the placement assistance also. We offer job assistance to all our trainees so that they are placed in the top notch MNC’s in the IT industry. We can assure you that proper training and certification from our institution will help you develop a bright and successful career with high paying salaries. Thus, it is time to make a move.

So, if you are planning to take a course in Hadoop, call to Hadoop Training in Hyderabad Institute once, talk to Hadoop consultant directly before attending a Demo. We are here to help your IT career. Planning For Hadoop Certification, Our Training gives 100%  guarantee to pass. Call for more details on 9989134470


  1. I was given to you Faculty Number. Take counselling on the cell. So, clarify all your queries.
    Thanks for approaching us for Hadoop Training.

  2. How is the career in Big Data Hadoop? And what is the best institute in Hyderabad, Ameerpet?

  3. An available supply framework, Hadoop enables you to keep and process information on the significant level. Created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella, this software is a signed up under the Apache Software Foundation. The programming language used in Java though in some places user interfaces such as like Pig Latin and an SQL variation have found usage.
    The different segments of a Hadoop framework feature Hadoop delivered File program (HDFS), Hadoop common, Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce.

    Hadoop happens to be used by Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo along with other important websites to a group and combine most of the information they gather.So, Job points you pliantly of jobs.

    Your second query, Best Hadoop training in Hyderabad, why can’t take a Demo and decide yourself. If you ask me, definitely I told we are the Best in this industry. Are you ever got the opportunity to interact with faculty before attending a demo? Here you get.Talk to faculty. Take your career counselling instantly while talking with faculty. Don’t waste time roaming Hadoop Training institutes. In spite of this ask their faculty cell number, talk them and get clarification, if you have.

  4. I Did Hadoop online Training here. Best training in Big data Hadoop. Faculty Praveen is very helpful even for job search. His interview tips are very useful. Today I got Job Because of him. I do give advice to Hadoop learners before joined anywhere inquire about faculty, how extend he help us for find Job.

  5. How is Career in Hadoop? I do inquiry about Hadoop Training in Ameerpet. A lot of Friends refer to your Institute and Faculty Praveen. Can I get Talk with faculty on Phone before coming to Hyderabad because I work in Mumbai? I need the Fast track. How much do you Charge?

  6. Thank you, Kathrine, for your compliment.Yes, we are one of leading Hadoop Training Institute in Hyderabad both classroom and Online Training.
    The quality of teaching always get recognized from Students.we have Fast track and normal track batches along with online Training.
    I do suggest before coming to Hyderabad take a Free Online Demo with Praveen Sir and fix timings.
    I do understand your requirement, your time value.Normally for Fast Track 15 days if stay daily 4 hours.If time is not sufficient, take remaining classes on Online.We have a that much flexible system.I am giving faculty number right now. Talk with him.

  7. I need to have a chat with you. Can you please reply me in this email. Thanks a lot !!Can you arrange Demo for Hadoop.

  8. Hi,
    I hear you are one of best big data training institutes in Hyderabad.I would like to learn Hadoop Administration through Online.

    Let us know the details.

  9. Hi,
    I am looking for best training institute for Hadoop in Hyderabad. Can you arrange a Demo.I need fast track training. Are you able to arrange? Please send a mail with all details.

  10. Looking for Hadoop administration training in Hyderabad. Mail me all the Details.Is it Java is required to do this Course?

  11. Yes. We do. Tomorrow I do arrange a Free demo on Hadoop Training.I do send the link. Thank you for visit us

  12. Thanks for Your comment.I do send all Details through the mail.Can I know when you are a comfort to attend a Demo?

  13. Sure. Can you come this Saturday to attend a Demo? Or Talk with Faculty over the phone.
    Thank you.

  14. Yes. Java required. We do teach Hadoop relevant Java free of cost. So, you can attend Demo. I am sending mail with all info.Thank you.

  15. I am looking for Hadoop online training institute and what are the requirements and course fee and duration, of course, please send a mail with all details.

  16. Hi, Thanks for Choosing us for Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad.
    Course fee: 10,000/- for Classroom Training and Online 25,000/-
    Duration: 2 Months
    I am sending mail with all details.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for taking in Hadoop administration training in Hyderabad. Appreciate if you can let us know
    what is the prerequisite required for taking this course? Also please let us know what would be the fee for Online course and duration.

    Please let us know your number.


  18. Hi, Dinesh
    I sent all the details.
    Please go through it, and talk with Faculty over the Mobile.
    All the best

  19. Hi,

    I would like to attend an introduction demo session to Hadoop. I am not from Java background. Will it be a backdrop for going right away to Hadoop? I hear your Institute is good in Ameerpet. Please send details


  20. Can u please let me send me your Hadoop Training details.I want Hadoop online Training.

  21. Hi, Manoj
    I do send all details in Mail. Thank you for choosing our Institute for Hadoop training

  22. Abbas,
    I send all details about course. Please go through it.

  23. What is Faculty Profile? I want to know before join in Hadoop online training.Can you send profile? What is course fee? And what is future of Hadoop.

  24. Faculty Profile:

    • 11+ years of professional experience in software design and development. Worked on multiple projects in fast-paced, dynamic, and highly demanding environment with diverse technologies like JAVA & J2EE (8+) and Hadoop (3+)

    • Proficient in various phases of software development including system analysis, design, development, testing, & support applications using different areas of J2EE stack in Scrum and agile processes.

    • Full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience including gathering requirements, analysis of requirements, design, development, documentation, deployment and testing.

    • Extensively worked on open source control frameworks Struts 1.x and ATG

    • Extensive hands-on experience with working level knowledge on Big data and NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technologies including Hadoop, PIG, Hive, HBase, SQOOP, Map Reduce using Java, HDFS, Master-Slave architectural model, Clustering, Node management, etc.

    • Solid experience in building n-tier web enabled GUI applications using Ajax, JSPs, Servlets, ORACLE, IBM DB2, & MS SQL Server with adeptness on application servers; JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, ATG & Tomcat.

    • Hands-on experience with industry standard IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ, RAD and expert level skills in application programming using Java, Servlets and JDBC.

    • Strong experience utilizing various XML parsers in J2EE solutions (DOM, SAX, and XSLT) and knowledge in developing Web Services using SOAP, WSDL and XML.

    • Strong experience, in handling different Web Servers, likes Apache Tomcat and Application Servers like Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic, ATG and JBOSS.

    • Experience in developing Web services in Java using XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI and Well versed in writing JUnit Test cases.

    • Good knowledge with CVS, SVN, Team Site and Synergy version control systems.

    • Proficiency in Integrated Development Environments; RAD, Eclipse, & NetBeans with the real insight of the following protocols; HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, REST and SOAP.

    • Strong in Object Oriented Analysis and Design techniques.

    • Good communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to working in a team environment with tight schedules and capable of working efficiently under pressure, manage multiple projects and train subordinates.

    for your Second query:

    The Future of Big Data

    • $15 billion on software firms only specializing in data management and analytics.

    • This industry on its own is worth more than $100 billion and growing at almost 10% a year which is roughly twice as fast as the software business as a whole.

    • In February 2012, the open source analyst firm Wikibon released the first market forecast for Big Data, listing $5.1B revenue in 2012 with growth to $53.4B in 2017

    • The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data volume is growing 40% per year and will increase 44x between 2009 and 2020.

  25. I want to make my career in Hadoop. Is it worthy for a fresher to go ahead with Hadoop? Can u provide placements? If so, please send me d details. I here you Faculty is excellent in Hadoop teaching. How about Jobs. I want to join Hadoop big data training in Hyderabad.Let send all details.Thank you.

  26. A career in Hadoop good, if you are looking for long-term IT career.If you see Jobs in Job portal, you get the fair idea how much demand had this area. We do support all ways to place our students.Why can’t attend a demo once and Had a chat with an industry expert?If possible, attend Classroom Training, otherwise Online training.

  27. Hai
    I am looking Hadoop Training Institutes in Ameerpet to learn BigData Hadoop.I am more Interested in Learn Hadoop Administration online Training. Please, Can you send me the entire details regarding that course and content too.Thanks in Advance.

  28. Hello – Could you please let me know the timeframe for the course? Is there any crash course available?

    I am working as a Database Tester and in a near future all my Projects would be upgraded to the new platform which uses Hadoop, AWS and Hive. Is it possible to learn all these three in your institute parallel?
    Do I need to have any developer experience before I can start learning? Please advise. Thank you in advance for all of your time and help for providing me all the details.I am Looking Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad.

  29. I am looking for Hadoop training institutes in Hyderabad for Hadoop Administration Training. My friends suggested your institute.Can you send me course details? Actually can you help in Telephonic Interview? I want to be joined fast track.Mail me with all details.I want to finish within 20 Days.

  30. Dear Pavan,
    We are the best Training institute in Ameerpet for Hadoop Administration Training.
    We don’t give any publicity so, students thought we are new. Our faculty has more than 12 years of experience in IT Career. Clarify all your queries even before attending demo while taking with faculty.Yes, we are running Fast track batches also.We do support telephonic Interview also. It was not fair to discuss on this platform.Call me on the cell phone.

  31. Thanks for the interest in us. If you do not comfort to attend Classroom training in Ameerpet, then attend online classes. I send course content along Faculty cell number.Talk with him even before attending Demo.
    All the best.

  32. Hi,
    I am looking for Best Hadoop Online Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. One of my friends suggested Praveen. So I am contacting you. When next batch was going to start.Let me know details.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for your friend who refer to us. For online Training, it is one to one Training.so you can take Demo on this weekend.

  34. Hi, I am a fresher, and I am looking for a Best Hadoop Online Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
    Is it a right time to do this training as a fresher.?
    What are the pre-skills required to do this training?
    Any programming skills required?
    What is the scope of Hadoop admin in the future?
    What are the fees & duration, of course?
    Do you provide placements?. Plz send the details

  35. Looking for Hadoop, big data training please let me know which institute is a better one for both admin and development.


  36. Looking for best training institute for Hadoop in Hyderabad. Please let me know which institute is better.
    Is Hadoop and Bigdata Same?.

    Lalit Varma

  37. Why are you looking for both Admin and Development?My suggestion is better to focus on the course and go for certification.Because certification gives waitage in the interview and its add value to your package.Again it’s your option.Talk to faculty and get counselling before taking the decision.
    Attend a free demo with our faculty, and you judge which institute is best in Ameerpet.

  38. I want to make my career in Hadoop. Is it worthy for a fresher to go ahead with Hadoop? Can u provide placements? If so, please send me d details. I heard you Faculty is excellent in Hadoop teaching. How about Jobs. I want to join Hadoop big data training in Hyderabad .plz send me all details.Thank you

  39. Hi,
    What is Big Data? I want to make my career in Hadoop. Is it worthy for a fresher to go ahead with Hadoop? Can u provide placements? If so, please send me d details. How about Jobs. I want to join Hadoop big data training in Hyderabad .plz send me all details.Thank you.

  40. Big data is a huge data set that is organized or unstructured (primarily unstructured though) and of less use in atomic terms. Big data is so big that analyzing it in RAM is not only impossible but also resource consuming. However said that big data is also the one that can not be thrown away as lots of useful insights are hidden in that.

    Some of the cool examples of big data are –
    1. Server logs.
    2. Financial transactions.
    3. Gnome data.
    4. Data from sensors.
    5. Weather reports and so on.

    Analyzing of big data is very critical to ensure a better future planning, better recommendations, smarter search results and, in fact, a better online and offline world around us.

    Hadoop market is expanding very rapidly; there is already growing the number of opportunities at present.You can do.Regarding placements talk with faculty on the phone or attending a demo.

  41. Hi,
    One of my Hyderabad friends refers you. I am looking for this course. He refers this one as Best Hadoop Online Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Can you arrange online demo this weekend?

  42. Hi,

    Could you please provide me best institute for Hadoop in Hyderabad. I can have a Classroom training for Hadoop administration. And can you give clarity that Was days are numbered for Hadoop?

    Sarath M

  43. Not Hadoop days are numbered. In fact its importance rapidly increasing.–but Hadoop as we know it. It’s already happening: Map Reduce is getting less important. Spark is gaining prominence. Drill, Impala and Hive (with Tez) bypass MR and have their query engines. Hadoop is increasingly an ecosystem of tools and not just one thing.

    generalization of the V’s as defined by IBM and referred by the industry, I would say the 4 V ‘s are kind of referencing to the incoming data’s Size (Volume), Motion/Frequency/Rate (speed at which they are written to systems…Velocity), Format/Types (variations…structured, unstructured, semi-structured…Variety).
    Attend Demo once our faculty and you judge why our institute is the good one.

  44. Sure, please confirm your comfort timings for attending demo this weekend.

  45. can you please arrange the demo session, I am interested in learning Hadoop online Training.
    What is HDFS exactly?

  46. Hi,
    I am looking for Hadoop big data course in ur institute; I want to know what knowledge should be required and how much duration for course, and course fee structure and when is new batch starting


  47. Hi
    Sir, I had completed my B.Tech(C.S.E), 2013. I want to learn HADOOP.. but I got to know that there are no jobs in HADOOP for freshers.. is that fact? I am in full of confusion; please suggest me.

    Can you please send me the syllabus of Hadoop Administrator and tell me when you will provide demo classes.what is fee for Hadoop Online Training

  48. Hi.
    I am searching for Hadoop Course Training Institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.I found you were the best one. Can you send me the course details & duration with fee structures for classroom training programs?

  49. Any Btech students can Do any IT courses, not only Hadoop. Fresher also welcomed. Just enjoy the intelligence on the subject. By learning Hadoop, you will be introduced to altogether a new world of learning like white papers, ecosystem, distributed file system, blah. Blah. blah.
    Happy Learning. I do send mail to you with all details

  50. Hi. Please send me the details of the Hadoop online training course. I am more of a system admin/ networking type, but I’ve been fascinated by this Big Data buzz. I have just basic programming knowledge, and I’ll like to go through the administration track. But I’ll like to have details about both admin and development records.

  51. Hi,
    Can you tell What is a difference between Pig and Hive? Did you provide Online Training in Hyderabad?Please text me details.


  52. Difference between Pig and Hive

    Hive is a query language. As we have SQL; Hive has SQL (Hive query lang) used to retrieve data.. but pig is a kind of ETL scripting where you have bundles of data (documents, etc.) not in proper formats, etc. using pig we can process it to convert them to new desired format

    Pig is essentially a platform for creating MapReduce programs with Hadoop. The platform consists of a high-level language for data analysis applications and an infrastructure for evaluating those programs. Since they are amenable to parallel massive operations, it enables them to handle enormous data sets.

    Hive is a data warehouse system built for Hadoop that allows secure data aggregation, ad-hoc queries, and analysis of large datasets stored in Hadoop-compatible file systems. HiveQL is an SQL “like” language that can be used to interact with the data and it also allows developers to put in their custom mappers/reducers.

    You got clarity. Right.

  53. Hi,
    Should we know Java to learn Hadoop?

  54. Hi,
    Anyone can learn Hadoop, with or without Java.
    Two View here
    1 Java is mandatory
    2.Java is optional.

    1.Java is mandatory, in case you are going to tweak or debug the Hadoop, Hive n other platforms’ code then you need to have good knowledge in Java, almost tools provide streaming API for cross platforms developers.

    e.g. Hive, if you are good in Python or shell scripting then you can achieve your goals using Hive Streaming.. more details read “programming in Hive” streaming

    2.Java is optional; it’s good to have in case you have to troubleshoot the problem or to write any customization since entire platform is on JAVA.

    However to board the train you need to understand the basics of Hadoop and then choose the abstraction layer to solve your business problem like the hive, pig, mahout, Julia, etc. Microsoft offers Powershell and.Net SDK to submit your jobs remotely.

    Take a Demo class and get clarify all your quires. I am Praveen Here, to help you.

  55. Regarding your query, Which is the best HADOOP training institute in Hyderabad?

    All institutes will tell they are the Best. I am suggesting you to explore the knowledge in the web like Google etc.After you get the knowledge, visit the institutes and Talk to Faculty. Check a quality and qualification of the faculty. Their practical experience is critical. Ask them either to support Jobs, interviews, etc. because you are new to this technology. So faculty guide until getting a job is most important criteria while choosing a good Institute. Give more important to the faculty over the Institute set up. So visit the institutes physically and you decide. Why can’t attend a demo here before inquiring other institutes? All the Best.

    Be Hadoop and Big data Same?

    To give you a one liner answer- They are not same. Big data problems are solved partly using tools/frameworks provided by Hadoop ecosystem

    My way, of looking them, is Big data being a problem domain and Hadoop is a Technology domain tool.

    You have problems that might have to deal with small and medium data size. These problems can be solved with reasonable approach and patterns.

    Now the challenge comes where the problem domain has problems where the data is so massive that the classical approach won’t work in a way that Business needs it.

    This is where we need to improvise our approach and get a fresh perspective of what the scientific domain can provide. New approaches to data storage, processing and information visualisation are needed. Hadoop can solve 2 out of the three things. And for visualisation, legacy tools can still be applied. Thus for me, Hadoop is a Product whereas BigData is a Domain of Problems.

  56. Hi,
    What is Avro? Can you Explain It?

    Thank you
    MD Ali Khan

  57. Avro:
    As we know XML, JSON, etc. are human readable formats, but at the same time take more resources for storage and network transfer. While Avro format is like binary and it takes fewer resources. So whenever Avro data was required for reading it can be deserialized and can be read by the human using fewer resources than other formats like XML, JSON, etc.

  58. What is different types of animals and their meaning in Hadoop?

  59. Hadoop comparison for specific animal elements and Sub projects

    1. “HDFS: Hadoop distributed file system” (Elephant) Elephant Memory was compared with an enormous data storage HDFS.

    2. “MapReduce (Mammoth)” : Mammoth mean huge, huge, huge, huge. The task of a mammoth is compared to a programming model to perform the tasks with a huge volume of data.

    3. “Hive (Honey Bee)“: The honey storage area in the wax combs inside the hive is compared with the data warehouse to store the data in table format.

    4. “Hbase (Horse)” Horse Racing Speed shows real-time read / write access to HBase.

    5. “Pig” Pigs are omnivores, which means they can eat plants and animals. This PIG consumes any data they are structured or unstructured data of the machine or any others and helps to treat yourself.

    6. “Hue (Elephant foot)” Elephant footprint was compared with prints “TREAD ON” Hadoop and explore.

    7. “Beeswax“: data storage beeswax occurs in a structured way like honey stored in beeswax.

    8. “Hiho (ass)” The donkeys carry loads. Charge transport was compared with trans fences RDBMS data to Hadoop and vice versa.

    9. “Mahout (Elephant ride)“: A mahout is a person riding an elephant. Elephant manipulation techniques were compared with high data mining of large data.

    10. “Zookeeper“: A zookeeper is a person who coordinates all the animals in the zoo. Coordination of animals was compared with a coordination service for distributed application.

    11. “Whirr (Bird)” A Bird snoring wings before flying. Whirr of wings of a bird is compared with a set of libraries for running cloud services.

    12. “Chukwa (Tortoise)“: turtle has a strong shell for protection. The sturdy casing and life are compared with the analysis a massive collection of logs.

  60. What is advantage and disadvantage of Hive? Please explain briefly

  61. Hi, I am working as a Unix Administrator, I am Interested in Learn Hadoop Administration. I have taken the online Hadoop administration course from one of the Institute. But I don’t get the clarity of the concepts. Please suggest the place to learn Hadoop Administration. I am basically from Chennai. But currently in UAE. Planning to change my domain into Hadoop. Please suggest.

  62. Hi, this is Chaitanya, I am working on SAP BO now, I want to move to Hadoop. I need some help from you can you please mail me the requirements for Hadoop, do v need any programming languages to learn Hadoop and is there any demo class for Hadoop, please let me know.

    Thank you

  63. The advantage is no need to write Hundreds / Thousands of lines of MapReduce (Java) code.
    Quickly write SQL-like queries to manipulate data. No need to worry about Java code

    The disadvantage is it runs on top of MapReduce, so it takes more time than MapReduce. i.e. all Hive programs will be converted internally into MapReduce program and run

  64. Hi,

    I’m looking for Hadoop Big data course. Could you please provide me your institute details and contact details for the demo class.

    What are the prerequisites to learn HADOOP? I am 2.8yrs experienced. But not on DATA WAREHOUSING technology. I work in C with Unix. But I m looking for a change in technology

  65. Hadoop support was writing code in languages other than Java like C, C++, python, ruby, etc. .. so it will be an add-on advantage.

    Apache Hadoop is a big project; that consist of many frameworks.

    Hadoop distributed file system(HDFS): Have a look at the photo album of the group, you will learn the basics of HDFS in few mins.The installation and HDFS command require basic knowledge of Unix.

    Map-Reduce: the heart of Hadoop, it’s a framework written in Java, and the best part is that you can use many languages (Java,C, phyton, shell scripts…) to write you map-reduce code.

    To start fast, just download the VM provided by Cloudera, that comes preconfigured with Hadoop….enjoy

  66. Hai. I had worked in HCL for 1.5 years. Then I got a job in the public sector bank. Now I’m not satisfied with my career in the bank. I’m a 2011 graduate with good aggregate in academics. Is it possible to re-enter an IT industry after two years of the gap? Will Hadoop certification increases my job opportunities.One of my friends Refers your institute to learn Big Data Hadoop.
    Plz, answer me. Thank YoU

  67. Sir, I am a fresher. I would like to join in best coaching institute for Hadoop.
    Please let me know about the new batches, timings, course duration and address of the institute.

  68. HI,
    I have doubt, could please let me know what’s the exact difference between HIVE and PIG.Also when will be using HIVE and PIG.

  69. In simple words: Hive in which SQL kind of syntax will be used and via software will be converted to Java (MR).
    In PIG Script type (high-level language) will be converted to Java(MR) by software.

  70. please answer below to questions

    1. how to run the particular data into particular Reducer ex: Hyderabad data run into one reducer, Mumbai data run into another reducer, etc.

    2. is it better to load large file at a time into HDFS or to divide that file into small files after to load into HDFS which one give better performance

  71. This is Kiran, I have two years experience in PHP and also know about Java now I want to learn Hadoop, but I have doubt that one is better to learn Hadoop developing or administrator that one is suitable for me, please send me the course details and content and duration and fee, etc

    Thanks in advance

  72. 1.Partitioning (b/w Map – Reducer) will do that automatically. Meanwhile, you can write your partitioner or extend existing logic to distribute data among reducers.

    2. Yes, please learn HDFS to understand its working. It is about Big Data. What you are worrying about is the specific work of HDFS.

    You can load the large data file into HDFS at once. Name node will break it into appropriate blocks and distribute them among data nodes to maintain performance.

  73. Which is your preferred NoSQL Database? Why ? MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase

  74. MongoDB has decent API as compared to other others.
    That depends upon use case if you have enormous data and if you need to process using MapReduce, then HBase will be the right choice. If your data size is not that much big then MongoDB as it is using Memcache. Each has its advantage. MongoDB supports MapReduce, but it has lot of limitation

  75. I want to learn Hadoop. Mine is electronics background and completed my B.tech in 2009 pursuing masters course now.I am new to software field.Is it easy to learn and to grasp a job? Please help me.

  76. Dear, PatriciaEL
    I got a lot of inquiries related to career counselling.The other day one student emailed me like this: I am confused. I completed my graduation from Information Technology ( Osmania University Affiliated) So we had 50% of computer subjects and 50% electronics.Can I eligible to do Hadoop. I am interested in join in your institute.

    My Answer is why can’t attend a demo and clarified your quires. Demo meant for counselling. Visit 2 Demo sections with different faculties and take their opinion. Then make the decision. Please attend my next demo section. I do help.

  77. Hi,
    Hadoop has its serialization, why it does not use Java serialization?

  78. By using Hadoop Serialization, we can convert the data from HDFS to HIVE and HIVE to HBASE or HIVE to HDFS quickly but in Java serialization it is very high complex and great code required that is the way we use Hadoop Serialization.

    Java objects are at times fat and flattening them cud be expensive!!!Hadoop has a tie and dies affinity with HDFS, and its internal mechanisms are bound to be optimized.

  79. Hi,
    As I am the newbie to HADOOP, I am interested in learning from beginning. I had completed Hadoop Fundamentals course.Now I am searching the databases, i.e., HBASE. But initially I need to learn JAVA. So I am looking for classes in HBASE and JAVA.I also visited some Institutes in Ameerpet. Please let me know if any institute in Ameerpet takes care of my future in Hadoop. Please send me mail immediate.I hurry to complete a course as soon as possible.

  80. Attend my Demo that is scheduled on 20th Jan.get clear your confusion.
    Where you did a foundation course. Don’t they offer Advance Course?
    We have the complete course on Hadoop includes JAVA.

    all the Best.

  81. Please Help me.
    I want to perform comparision between two tables.
    like I have two table “product1” and “product2”. both have columns “product_name” and “product_price” so now I want to compare product_price of both tables on the behalf product_price comparision display the product_name.
    first product1 table
    hbase(main):001:0> create ‘product1′,’cf1’
    0 row(s) in 1.5980 seconds
    hbase(main):008:0> put ‘product1′,’row1′,’cf1:product_name’, ‘shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0240 seconds
    hbase(main):009:0> put ‘product1′,’row1′,’cf1:product_price’,’2000′
    0 row(s) in 0.0090 seconds
    hbase(main):010:0> put ‘product1′,’row2′,’cf1:product_name’, ‘shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0040 seconds
    hbase(main):011:0> put ‘product1′,’row2′,’cf1:product_price’,’4000′
    0 row(s) in 0.0040 seconds
    hbase(main):013:0> put ‘product2′,’row1′,’cf2:product_name’,’shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0190 seconds
    hbase(main):014:0> put ‘product2′,’row1′,’cf2:product_price’,’2500′
    0 row(s) in 0.0090 seconds
    hbase(main):015:0> put ‘product2′,’row2′,’cf2:product_name’,’shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0110 seconds
    hbase(main):016:0> put ‘product2′,’row2′,’cf2:product_price’,’3500′
    0 row(s) in 0.0130 seconds
    hbase(main):012:0> scan ‘product1’
    row1 column=cf1:product_name, timestamp=1418879753601, value=shoe
    row1 column=cf1:product_price, timestamp=1418879810299, value=2000
    row2 column=cf1:product_name, timestamp=1418879834315, value=shoe
    row2 column=cf1:product_price, timestamp=1418879843868, value=4000
    2 row(s) in 0.0310 seconds
    Second product2 table:
    hbase(main):001:0> create ‘product2′,’cf2’
    0 row(s) in 1.5980 seconds
    hbase(main):013:0> put ‘product2′,’row1′,’cf2:product_name’,’shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0190 seconds
    hbase(main):014:0> put ‘product2′,’row1′,’cf2:product_price’,’2500′
    0 row(s) in 0.0090 seconds
    hbase(main):015:0> put ‘product2′,’row2′,’cf2:product_name’,’shoe’
    0 row(s) in 0.0110 seconds
    hbase(main):016:0> put ‘product2′,’row2′,’cf2:product_price’,’3500′
    0 row(s) in 0.0130 seconds
    Now I want to comapre these two colomns fields on the behalf of price display the product_name.

  82. Hi,
    Consider case scenario: In M/R system, – HDFS block size is 64 MB
    – Input format is FileInputFormat
    – We have three files of size 64K, 65Mb and 127Mb
    How many input splits will be made by Hadoop framework?

  83. Please Let me know how many types of joins are in Hive? with explanation

  84. Only equality joins, outer joins, and left semi joins are supported in Hive. Hive does not support join conditions that are not equality conditions as it is very difficult to express such conditions as a map/reduce job. Also, more than two tables can be joined in Hive.

  85. Answer: Hadoop will make 5 splits as follows:
    – 1 split for 64K files
    – 2 splits for 65MB files
    – 2 splits for 127MB files
    The default block size is 64 MB in Hadoop. 1 split for 64k file, 65Mb is more than one block, for this file one spilt created for 64mb file and remaining 1mb creates one more block, similarly same for 127 MB , total 5 splits required .

  86. Could you please explain Compaction process in Hbase.
    I just want to understand where exactly the compaction runs.is it in HDFS or in Region Server. The reason is for every memstore flush it will create a store file, if this store files are getting stored in HDFS (before compaction) it might have 3 copies due to replication, so when the Minor compaction runs, will it merge one copy of 3-4 store files and does it remove other 2 copies. (Also explain me about the role of HFILE here). Thanx in Advance

  87. What is the difference between Hadoop and Twitter storm?
    Can we use Twitter storm with Hadoop for Real-time machine learning instead of Mahout?

  88. as we say Hadoop need commodity hardware to run job.
    if I want to set up Hadoop cluster for Production, which machine(Hardware) should I buy?
    can you please let me any Hardware machine name, vendor name and Hardware configuration?
    just take as an example I need to process 100 TB data

  89. Generally commodity hardware means machines with Intel cores. These machines are generally cheaper compared to hardware by other vendors e.g. IBM

  90. Your question: Can we use Twitter storm with Hadoop for *Real-time machine learning instead of Mahout*? Storm is for real time or near real time analytics and Mahout is for Predictions\Classifications\Recommendations algorithms. As such there isn’t any *Real-time machine learning* concept. I hope you got that now? Storm use case is like you have continuous data coming as STREAMS and you are processing that STREAM on the fly with a delay of a fraction of a second(near real time).

  91. We developed sample application which extract some data (Name, PhoneNumber, City) from a text file.
    In the sample file we have
    Name1 phonenumber1 city1
    Name2 phonenumber2 city2
    Name3 phonenumber3 city3
    So we want to extract only name2 using city2 value using aql language. Please give me a solution how to do this in aql language and also provide some applications or some sample aql coding similar to this sample application.

  92. you can use dictionary for city names and add where clause to matchup the things by comparing with dictionary entry!

  93. HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) incorporates many concepts proposed by conventional file systems such as ext2 for Linux or FAT for Windows. We thus find the notion of blocks (the smallest unit that the storage unit can handle), metadata that can restore the blocks from a file name, the rights or the directory tree. However, HDFS stands a conventional file system for the following main reasons.

    • HDFS is not integral with the operating system kernel. It ensures portability and can be deployed on different operating systems. One of the drawbacks of having to apply an external application to mount an HDFS drive.

    • HDFS is a distributed system. On a conventional system, the disk size is generally regarded as the overall limit of use. In a distributed system like HDFS, each node of a cluster corresponds to a subset of the overall volume of the cluster data. To increase the overall volume, simply add new nodes. We also find in HDFS, a central service called NameNode will have the task of managing the metadata.

    • HDFS uses block sizes much greater than those of conventional systems. The default size is 64 MB, it is possible to go up to 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 GB. While on conventional systems, the size is generally 4 KB, the interest of providing larger sizes reduces the access time to a block. Note that if the file size is less than the block size, the file will not occupy the total size of the block.

    • HDFS provides a replication system blocks whose number of replications is configurable. During the writing phase, each block corresponding to the file is replicated on multiple nodes. To read phase, if a block is unavailable on a node, copies of this block will be available on other nodes.

  94. Can anyone tell me about spark? Can u please detail ur info actually i am new in big data ..but it increases so much interest of mine so i only heard about Hadoop till now/..so i anyone no better techno apart from Hadoop to handle big data so please let me know.. Thnx or ur replies in advance

  95. Hadoop reads data from files, but a spark has the data in memory no need to read data from files kind, so it is faster than hadoop.both are MapReduce

  96. Hi. I’m interested in Hadoop training. I completed BTech (CSE) in 2008, MBA in 2010. looking to a start career in the software sector.Pls let me know all the details

  97. Nutch is not working with NTLM proxy despite configuring proxy host, port, user, pass, realm and HTTP client in the Nutch -site.conf. Any solution?

  98. So very true. But I thought it might have been easier since NTLM specs are opened up by MS since 2010. But easier said than done. By the way, MS is foraying into Hadoop and big data; big time as well with the help of Hortonworks. Very curious to see how that works out

  99. Hi
    I am a fresher.(B.tech.)dont have jave knowledge. is it suggestible to learn hadoop? are there any oppurtunities for freshers in hadoop background? Also sir can I have the faculty’s number so that i can clear all my queries..


  100. I want to know, how the analysed log files are visualized using some tools like Tableau etc.

  101. It all depends, If the Hadoop developer knows the reporting tool that the client is using then he can work on the reports. Otherwise, if the client provides enough budget, then we can have separate reporting team also.
    Also, if the reports are too many and don’t have time then also we can employ separate reporting team.

    Everything depends on time, money and client requirements.

  102. Hi,

    I am interested in learning hadoop.

    Could you please send the details to my mail id?

  103. Can you let me know about weekend classes for Hadoop admin? Also let me know if this can be helpful for a SharePoint Admin to move towards managing MS Azure data and what are the various career paths after learning Hadoop?

    Please plan on sending me the course and other related details so I can get in touch with you.

  104. Hi,
    I want to take Hadoop classroom training sources from your institute, How is the future Hadoop.
    I heard that this is the Best Institute, So please can you send the faculty number, I can communicate with him and I will get clarifications for my queries..

  105. Anyone used the Eclipse plugin that comes with Hadoop-1.0.3 or similar?

  106. Environments in the sense Hadoop Ecosystems like Apache Hive, Apache Pig and so on. Can we use them all together or is it not that easy. How does it effect Hadoop server if we use all at a time? I mean does it make it better or worse is my doubt

  107. My processor does not support virtualization feature, so I am not able to use Virtualbox, Can anyone please help me installing Hadoop in ubuntu (step by step process) Without Virtual box approach.

  108. Hi I am new to BigData..Is there any future of BigData…Any growth??? I am Fresher. I got a job based on BigData. I am confusion whether to join or not?? pls help me.

  109. In real-time/MNC which distribution of Hadoop using? Cloudera, AWS or Horton….

  110. HI, I require help for learning hadoop..
    can any one suggest me topics and web links to start.. I have no knowledge of hadoop.. I have to start from scratch…I am from dot net background.. having basic knowledge of java.. do I need to study java ??

  111. It does work only for creating MR projects and a default MapReduce code( mappers and reducers ) I was not able to get it to work beyond that. Please let me know if you are able to do anything other than this.. e.g Debug – Deploy – Explore HDFS etc

  112. It does effect since hive or pig they both use underlying Hadoop MR to do the computation required, in turn they share it from Hadoop

  113. I guess on ubuntu its difficult to install Hadoop, since I heard that Apache/Cloudera Provide an a complete package in a VMware player there we just need to import ubuntu(Hadoop, pig, duration. know hive everything will be there) we just need to untar those and need little configuration

    I Packaged VM is quite easy to handle. did you try to change the virtualization option during the boot and enable or disable accordingly? I know earlier I had the sample problem of installing 64bit VM on my 64 bit machine

  114. Blindly you can join big data is the future, will you please also help other freshers to into big data technology for whoever interested in sharing information.

  115. Didn’t exactly get your question. Cloudera AWS Horton they provide service at diff rates n all it depends on clients for which one they want to go. Mostly I have seen Cloudera and AWS

  116. In Hadoop, you have two main topics HDFS and Map Reduce. HDFS is Hadoop distributed file system for storage of data. and Map Reduce is the programming language (java).
    I can also tell one good point here. In Hadoop you don’t need to move the data for computation you will have the data in Hadoop and whatever the code you write you can run on the data that means the code will go to the data and compute it. You don’t have to move the data.(Network Bandwidth).

  117. Hi,
    If a user has 10 KB of 100 files, then in HDFS how many blocks will be used for storing these files?
    Could you please send the details to my mail id?

  118. 1st file size is 10kb, second file also may use the same block, so total min 1 Block is enough, HDFS meant for storing different files in a same block if relevant space is available in the block . In this scenario, 1 block is required for 100 files and if we have replication is 3 then 3 blocks required. to process this data 100 splits required .

  119. I am converting from the single node to multi-node. I am a little confused. Is it must install Hadoop on every node in the multinode environment. Or everything will be done from a master?

  120. Hey.
    I am a beginner to Hadoop. Can anyone tell me the basic system configuration required to run Hadoop for experimental purpose? 3 GB RAM 500 GB HDD 32 bit windows 7 Core 2 duo processor Do the above system configuration is sufficient to learn Hadoop? Please let me know..
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  121. Hi ,

    I am Mainframe(COBOL) developer, having around 6 yrs of experience. Now I thinking to switch to some other technology Hadoop. Through the reviews, I come to know you are the best training institute for Hadoop. I have a few quiries.

    How is Hadoop Big Data?
    what about the job opportunities?
    Do we need to know Java compulsory?
    Will you provide any placements?
    Did you help to clear Certification Exams?
    Did you really support for Job?
    me and my 5 teammates want join.

    Can you send me all the course & faculty details?

  122. Hi, I have a query
    I have 3 GB RAM in my machine and I adoopHadoophinstalled, is that possible to make the analysis of data which is 5gb. For example, let the analysis is word count.

  123. Yes. Your data will be divided into chunks of 100 MB and will be assigned to Mappers. As 1 GB is allocated to each mapper, in your case 3 mappers (possibly 2 mappers) will be available and will be processing 30 MB (or 200 MB) of data simultaneously. These metrics are based on assumption that you have the default configuration.

  124. Yes, you have to install Hadoop file in all the slave machine but you can do that from the master machine itself by using SSH Remote communication.you have to install Hadoop all slave machines with slave configuration.

  125. Excellent Hadoop online training. with a low fee I got trained and get placed. You are excellent human beings helped beyond teacher – student relationship.Now I am Hadoop Developer in Kenya. I referred my friends. They also happy about this training.

    Hadoop installation part is the highlight of this entire programme.Other faculties teach with the screen shot, you are allowing students installing software on their own systems.This is the great thing I got impressed a lot.
    Thank you, sir

  126. HI,

    I am interested in Hadoop course. Please can you let me know what are the pre-requisites for this. Basically I am from .Net background. I would prefer online training. Also please let me know full course content and the cost. Also interested in knowing the lab facility as well.

  127. When I running the sqoop command import m1 is working fine …..when I write m2/ m3 /m4 it was not working properly please help me

  128. I have gone through some tutorials on MapSideJoin and ReduceSideJoin
    But I couldn’t able to understand the concepts.
    So if anyone knows can you please explain with scenario or example

  129. I’m interested to pursue the career as Data Scientist.
    Could you please guide me in Big Data Hadoop.
    Can you please provide me a demo.
    Can you please reach me on this number.

  130. Each input split will go to one mapper, so if u have file with the size 128 MB and u have configured the block size to be 128mb then there will be one input split and one mapper if u have file with size of 150 MB and u have configured the block size to be 128 MB then there will be 2 input splits ,2 mappers

  131. simply first requirement, if ur datasets are less than 10 GB u, will go for mapperside join and above 10gb reducer sides join 2) First we need to create a Mapper that will simply choose the key for sorting by a given index for remaining refer definitive guide

  132. I am a Student of final year MCA. I would like to do my final year project on BIGDATA, but I couldn’t aware of it. I didn’t chosen a topic on big data. Can anyone please guide me. Please specify some tutorial links also.

  133. Please provide me mobile number of your technical person so that we can discuss with him on various aspects of Hadoop, and see how best can be used in our IT field.If I take a Classroom hadoop training in Hyderabad cost how much? did you provide Hadoop tutorial cloudera Certification?


  134. Big data is the different one than other Technologies. There are many Softwares are involved in this, coming to your academic project, if you are good with core java, UNIX/LINUX choose big data / Hadoop

  135. Pre-requisites for learning Hadoop is

    1. Basic UNIX commands (like how to create/copy/move/etc.. files and directories.)

    2. Core JAVA (like OOP’s,Collection, IO Streems, etc..)

    3. Basic SQL (like.. how to create/insert/update and simple joins)

    NOTE:- Even though you are not having Idea about these, we are going to teach all the basics.

    Hadoop can learn anyone, its very easy to learn.

  136. Hello Sir,
    I’m working in C++ and I’ve been hearing about Hadoop since a year. Was searching for a training center. I would like to learn Hadoop. Could you please let me know where are the training center and training duration? From the website, I couldn’t find contact numbers. Could you please answer my questions and share me contact numbers so that I can get more details?

  137. I am a commerce background student and working for IGATE for some years, and earlier was working in offshore client site where I used work for maintenance & installations, then came back to Bangalore and Now I am working as oracle DBA. And now I want to learn Hadoop administration. So can you plz send me the course content, fees & duration of the course.

  138. HI Team,

    Can you please let me know which all industries hiring BIG data analytics and what are the prerequisites to learn the course like do I have to be a MCA or B.Tech etc.. any experience in programming language required?


  139. I am fairly new to big data as well. I tried doing a big data course at coursera (free btw) and it wasn’t really what I was looking for more in the line of machine learning with Hadoop. If that interests you check them out. I have been a DBA for a number of years so I’m coming from that angle. I have played with Java but just mostly short courses. I want to be joined in your Institute to expose real-time scenarios. When the is next batch going to start?

  140. I am trying to develop Hive UDF java program in eclipse. while creating I added all the hive lib jars in java build path. the problem is I am unable to import “import org.apache.hadoop.io.Text” this package

  141. I will be completing MBA by April 2015. Is there any chance for me to get into an analytics as a fresher? I know a bit of R language. that’s it… please suggest me on this. I wanna work in Big data analytics

  142. as far as mine enquiry saying that there are huge openings in Hadoop technology, my doubt is if I tried as a fresher do I get a job now..because I need job now it is my need?

  143. For the start with Big data, What is the prerequisite knowledge do I need to be concerned about?

  144. If you planning to learn java, try Scala instead…new more powerful language…

  145. Hi,
    1. In name node the discussion said it writes new fsimage when name node is restarted. Is it the only time it writes new fsimage? if we are not restarting how Hadoop keep track of the changes?

    2. What happens if name node fails? cluster fail?

  146. Please send course content to my email and let me know how to register for online training.
    Is online training recorded sessions or live sessions?
    If Online training is live session; What if I miss any class.
    Do you record sessions If I want revisit later?

  147. Hi,

    I’m very much interested to learn complete Hadoop Big data with Java and Scala. Please guide me and send more information about training and duration.I hear your institute is best in Hadoop. And Let me know Hadoop training in Hyderabad fees if I take classroom Training in Ameerpet


  148. If the data node failed in between the reads? How does client know it has the full block? does client know the size of the block or is that information is passed by NN with FSDataInputStream?

  149. I Did Hadoop Training here.I think Best Hadoop Training in Ameerpet. Faculty Praveen sir is very helpful even for job search. His interview tips are very useful.Thank you, Praveen sir.Thank you, RCP Technologies Management.

  150. Hello,
    I have good experience in java also have theoretical knowledge of big data and Hadoop but now, I want to do it practically.
    I have windows 7 systems and on that sample applications are not working.
    please help me how to start to learn these things practically.

  151. If i have UBUNTU OS in my laptop, do i still need a Virtual machine to run Hadoop ?

  152. Yesterday, I took a test and passed CCA-410 with 85%. This course is good starting point, but you need to study more for test including ecosystems ( not in details but you need to know what each ecosystem like PIG, HIVE, HBASE, SQUOOP etc do )

  153. After adding 3 slaves, I only see 2 nodes which are master-slave and slave01.
    Is there anything else needs to be modified.
    I have followed you then cloned the slave machine into other 3 machines.
    updated the hosts and hostname and able to ping through all nodes.
    but in a name node web page I see only 2 nodes.

  154. Hi,

    I saw the demo for Big Data Hadoop. I am from PUNE and would like to know the Hadoop administration course content, duration and training fee details.

    could you please send me the details to my email id for further discussion.

    Thank you,

  155. Hi,

    After reading all your comments above, I get to know that java knowledge is the prerequisite. Can you tell me how much amount of Java is required to go for Hadoop. I mean core java is enough or do we need to have a knowledge of frameworks also.

  156. Hi, I am new to Hadoop. I am presently working in ETL testing domain. I would like to change my domain and want to learn Hadoop.
    1). I would like to know, Do we have any such role called Tester for Hadoop. If yes, please tell me more about it.
    2).I would like to know the technical requirements to learn Hadoop.
    3).Can you please provide me a Demo online?

    Please, mail me all the details asked.

    Thanks in advance.

  157. Hi,

    I am working as Sr. Software Engineer at Chennai. I would like to learn Apache Spark/Hadoop. Kindly provide me the training details. Please, note that I am planning to attend the classroom sessions.

    Please, provide me the necessary details.


  158. I want to join in ur institute.I have only some basic idea about Hadoop but not completely. can u, please give me complete details abt ur institute like timings, when the batches will start and a total fee for paying.ofter doing this, are there jobs compulsory? how this curse being at present

  159. I Was going through apache docs.
    I understand this as “Pseudo Distributed Mode” running all Hadoop daemons on the same machine.
    -Also regarding the format, NameNode has been formatted .is it not necessary to format with HDFS type on data node(ie. mount points of HDFS on DataNode)
    Note: Not able to understand how single node (all daemons in one process itself) actually works from any of the docs on web? Anything on this would be great!

  160. Iam a web developer with 1+ years of experience in developing client side and server side applications using HTML, PHP.
    I would like to know about HADOOP COURSE details and its benefits which helps in my career?
    Iam looking for Fast Track course/weekend course, with one Project in Hadoop and Certification in Hadoop??
    Can you send me the details in mail?

  161. Hi,

    I am Manoj Kumar and willing to learn Hadoop. I was reading the entire comment section and noticed that to learn Hadoop we must know Java. But I am a simple graduate and do not have any language knowledge. I have been working in BPO sector since last 10 years. Have good technical knowledge in terms of Windows administrator or Linux a bit.

    If I start my career in Hadoop is there any chance of getting a job into it? And moreover how to get familiar with Java is this included with the Hadoop course?

    Please suggest.

    Manoj Kumar

  162. When you say structured data you refer to how that data is organized on a file or a database?
    Log files are lines of information that are organized on a logical sequence, and why they are not categorized as structured?

  163. ‘Praveen was an excellent tutor offering guidance whenever required and showed a very good level of knowledge. One of the best courses I’ve been on.’

  164. hello sir/madam
    I don’t no about the Hadoop course. I heared it was best in a market. can u please suggest me and please send me the details about course fee, duration, next batch starting time.

  165. I am doing MBA in marketing and business analyst…I want to do this training programme..is this helpful for me if I will do…and is there any weekend programme you have????

  166. HI

    I want to change my technology into Hadoop, Big DATA.. currently I am having 4yr experience in Testing.
    I want to know the course content and faculty information and also about job references.
    Please mail me the details.


  167. Can someone clarify which process does Input Split? Is it Client who is submitting the request or Name Node or Job Tracker. I think it is the client but not too sure.

    And does InputSplit is done as per HDFS block size e.g. suppose file size is 640 MB and HDFS block size is 64MB so would there be 10 input splits ( what process does split) and these 10 input splits eventually will be processed by 10 nappers.
    Can you please clarify?

  168. A very professional and relaxed approach – very informative and engaging.

  169. I am a job-seeker from Indore city keenly searching for good training institute for Hadoop.

    Can you please tell me what will be the better choice online or classroom training, as in my city there is very less scope in IT & none in Hadoop.

    Are you also providing placements after completion of training?

    When will be the next batch started?

    Please reply ASAP

    Thank You

  170. Hi,

    I’m a java developer and has 10 yrs of experience.

    Willing to learn Hadoop Big Data course.

    Can you please let me know what do you cover in this course.
    Do I get any practical hands on experience after this course and be able to write code myself?
    Is there any Project you will teach us during the course?
    Will I be able to face interview after this?

  171. Hi,

    Can u pls tell me some HDFS Questions?

  172. I would like to join a big data Hadoop fast track course. I try to reach on the helpline number provided above. But I couldn’t reach that number. I would like to know the details of this course like course content, course duration in days, class duration for each day, a total fee, any support for setup the environment, etc. You can provide me the details through mail.

  173. would like to join a big data Hadoop fast track course. I try to reach on the helpline number provided above. But I couldn’t reach that number. I would like to know the details of this course like course content, course duration in days, class duration for each day, a total fee, any support for setup the environment, etc. You can provide me the details through mail.

  174. For Reducer, I read somewhere that
    Reducer count = DataNode count. Is it right?

  175. I want to change my technology into Hadoop, Big DATA.. currently I am having 4yr experience in Testing.
    I want to know the course content and faculty information and also about job references. Please mail me the details.

  176. In real-time/MNC which distribution of Hadoop using? Cloudera, AWS or Horton…

  177. What is the default size of the block?
    – 64

    what is default replication factor?
    – 3

    Shell we Increase the HDFS block size?
    – Yes, Multiples of 64 MB

    Where will store name node metadata?
    – Master(editlogs,fsimage)

    What are the daemon processes will be there in HDFS?
    – NameNode, DataNode and SecondaryNameNode

    Different modes of Hadoop?
    – Local, suedo distribution and distribution

    HDFS command to format name node?
    – Hadoop namenode -format

    What is name node and job tracker UI port?
    – Namenode UI – 50070 , Jobtracker – 50030

    Whare the main HDFS configuration files?
    – core-site.xml,hdfs-site.xml,mapred-site.xml

    Where will we configure block size, replication?
    – hdfs-site.xml

    If we get any errors while loading HDFS data where we need to check?
    – In logfiles

    What are Hadoop Basic components?
    – HDFS and MapReduce

    Main Features of Hadoop?
    – Horizontal Scalability, Distributed Storage, Fault Tolerance

    How much has storage needed for 1TB data with replication 3 ?
    – 3TB

    How many blocks will create for 10 GB file with block size 64 MB?
    – 160

    what is the command for file checking
    – Hadoop fsck

  178. Hi,
    This is Mahesh, I want to move to a technology side, my friends told me Hadoop is the best course….and also this is the best institute for Hadoop.I have some doubts about Hadoop course please clarify…
    1)Is Hadoop course easy or difficult?
    2)I want to learn Hadoop Development..but somebody told me Hadoop admin is also compulsory for this Hadoop development..My question is…In this course, both are need(Sorry For The Language)…

    please give me reply as early as possible…I am eagerly waiting for your valuable response

  179. NameNode stores Metadata so does it stores e.g. Suppose FileA is broken to 20 blocks and these all blocks are replicated by default on 3 data nodes so does NameNode has all the information about FileA and their blocks and also their replicated blocks ( total 60 blocks in this case) .

    I know that data nodes also send block reports to name node and I have read somewhere that name node when it comes up builds its metadata from block report it receives from data nodes.Can someone clarify?

  180. What decides the number of Mappers and Reducers in a Job? (Using New Api)

  181. The lecture states the map() and reduce() methods to be having 2 parameters. However, in the lesson display, and also in the Hadoop API documentation at hadoop.apache.org/docs/r2.2.0/api/org/apache/hadoop/mapreduce/Mapper.html
    there seems to be 3 parameters:
    1) The Key
    2) The Values
    3) The Context
    Am I missing something? Be key and value considered as 1 parameter?

  182. How is Career in Hadoop? I want to change my technology. many friends told me about Hadoop is the best course. I have around 8+ year exp in Automation testing. please advise.

  183. Didn’t exactly get ur question. Cloudera, AWS, Horton they provide service at diff rates and all it depends on clients for which one they want to go. Mostly I have seen Cloudera and AWS

  184. Mappers are according to the data size and reducers are optional but default only one reducer

    But each time 4 mapper can run.after completion of 4 other mappers are run according to data

    Mappers are divided number of input splits depending on that, and block size also, Reducers we can configure that, Zero reducers can execute a Mapper.

    No of mappers depends on ur no of blocks and developer can decide how many reducers u want
    No. of mappers depends on no.of lines in a data ……and …..no.of reducers depends on no.of keys

  185. For as many numbers of blocks for your data sets, there will be same number of mappers.
    For your reducers, default will be 1, but you can change it in your program..

  186. hi,
    do we need to configure HDFS-site.xml, because when I configure multinode I was unable to see the live nodes to 3? can you please respond….

  187. Currently I am working as QA engineer and looking for a career boost, please let me know the possibility of changing career from QA to Hadoop development. I believe java is required for this and can you please provide the demo on Hadoop?

  188. Can you please provide the steps to download VmWare for MAC Operating System?


  189. Hi,
    I am looking for a good institute to join in for Hadoop by some research I had come to know this is best.
    But I have some queries relating the course and want to whether any real time project is offered in this institute.

  190. Hi,

    I am currently working as SAN/Storage Admin, having experience on EMC, IBM and Hitachi storage systems. I am interested to learn the Big Data or Hadoop….which part of Hadoop is suitable for my current experience or profile?

  191. Hey – Just wanted to know that upon completing your course, will I be able to pass certification for Hadoop and Cloud Era?

  192. I am planning to install and configure a cluster in the lab. I have a VMWare ESX Server and can create multiple VMs running Linux. Is this a supported configuration for ‘Distributed Mode’? It’s multiple logical machines but on 1 physical server.

  193. I have 5 years of IT experience in Informatica production support.learning HADOOP and making career will be a right decision for me? please help with your suggestions.

  194. What is the first block ID? What does it represent?

  195. Hi,

    I am working as Sr. Business Analyst and I have expertise in SQL server (SSIS/SSAS), R, SAS & Minitab. What is pre-request technology/skill for Hadoop? Please send me the course content for the classroom course.

  196. Hi,
    I am working on an ETL tool. I want to shift my career in Hadoop. Can somebody please direct me where I should start with. It would be a great help.
    Someone suggest me that you are the best institute in Hyderabad to learn Hadoop online.

  197. i am from mp currently i am in bangalore..and i am not interested in coding concept so hadoop is good for me or not

  198. Big data is lot more than hype…. Every engineer knows what’s big data/ Hadoop is. But to be there you need the right skills. Any high-level programming language Java, Scala or python,r. Good understand of data and should fit into MDM roles. Should have knowledge of ML tools. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea

  199. Hi,

    Yours are doing very well.I am really very thank you so much.I enquired in Ameerpet with my friends, they told this is best Hadoop training institutes in Ameerpet and I want to learn HADOOP.Since I do stay in Dubai, not possible to attend offline But through online. I need all the details so please contact or reply mail to my mail id.

  200. hi,
    I have around 5+ exp in java. Right now, I am getting 5Lakhs PA.I want to move to Hadoop, Can you pls suggest me, how are the career in Hadoop and opportunities.Send some materials like the free demo, course content.How much I can expect if I get the job in Hadoop. Am I fit in Only Hadoop developer or any other role in Hadoop? Please clarify.Many suggest yours institute is best Hadoop training Ameerpet area. Any difference compared to other institutes.


  201. Hi Team,

    Myself Vamshi Krishna having 6.5 yrs of Exp in Oracle DBA @ Hyd, Am very much interested in Hadoop/Big data. I want to change my technology. Can you please brief about the course.What is pre-request technology/skill for Hadoop / Big data? Please send me the course content for the classroom course. Kindly provide me details related to it

  202. I am looking for practical knowledge in Hadoop. But time is a constraint for me. can you arrange some reliable service? I Hear you are best institute for Hadoop in Ameerpet Hyderabad.I am mainly focusing on real time scenarios.
    One of my suggests about along with Spark also. In your institute, Spark also teach or not.Planning to join this May.
    Thanks in Advance.

  203. Hi
    I have 4 years of experience on SAP HCM.
    Now I want to switch to Hadoop as I can see this is high paying then SAP in future.

    Will it be good for my future, please suggest.

    Reach me on my email.


  204. Hi Sir,

    My Name is Sujit Singh, Currently I am working in Pune for Velocity Tech Sol India Pvt LTD into People soft HRMS domain for North America Payroll.I have 8.5 years of experience. I just want to switch to Big Data Hadoop as I heard that this is going to be a big opportunity in future.Can you please send me any faculty’s no. so that I can talk before I enroll for this course.

    Sujit Singh

  205. I have just wasted my money here

  206. Thank you so much for faculty.Ameerpet is full of fake real time faculties. But here I found a genuine real time faculty.everything is honest.course is compleated in 2 months as they promised.I learned real-time scenarios to face interview. they train me to claim 2 years of experience and helped me to clear Cloudera CCD 410 certification exams also.This is Best Hadoop training in Ameerpet.

  207. hello…greetings, myself Bhushan..from New Delhi, my background is mkt and customer relations.I’m looking for classroom training as I’m new to Hadoop and Big Data technology and don’t have program skills.
    I want to switch over, the only reason being Hadoop as the next big thing..so what r my job prospects..which is best suited to my profile Developer or Admin or data analyst…
    Plz, suggest, eagerly awaiting ur reply
    thank u

  208. Hi, I am looking for a real time trainer on Hadoop.

  209. How is the career in Big Data Hadoop being a fresh graduate is there any additional programming languages required to learn it?

  210. I am looking for Hadoop online training institutes in Hyderabad. please let me know if u can offer. I am planning to take both Hadoop administration and Developer Online Training. I want 6 AM IST batch. Planning to join in May.Inform me if any batch running in May Month.

  211. can u plz mail me the detail of your courses. many my java friends enquired Hadoop training institutes in Hyderabad Ameerpet Area. based on a demo they suggest yours institute is best among all institutes in Ameerpet.Do u have any branch in Mumbai? if not I am happy to attend online class. send me all demo details .

  212. Hi,
    I am looking Hadoop training institutes in Ameerpet. I would like to know the timing and the fee. Can u guide me until I got a job? what about Hadoop developer Certification. What it cost me both training and certification.

  213. Hi ,
    I have one query related HDFS data ingestion.
    Suppose I have 2 TB data on a system (a system which is outside Hadoop cluster but over the LAN it could be accessed if required )which needs to be ingested into the Hadoop cluster.
    My NameNode storage size is 1 TB and there are 20 data nodes with 1 TB, which means overall cluster has the storage space to hold the data.
    But how to ingest the data into the cluster ?

  214. Hi, can u tell me about the best Hadoop training in Hyderabad and is this training with certification and suggest me the timing for classes as I am from Mahahbhubnagar and about the fee structure hope u send me the details.

  215. Hi,
    We would like to opt for online training but before that we would like to have a demo from the actual faculty and what kind of job support would be provided. We also want to have our other clarifications cleared. Can you please arrange for an online demo please and let us know the timings as per GMT+3 please.

  216. Query on data ingestion when data volume is greater than the NameNode storage size.

    The command we mainly use to ingest data into HDFS is copyfromlocal.
    As copyfromlocal takes the source from the local folder, the data needs to load locally.In that case, copyfromlocal in the name node would not work here as the name node can not have the data locally as its storage is 1TB only whereas the data itself is 2TB.
    Please let me know if you have any idea on how to go ahead in this case.

  217. You need not have to configure the HDFS-site.XML, you just need to configure the core-site.xml, mapred-site.xml, master and slave file.
    Try clearing the temp folder which you created within the Hadoop home directory.
    Hope this should help.

  218. Certification:

    In order to clear any certification, you need to have a good hold on the subject, this course aims at providing you a platform for preparing for that. It explains and demonstrates all the concepts related to Big Data and Hadoop in a very simplified manner.
    Before you go ahead and plan to take the certification, I would advise you to practice a lot and get you feet’s wet, also I would recommend you to purchase dumps related to the certification you are planning and practice a lot.
    Hope this answers your question, still if you need any further help, please do comment below, would be glad to help you out.
    All the Best!

  219. Totally possible. I spun 4 VMs on VirtualBox running on my server and configured distributed Hadoop installation. Working fine so far. Make sure the server enough horsepower (at least one core and 2Gigs ram for each VM).

  220. we don’t recommend you to setup the Hadoop environment on a Mac, as Mac isn’t supported by Hadoop.
    We would recommend you to setup the Hadoop on a windows machine.
    As far as the downloading and installing VMWare Workstation on Mac is concerned, it isn’t supported. VMWare Workstation can be installed on a Windows or Linux based machine. You can try using the VMWare Fusion, as it supports installation of guest operating systems on Mac, for the detailed steps kindly get in touch with the Mac support, as installing guest operating systems is outside the scope of this course.

  221. Thanks for posting this question, you can consider these 2 parameters i.e. key and value as an array, internally again the value parameter is also an array, therefore we can say that key and value is an array of array.

    Although key and value are 2 separate parameters, but Hadoop would consider them as a single parameter as a key cannot be present without the values and vice versa, therefore they are treated as a single parameter.

    I have tried my best to answer your question in simple terms, still if you have any question, please feel free to post it.

  222. NameNode stores the metadata in the file called FSImage in the disk. When NameNode is started, it reads the metadata from FSImage.

    It builds the metadata from block report sent by the data nodes. See suppose if 20 blocks are there in different data node it keeps a hash map associated blocks to data node.

  223. InputSplit is decided by the HDFS Client.
    No of Input Splits = No of blocks = No of Maps
    (Please cross check with Devops)
    It’s simple when HDFS client contacts(initial connection) NN and gets the blocksize from the name node and splits the file accordingly.
    If the file size is 640MB, you will have 10 blocks.

  224. The First Block ID represents where the first 64MB of the entire data file is located (It tells the client,In which rack and and which data node is the first block of the requested data is present)

  225. Structured Data can be present within a file as well as on a database.
    Let me take an example, an explain it to you, for instance if we consider a database or a excel worksheet, which has a table with 3 columns, lets say the 1st column holds SSN which is a numeric value, 2nd column holds the Name which is a string and the 3rd column holds Date of Birth which is in date format, all the rows in the table hold data in the same fashion. i.e. the 1st one will hold the SSN, 2nd will hold the Name and the 3rd one will hold the DOB, so there is some sort of structure that needs to be followed across all the rows of the table, hence we term it as Structured Data.

    Now coming to the log files, let us say we have 2 log files, if we look at the 1st log file, we can see a warning message in the 1st line, then a error message on the 2nd and 3rd line and a info message on the 4th line. Now looking into the 2nd log file, we see that the info message is on the 2nd and the 5th line and error message on the 1st line, followed by warning messages on the 3rd and 4th line, as there isn’t any strict format associated with the log files, such as the error messages should appear on the 1st line or the 2nd line itself or else the info messages should appear before the error messages or something like that. Therefore, since there isn’t any strict format or structure to be followed by these files, hence we classify them as Semi-Structured Data.

    I have tried my best to answer your question, please do let me know, in case if you still have any doubt, would be glad to clarify.

  226. For adding the 3rd node, you need to make the entry in /etc/hosts of new machine and create directories for Hadoop to store data etc.
    So if its not joining try it sees in logs why it’s not able to join.
    Always make a practice of check-in logs, so that you can troubleshoot easily.

  227. Hello,

    I want to take the Hadoop online training course, do you provide online classes also over weekends and what is the fee structure for that.
    Will you cover any live project also, will you provide any certification also on Hadoop?


  228. Hello,

    Myself, Anji Reddy completed B.tech(ECE) in Hyd in 2012, can you suggest me what are the job opportunities in this field for me, present I am doing a job in solar industry. I will be free after 6PM.A lot of Hadoop training in Hyderabad reviews.all are very positive.So, I want attend a demo once here. Please send me details .

  229. Can you forward details of the training and contact number to attend demo.

  230. Hello Sir,

    I have 3+ years of experience in TSQL(MS SQL Server) and I would like to switch my job profile to Hadoop.
    I am interested in joining Hadoop courses that you are offering.
    Could you please let me know the name, address and contact# of your institute along with fee structure and course timing.
    And do you guys have placement facilities for experience candidate?

    Thank you.

  231. What is the difference between Hadoop ver 1.x and Hadoop 2.x?

  232. Hadoop 2 has come with YARN which was not there in the earlier version. Let’s discuss if there is any other differentiation.

  233. is it not necessary to format with HDFS type on data node(ie. mount points of HDFS on DataNode)
    HDFS uses the underlying EXT3, EXT4, XFS etc file system that is standard to UNIX environment. There is no file system format as HDFS as such which Unix/Linux understands. HDFS is like a wrapper on top on these standard filesystem. You only need to format the mount point which Linux is accessible.

    Note: Not able to understand how single node (all daemons in one process itself)
    It’s not all daemons in one process, these are separate processes or separate daemons. They can be started or can exist in the same machine as it binds to different PORTS on the local IP.

    Hope you got it.

  234. Yes, you can use the ubuntu installed on you laptop for Hadoop setup but it you can only setup a single node setup. Also for a beginner it’s tedious to do so and you will spend the lot of time in setup as there are the lot of configurations to set up.

    I strongly recommend to try on provided VM image and once your are familiar you can try it on you laptop or any bare metal machine.

  235. It’s the checksum mechanism. When a block is copied with its checksum is also sent, on other end DataNode computes with received checksum on that particular block. If the checksum is incorrect it says to resend the block. I think you got the point here.

    does client know the size of the block or is that information is passed by NN with FSDataInputStream?

    The size of the block is given by NN to DFS client, but the file is split by DFS client(i.e number of blocks is decided by DFS client ).

  236. 1. yes when an NN starts or restarts happen its the only time “fsimage” is written. As I mentioned in the lectures the changes are tracked through edit logs.
    But there was a new feature opened to periodically merge and dump edits& fsimage to disk. Need to check if that is fixed.

    2. It’s the duty of Cluster admin to take the backup of the edits or recent fsimage. If the machine or a hardware problem and machine do not come up you can always restore the NN using recent fsimage.
    This is the purpose Secondary NameNode is used.

  237. Hi,

    Am interested to learn BigData am earlier worked on UI development I feel am not working so far on UI now am ready to change my technology am looking for BigData framework .it is mandatory to know the Java for working on dig data can u Please suggest me and what are the dependent languages to learn big data before .
    Thanks in advance.

  238. How RDBMS systems cannot be scaled out?

  239. hi sir right now I am doing my MTech in Pune after 20 June 2015 I will finish my 1st year
    Do I want to know the duration of the hadoop course? and can I finish whole thing include certification in one month?

  240. For best experience of online Hadoop training,

  241. Where to define new value of fs.file-max? Is that also in /etc/security/limits.conf?

  242. What is the difference between the two?
    If I have dfs.replication as 3 and dfs.replication.max as 10 then my max replication per block is 3 and I don’t see any use of dfs.replication.max.

  243. Hi,

    Where can I get Mongodb training institute in hyderabad??????

  244. Would like to know is there any demo on Saturday and Sunday?

  245. Why leave 200GB in 1TB for non-dfs usage? What are that usage? Please elaborate.

  246. i want to learn HADOOP ADMINISTRATION ,please let me know demo and class room training for new batch.


  247. I am a web developer with 2+ years of experience in developing client side and server side applications using HTML, PHP.
    I would like to know benefits HADOOP COURSE which helps in my career?
    is good for switch the PHP career to Hadoop.
    where I get Certification in Hadoop or it has official certification?
    Can you send me the details in a mail?

  248. Hi
    I’m a embedded s/w test engineer with 7 years exp. Don’t have knowledge about JAVA, SQL.Knew Just C, bit of C++.
    I would like to know whether I can opt Hadoop? If yes, what are the different tools/languages (viz Java, pig, Hive, NoSQL etc) to learn to succeed in big data industry?
    Are there different courses in Hadoop? I search about good institutes. I came to know, yours are best Hadoop training institutes in Hyderabad Ameerpet. So I am Interested to learn Hadoop here.

  249. Hi,
    I am looking for hadoop classroom training
    Can you please provide mail its details and other information
    Is there any of your center available in bangalore.

    Please advise


  250. I want to join Hadoop developer training this May.
    Please give me details of placements in this institute.
    I couldn’t find on website.

  251. You have said the RDBMS can’t handle Video, Image data which is not correct. In Oracle, you can store all kind of CLOB, BLOB image, mp3 data etc.

    RDBMS systems also can be clustered like Oracle RAC so you can add CPU, Memory etc. Possibly it can’t scale like Hadoop cluster 1000 nodes plus but you can add cluster nodes up to 100’s of them.

  252. we can add multiple disk on Linux machine if the volume of data is increasing.

    Yes, we can add multiple disks to a machine. RDBMS systems not only use your disk resource it also uses CPU, Memory, Network etc. The further disk I/O speed you can get up to 120 – 180Mbps max with SSD disks.

    Also, there is a limit of attaching a disk, CPU and memory to a single machines.

    Do not think SQL only uses to store data, it makes indexing internally, read, write queries etc which requires other system resources.
    If storage is the only concern there are SAN’s and NAS devices already available which can store 100’s of Terabytes of data.

    Hope you got it.

  253. Yes, true can handle the Video, image data using Oracle, but you need to define the what kind of a data type it is. So how will you handle the video or image data which is 1(col)X1(row) Million Matrix image or video data.
    And also it’s not just storing data in Databases and there is a computation part on it.

    so imagine if you have 1(col) X 1 (row) Million image data and you are running some image classifiers or Image detection machine learning algorithms on them which is a computation part and is not possible at all in Oracle. Further, these images have pixel-level information to be computed for iterations. Ex: Facebooks face detection for name tagging.
    Yes, I do agree with you can have an RAC. There is a drawback here whatever data you write to the nodes in an Oracle cluster there is a lock manager which hits the performance. And also for storing and computing a big amount of logs why do you want to use Oracle which is licensed heavily.

    Oracle as advantages, which is best suited for OLTP processing, banking databases which are mission critical applications.

  254. you are not leaving that space, non-DFS is the space usually used when TT’s keep their intermediate file or temp files in a mapred directory. Also, DN keeps some temp files too.

  255. dfs.replication –> is the default replication number every block will have in a cluster.
    dfs.replication.max –> is the cap or max a particular block can have. There is a java API where you can define the replication while putting a file on HDFS or else you can set the replication number manually using Hadoop dfs -replication /file_path.

  256. yes it should be defined in limits.conf file.

  257. Hi,

    I want to learn Hadoop admin., I have 2.5 yrs of experience in an IT field.
    Many are saying that I do need Java for doing Hadoop Admin. also. I am very bad at programming so I had also chosen my career in admin. related. If java is required I can’t make it up.Please, advice.

  258. Hi,
    Few question to understand this process:

    Assuming write of a block fails the first time because of some reason to a dataNode is there an inbuilt retry or it just considered failure?

    Assuming write was successful to a dataNode but later for some reason dataNode is taken offline will nameNode realize and replicate data to a newly added node itself? If yes who triggers it?

    Assuming node which was taken offline is now brought back online, now we may have more copied of a same block than expected because on this dataNode which is brought online we already had blocks of the file written. will nameNode realize it and delete over replicated blocks?

  259. Hi,
    I am looking for Hadoop fast track training , preferably online. Please send me the details of various tracks including fee please.

  260. 1. Assuming you have set the replication of 3, for a particular block to replicate NameNode gives a list of 3 datanodes to write these blocks. Datanode is copied in series like D1 -> D2 -> D3 Suppose if datanode D2 dies D1 communicates to namenode saying D2 has error and give back another node to complete the datanode write pipeline.

    2. If any DN dies, Its the duty of NN to meet the block replication factor. Dead DN won’t send heartbeat and Data block report to NN. So NN will replicate all the blocks which were in that dead DN

    3. Yes, it will delete the over replicated blocks.

    Hope I have answered your questions.

  261. Hi,

    I want to know about the complete syllabus of Hadoop.
    Can you please provide me, so that I can decide to join this course.
    one more query is how much is the fee for online training, it should not be more than classroom training.

    Thanks and Regards
    Dinesh Pathak

  262. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for taking Hadoop training in Hyderabad.so what is the prerequisite required for taking this course ? Please let me know the course content, fee and schedule.

    Thanks in advance.

  263. Dear sir,
    I want to do the Hadoop training in Hyderabad. Please let me know the course content, fee and schedule of the course. And should I do the Hadoop admin without having any experience in Hadoop?
    And sir I am free from June 2 only. So is there any batch starting after this and what is the duration of this course…waiting for your reply sir.
    Thanks in advance

  264. Can you give me institute name

  265. would like to have more details about the hadoop training

  266. Hi Aman,

    Can you pls call me on 07760048272 ?. Would like to get your inputs
    regarding the training at RCP


  267. Plz, tell me this best Institute for learning big data in Hyderabad and benefits of big data and fees and course details

  268. Hi,
    I want to learn Hadoop admin., I have 2.5 yrs of experience in an IT field.
    Many are saying that I do need Java for doing Hadoop Admin. also. I am very bad at programming so I had also chosen my career in admin. related. If java is required I can’t make it up.Please, advice.

  269. Hi,
    Can i know the faculty praveen number and i want to attend a demo class on saturday or sunday..
    and can i have any material of Hadoop..

  270. I did my BTech with ECE background in 2008. I have worked in research and development for last 7 years. I would like to shift to technical side completely. I don’t have any programming background. Please suggest me which software platform would be easy for me to learn.

  271. Hadoop training details

  272. I am working on Mainframe testing and I want to migrate to big data testing. For this do i need the knowledge on java. and also how is the future on big data testing. Can you please provide the information on this.


  273. Hello,

    I am working in an IT industry for about 15 years as a DBA mostly on OLTP systems.I was exploring an option of switching to as Hadoop Administrator. Can you please suggest would it be the correct step and also what are job potential.

  274. I am a BI developer and want to learn practical oriented Hadoop @ weekends. Can you send me the details of course duration and fee structure?

  275. Hi,

    I would like to attend a demo session on Hadoop. I am basically testing background. want to change my technology. Am I am going the right way to Hadoop? I hear your Institute is good in Hyderabad. Please send details and pay structure for online and classroom classes. will get any online/lab support after completion of the course.


  276. Hi , My name is Mahesh, I am doing as programmer in PHP and UNIX shell ..scripting and basic of pearl ..now I am having the 1.6 years of experience now I want to move into the Hadoop technology…please let me know any of the good faculty to learn..and what should i learn in Hadoop to do more programming and development side completely…

  277. Sir I have no knowledge on it skills but I want to do start mycarrier wit hadoop,so looking for training and placement institute

  278. I have 3 years experience in NON-IT but very much interested in IT industry. I have chosen HADOOP as my career. Can you please suggest me is it worth or not? I Hear you are the best trainer in Bid Data Training in Hyderabad. Looking for guanine advice.

  279. Can you give the course syllabus list??

  280. Hi,

    Currently, I am working on IBM AS400 (8+ exp) and would like to change my technology. I have chosen Hadoop and would like to attend a demo session on Hadoop. Not sure I have chosen right option or not? If Hadoop is good to learn now then suggest good faculty or institute. I am very much welcome for any other suggestions as well.


  281. Hi,
    I got your point.Since, your profile is non-Technologies background, I did not suggest Hadoop.Basically, Roles in Hadoop was either Hadoop Developer or Hadoop Administrator or Hadoop Analytics. Data scientist ( Data Analytics) course is fit for your profile. It does not require any programming knowledge.Course content includes Statistics, R, Tableau, SAS E Minar etc.Any graduates can do this course and very demand skill in a Job market.So, I do suggest Data scientist course for Non-BTech candidates.

    Hadoop requires technical knowledge like Core Jave, Unix, SQL etc. If candidates interested Hadoop even without Java knowledge One can do it in our centre, because we do train all technologies which are relevant for Hadoop. The course fee also nominal.

    So, again it’s your interest.Both are good in the Job market.
    Be prepare to claim 2 years experience in both these technologies. otherwise, you got fewer interview calls.
    Do certifiction, it give a carrer edge compare to non certified .

  282. Thank You…i will look after syllabus and call back to you.

  283. I am interest to learn Hadoop – Need to course details.

  284. I am interest to learn Hadoop – Need to know course details.

  285. Hi,
    My younger brother have 4 years experience in NON-IT but very much interested in IT industry. he is interested to choose HADOOP as his career. Can you please suggest me is it worth or not? I Hear you are the best trainer in Bid Data Training in Hyderabad. Looking for guanine advice.Also please provide me some demo details along with your next Hadoop session slot details. Appreciate your help! Thanks

  286. hi sir,
    i am looking for the hadoop fast track batch from pravin sir in the end of june will you pls send me the details of fees and the duration.
    thanks in advance

  287. and also tell me about the certification.

  288. Hi,
    This is Kumar from Hyderabad, working as the clinical data analyst in Hyderabad.
    I don’t have knowledge on JAVA, but I was trained in Base SAS earlier. Is JAVA is necessary for Hadoop?

  289. Hi, I am interested in the course. Can you please provide me the course schedule? Please provide accurate details about timings, topics covered, practicals/project involved, certification details, fees, course duration while also distinguishing between a classroom and online training.

  290. Dude!
    Please learn proper English first.. How will students understand your expertise by seeing your website and comments with butler English.

    Sorry if I hurt you.

  291. Sir.i am a student of diatance degree .but i am interested to work in software field.what is the basic courses need to learn for hadoop.

  292. what is the market for sales force and Hadoop? Why Should I choose Hadoop why not sales force? when did Hadoop enter into a market? what is the lifetime for it? I know java basics… how what I have to learn more for java? plz, give your valuable suggestions which change my life. I am 2012 passed out. I completed MCA. I went for the banking sector that’s the gap.

  293. Which is better Hadoop or Java?

  294. Dear Sir/Maam,
    I have done MBA in financial services.I just want to ask that can MBA professional do this course? what is the course fee, duration & where are the authorized training institutes in India?

  295. Hadoop or SalesForce?

  296. What are the prerequisites for getting into big data? I am a UI developer.. and have always worked on the front layer that HTML, JS, CSS. Is it right for me to move to big data? I am interested to move into big data….need to know the prerequisites to move into it.

  297. Job outlook for Hadoop administrators?

  298. Why should I use Hadoop instead of Microsoft SQL? I need the Hadoop course details and would like to speak to the instructor.

  299. Sir, Myself Mohammed, competed total java ..I am having full fledge knowledge on java and networking also.
    so, I make one step to learn Hadoop.
    I am having one doubt it is required to learn Hadoop b/z experience it’s required so will you provide that much experience knowledge..
    will you provide real time project flow that we can explain.
    I see your demo videos, but will you cover industrial project architecture.with java its good or not?

  300. sir, i am confused, I go for salesforce or Hadoop?
    tell me this answer ..b/z it’s my career.
    which one helpful for career growth

  301. Hello Praveen,
    Heard That You are the best faculty.Can you please share your cell number, so that I can talk with you before coming to Hyderabad.Actually I am in Pune and want to clarify my doubt before I join the class in order to learn and move with Hadoop and big data.
    Thanks in Advance.

  302. Hello Praveen,
    Heard That You are the best faculty.Can you please share your cell number, so that I can talk with you before coming to Hyderabad.Actually I am in Pune and want to clarify my doubt before I join the class in order to learn and move with Hadoop and big data.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Kindly Help to get rid out of doubts

  303. Respected sir,
    I did my M.Tech in CSE and currently I am working as a faculty in Engineering college I need clarification about the HADOOP course and how many days will require for the HADOOP course to complete.So please kindly provide the all the details and job offers on the HADOOP. So how many days will be required for the fast track?

  304. Hi
    What is the difference between Hadoop and MongoDB? I am interested to take training in Hadoop. I heard very positive about your training. Can you arrange a demo class/small talk with the faculty

  305. How do we predict the cost of running Hadoop?

  306. Hi Team,

    I’m interested to learn Hadoop.Can Hadoop replace an enterprise data warehouse?

  307. respected sir,

    I want an online demo class on this program, I am not from java background, my stream is ECE(M.TECH), is there any difficulty for me without java background,please send me fee details ,are u provide placement opportunity after the completion of course ,

  308. Yes, Partially we can replace by using Spark, Strome.

  309. Since its an open source and Hadoop can run on commodity hardware. It is 10 times cheaper than any other Application system

  310. Hadoop is a Framework and it is the collection of 30 + ecosystems out of that HBase and Cassandra, NoSQL databases.
    MongoDB: Is one of the NoSQL databases, is not part of the Hadoop ecosystem and its tool of 3rd party tool.

  311. Since the Datacenters are located at client location (usually abroad). The job outlook in USA is 50:50
    In India the job ratio for DEV: Admin is 80:20

  312. Here in Hadoop storage is done on top of HDFS. It is loosely coupled and moreover it is not a relational Database.

  313. Both are different environments.
    Hadoop is distribution database. Hadoop can use salesforce.
    salesforce is a cloud computing

  314. Hadoop is the powerful framework and there is no comparison.

  315. Bhai please give me your number,i need to talk with you regarding hadoop

  316. very nice

  317. Hi,

    I am Having 7 years of experience in TIBCO BW and TIBCO EMS(middleware integration technology).
    I am planning to change my career. Please suggest how far Hadoop helpful for me.

  318. At present, I am working on SAS clinical side. If I want to switch on to Hadoop side, Is it beneficial if I learn Hadoop?

    Pls suggest us …my background is Pharma with MBA.


  319. plzz help me in removing duplicates from the inputed text file

  320. I would like to have class room Hadoop Administration training.

    Can I have details please.

  321. I know core java and wish to have a career in Hadoop. I want to know is there any prerequisites to learn Hadoop which make me comfortable to learn Hadoop any courses any awareness is required kindly send me detailed about your institute
    Thank you

  322. I am looking for a classroom training for Hadoop administration in Hyderabad. Based on reviews I came to know this is the best Training Institute in Ameerpet on Hadoop Administration course. please suggest.

  323. Hi, i am from SQL background and I am interested in learning Big Data. I heard analytics is based mostly on SQL and Hadoop on Java. I don’t want to move to learn java. So what do you suggest for me as I am only interested in SQL part of big data.

  324. I am interested to take course

  325. Hi Murali,

    I am planning to learn Hadoop. Is this institute good?

    Thank you.

  326. i want to learn hadoop course along with cascading..

    plz share your details

  327. Hi,

    I am from SQL background and have around 10 years of experience in an IT industry.
    I have made R&D in shifting to Big data analytics and decided to move by learning Hadoop. My question is Is it advisable to shift in different track for an experienced person in terms of career and compensation point of view. Can you please suggest as I feel and the answers given by Hadoop expert are genuine.Thanks in advance.

  328. Please send me the demo link details

  329. Hi,
    I’m interested to start my career in Java, Python and Hadoop (big data technologies ), I don’t have much experience in programming just basic knowledge of C, C++ and software engineering. Can you please guide me what training do I need and what would be the cost/ time?

    I do appreciate your time and communication.



  330. I am working as a lecturer but I am interested to learn about hadoop

  331. Hi, I am a fresher and I want to make my career in Hadoop
    Is it a right time to do this training as a fresher.?
    What are the pre-skills required to do this training?
    Any programming skills required?
    What are the fees & duration, of course?
    Do you provide placements?. Plz, send the details.Thank you

  332. Sir
    I would like to join in Big data course, please give me suggestions which help me. I would like to know whether u r giving any job assistance after completion of the course.

  333. I am working as a Linux administrator and would like to switch my career as Hadoop admin. Is there a separate Hadoop Admin course and is it right decision to switch from Linux Admin to Hadoop Admin. How far will my Linux experience useful?

  334. hello sir

    I have 3 years exp but I want interested for this course and make a career for a big data analytics so please provide me any information which training center are best in Hyderabad.

    Any programming skills required?
    What are the fees & duration, of course?
    Do you provide placements?. Plz, send the details.Thank you

  335. Hi,

    Currently, I am working on Data warehousing IBM ETL tool,i had 4 yrs of exp in current technology does this technology will help in Hadoop. I don’t know about this technology but i want learn this..

    So please let me know what are the prerequisites for this technology.


  336. Hi,

    I have 18yrs exp in IT industry involving Microsoft technologies C/C++/C# DotNet in Windows applications. No experience in Web or asp.

    I would like to learn Hadoop and align my job towards that going forward. Do you advise such a move given my Microsoft background and experience?

    Please advise,

  337. I want more information about hadoop course with fees structure

  338. Hi,
    At present iam doing job in construction company as an Admin.I dont have any experience towards IT side.But,I am interested in Hadoop training.can u provide details of the course duration and fees for both online training and class room training.Will u provide any placements.

  339. Hi
    I am looking for RHCSA AND VCP training preferably Online only as I am not local in Hyderabad.

    Could you please send me an email with all the details like the course content, course fees and duration.


  340. Hi, I am working as a Database Administrator in IBM, I am Interested to Learn Hadoop Administration. I have took the online Hadoop administration course from one of the Institute. But I don’t get the clarity on the concepts. Please suggest

  341. Please send me the details of online courses and certifications for hadoop

  342. Don’t become fools by joining based on these reviews..please attend demo and then take a decision…attend demos for 3-4 classes and then join..all the best guys

  343. Hi,
    I am B.Tech (EEE). I have decided to work in the software industry. A friend of mine suggested Hadoop for me. But don’t know prerequisites so-called Java, Linux and SQL etc., Can I really cope up with this Hadoop thing???. If yes send me the details of the course. I am very much interested, but I doubt a lot whether I could succeed.

  344. I need the details regarding Hadoop. Can i have them clarified or just share me the contact details of the Faculty.

  345. Hi
    i want to join hadoop or data scientist please send me details and the duration of cource

  346. Hi,
    I am a fresher completed MCA 2013 and want to make my career in Hadoop
    What are the pre-skills required to do this training?
    I am little scared in Java and uncomfortable in-depth programming,it is mandatory to use java in hadoop?

  347. Please let me know any hadoop trainings being conducted in the month of October

  348. Sir iam completed my bsc mpcs can i eligible for hadoop and i want become Certified Professional – Cloud what the hadoop trained that i am a fresher for it what the diffrence between hadoop and cloud pls inform me

  349. Hi
    I am working in IBM Mainframe Technology and I know java basics but I never worked in java.Is java mandatory for hadoop? please suggest I have a plan to learn hadoop.My friends suggested you are one of the best hadoop training institutes in hyderabad ameerpet area. So I want to join here. Send me all information as early as possible.

  350. Hi.
    I see some decent reviews for your institute in here.
    I work for an MNC and the stream I work for is mainframes with 2 yrs of experience. Wanted to switch to big data and Hadoop.Can you please send me the details of the classroom training only during weekends.

  351. can you please share the details of real time experience candidate contact details

  352. Hi
    I completed my BTech CSE in 2014, I completed my SCJP certification and now I am learning Adv Java, can you suggest which course will help to me in future SCALA or HADOOP

  353. Hi,
    currently I am working as the software tester. I don’t have knowledge of SQL and java. Is it advisable for me to learn Hadoop. Will it be easily understandable? And taking an online course will help? And also please mention course fee and duration.


  354. Hello

    I am looking for a hadoop course. As Iam currently working in a company. It will be great if I can avail weekend courses if any. Got information about this institute from my friend.he recommended to have this done under faculty Praveen..so can you pls send me details of Mr. Praveen.
    Pls let me know the course fee as well..

  355. I am interesting “BIG DATA” platform but i don’t have a knowledge in java. I have a good knowledge in ORACLE(DBA). Please help me “Hadoop Experts”. How to learn Hadoop without “JAVA”.

  356. Hi,
    I have close to 11 years of experience in IT. Looking to get trained on Hadoop. Can you please provide me upcoming course details and any contact info of yours?

  357. Can you please send me the fee structure for the complete training for Hadoop testing and development as well. Also the course duration for it.

  358. Hi I m looking for demo class, when batch starts timing.course Duration etc

  359. Hi sir

    How to read multiples lines in mapper if I want find a common friends in a file.

  360. I wanted to attend demo class of Hadoop course, can you please let me know when is the next demo class.

    Sri Reddy

  361. Hello,
    I am interested in signing up for online Big Data Hadoop classes. Can you please give me the Mobile number of the faculty so I can speak to him before joining the course.

  362. Hi
    I have completed my M.tech in 2015, I don’t have any work experience. I heard that Opportunities in hadoop are more then any other, Is it true, Can I get job after learning hadoop, Let me know the scope.is it best Hadoop Training institute in Hyderabad Ameerpet. I want join in classroom training.


  363. Hello

    I am interested in joining Hadoop Developer and Admin. please let me know. I am interested in online only


  364. When will you start the next training batch for Hadoop ?

  365. I want to make my career in Hadoop. Is it worthy for a fresher to go ahead with Hadoop? can u provide placements? If so, please send me details. I heard you Faculty is excellent in Hadoop teaching. How about Jobs. I want join Hadoop big data training in Hyderabad .plz send me all details.Thank you

  366. I am currently working on Java, J2EE having 4 years of experience

    Interested to start career in Hadoop, please let me know when is the next online demo class will be available


  367. Hi,

    I am working as IBM Lotus Notes developer and I don’t have java knowledge.
    I am interested in learning Hadoop Administration, Could you please let me know the details. Also please let me know What are the pre-skills required to do this training?

    Thank you

  368. Please forward course structure and faculty contact details look forward to join the classes

  369. Hi All,
    just wanted to know that if working professional like me (telecom domain) want to learn and implement big data development and want to join as Hadoop developer then how can Ii approach this and what is the best way through your training center if possible.

  370. Hi,

    I want to learn Hadoop Administration course, Could you please send me the course content sheet and also send us trainer details.
    Before taking the course, i want to discuss with a trainer.

  371. hi,

    I am from testing background and have no java skills or sql skills, but I would like to move to development and want to learn Hadoop.
    can I know the course details, fees and pre skills that are required..
    I also need the details for cloudera certification. If you have a old cloudera certification questions please send me.

    Thanks in advance

  372. I need details Big data Hadoop online Training and course duration and fee.inform me one classroom demo details also.

  373. Hi,

    I want to learn Hadoop Administration course, Could you please send me the course content sheet and also send us trainer details.My friend did Hadoop Administration online training here.He referred to me.Before taking the course, I want to discuss with a trainer.

  374. Hi,

    I am looking for Hadoop training to enhance my skill.wanted to know if you have full day classes for Hadoop in Hyderabad.As I am working in oracle DB and don’t have an idea on java, is it okay to learn Hadoop.I will be there in Hyderabad, Ameerpet for 10 days . this is the max time I can spend.Can you please send me the course details to my email id.

  375. Hi,

    I am currently working in Mainframe for last 6 years and i am bored with it. Needed change of technology. So wanted more info about Big data, Hadoop courses. Can u please provide the fee structure, syllabus, duration. can you please also let me know whether any pre-requisites are required like java. I am also open to any other courses which have good scope in market. It will be great if you could guide me. Please provide the info through email. Thanks!

  376. Please provide the details of the upcoming session regular classroom training(weekend only)for Bigdata Hadoop and the course details like syllabus, fees and duration.Did you cover Spark and Scala in Hadoop Training course?

  377. Hi, I have been working as a software developer over 8+ years with hands on experience in Hadoop ecosystem tools, Hadoop, HBase, MapReduce for the past 2+ years. However, my knowledge on big data is from own readings and googling as I stumble on issues. I think I need to learn even more. I would like to know about Hadoop developer and administrator training in fast track.

  378. Hi
    I want to make my carrier on Hadoop. I want to know about future scope and opening in Hadoop in 2016.I want to learn Hadoop technologies.When will a new batch of Hadoop classroom training classes start

  379. I am from.Net background. I am to switch from.Net to Hadoop.

    1. Which Hadoop course is best for me? What are the different types of courses available in Hadoop?
    2. To learn Hadoop, what are the technologies need to know?
    3. what about the opportunity for Hadoop outside?
    4. If I will do the course, is there placement facilities available?
    5. Shall I face more difficulty to catch up Hadoop, because I am new for this.
    6. Is there the online course available?
    If Yes
    a. If I will join the online course, shall I download the videos?
    b. For online course how I will share my query?
    c. For an online course, is there any particular time or I can join anytime?
    d. For an online course, If I will face network issue or that time there will be no internet facilities or internet disconnected then what is the solution for that?
    e. Is there any discount available for the course?
    f. What is the duration of Hadoop course?
    g. What is the new upcoming weekend batch date?
    h. Courses fee?

  380. I am currently working in the BPO sector though I am from Software BI background. Have eight years of experience in Oracle BI( OBIEE, Essbase, Cognos, SAP BO, etc.). I want to start a change in my career as due to some unavoidable circumstances now working in BPO and have lost technical exposure to latest technologies.

    I came to know about your online training courses from some of my colleagues who have already trained. BTW I am from Kolkata, so I can take online training only. I started getting training on HADOOP from a Kolkata institute but suddenly they stopped the courses, and I lost my tuition fee also partially. Could you please share your course fee and how to start the course guideline so that I can think of starting this course again. As currently I am working in BPO sector so tuition fee matters most of me.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  381. Hi, I have 3+ years of experience as Oracle DBA & looking for Hadoop Admin training.

    Kindly provide me the details on online training

  382. Hi, am looking for big data training, i want to know what is the duration for normal batch class room training and timings of batch and cost as well.

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