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VMware Online Training in Hyderabad

VMware Online Training in Hyderabad

In this era of cut-throat competition and highly advanced technology, staging and simulation environments are an important part of training. In fact, the ease of using a virtual environment without causing real problems is a major necessity. In the field of information technology, a virtual training ground can turn out to be more cost-efficient and less disruptive. It is because of this reason that the need of VMware is felt. The tool is used to create various environments comprising of different networks and virtual servers. This, in turn, helps people to get real work experience and hands-on knowledge. VMware makes less use of hardware to stimulate more machines. It helps in creating a real staging environment with few servers and ISP connection, routers and switches.

Resource allocation is a big factor associated with IT. Making one machine do the works of three can prove to be of significant savings not only in money but also on physical resources. The demand for qualified technicians to set up, manage and maintain these units and create the perfect environment initiated the needs for training programs. Today, there are scores of institutions that are offering VMware training, most of which are offered online. The training programs include theoretical and practical courses that help students get the best knowledge and skill in this technology. Consequently, they can look forward to establishing a bright career.

VMware online training in Hyderabad

About Us:

We are a premier institute in Hyderabad providing VMware online training in Hyderabad for some time now. Our certification training program will give you the skills required for effectively preparing for a successful VMware career. Our training programs and methodologies are designed in such a way so that it helps in the easy recognition of your technical expertise. Moreover, it is also one of the most demanded certification worldwide. Hence, obtaining training from our institute will turn out to be highly beneficial for you.

We have a team of highly experienced teachers that are thoroughly knowledgeable about the latest updates in VMware. Accordingly, they offer the best education and training to help students form a bright and lucrative career. Moreover, our well-equipped infrastructure also proves to be immensely helpful for the students to learn varieties of new things so that they can advance their career. We invite both students and professionals to enroll in our online training courses in Hyderabad. The courses can be tailor-made, as per the needs and convenience of the students.

Why This Course:

These courses are of a very short duration. Therefore, if you enroll in them, you will learn lots of things within a short time. You will get the opportunity to have practical training along with handling lots of projects. Hence, you will not have difficulty in solving complexities. You will also learn how to create intelligent virtual infrastructure and modernize the cloud data management of an organization. This is indeed an excellent learning opportunity, which you should not miss out at any cost. Our training program is divided into wide varieties of courses. These courses utilize a hardware extraction to help you create a modern cloud-computing environment for your company.

The course is designed in such a way so that you will learn how to utilize hardware abstraction. You will get an idea of creating a modern cloud-computing environment for your company. You will learn how to test projects on large numbers of operating systems running simultaneously on one machine. Thus, the possibilities are endless with the best virtualization software for the industry. Like an IT superhero, you will create secure, flexible and speedy access to the cloud from any device. You will keep on amazing others with your skills and talents. Nothing is better than this.

Advantages Of Learning This Course:

With us, you will have no regrets of enrolling for this course. This is because we offer several benefits that you will start realizing as soon as you start attending our classes. We offer

  • Certified curriculum with hands-on training,
  • Onsite training,
  • Certified instructors with industry experience,
  • 1 to 1 training,
  • Excellent infrastructure for online training,
  • Affordable course fee,
  • Short term course and many more.

There are several modules of our courses that will help you move ahead in a regular and methodical style. We have trained quite a good number of students to date, and we are proud to say that each of them is successful in their lives today. We deliver training in India from our learning centers and provide on-site training on client premises. In addition to that, we also offer virtual training for those located in remote destinations with the help of our virtual classrooms. The training course will help students install, configure and manage the virtualization. You can also acquire training on operations management, optimize and scaling, troubleshoot workshop and design workshops. These are some of the vital advantages for which you should join our training programs at the earliest.

Job Opportunities:

Cloud and virtualization are the present and future of technologies. VMware provides one of the most trusted and widely accepted solutions for virtualization of infrastructure. As a result, enterprises of various sizes transform the way they manage, consume and deliver information. If you happen to acquire VMware online training in Hyderabad from our institution, you can be assured that you will have a high demand in the industry. You will not have any dearth of jobs in the leading industries of India and abroad. Since both small and large-sized industries are looking forward to deploying this solution, you will always have demand now and in the future.

We have started offering this training for some time now. Our ex-students have achieved immense success by completing their training courses. Moreover, we also have a special placement cell that assists students in finding jobs or work as a freelancer. Consequently, you will also not have any difficulty. Apart from that, you can also look forward to obtaining a huge package that will make your career all the more bright and shining like never before.

Therefore, it is time to enroll for our training.

You can contact us for VMware Online Training in Hyderabad, Ameerpet


VMWare Classroom Notes:

What is virtualization?

It is a solution to optimize the resources available in IT infrastructure

Component of IT infrastructure

  1. a) Servers
  2. b) Desktops
  3. c) Storage
  4. d) Network
  5. e) Applications run on supported operating system
  • Virtualization can be implemented on any of these components
  • Virtual machine functionally equal to a physical machine
  • Saving an H/W ports. —->No downtime

Savings on power

Savings on space

  • Virtual motion is migrating one running application from one server into another servers
  • Servers: It is a fully loaded machine
  • A server is a machine —- Resources —–>Ram, HD, etc
  • 2nd component of the server is OS
  • Anything which runs an OS is an “application.”

Eg: – Database

What is the virtual machine?

  • Functionally equal to a physical machine, intelligent machine. Each VM uses a portion of CPU to run applications
  • Scalability
  • Seem less (No data loss and no network loss)

History: –

  • Idea – 1960
  • Practically implemented: 1970
  • IBM implemented virtualization: – (Internal Business machine)
  • IBM mainframe platform
  • x86 Architecture —->vsphare 4.0 in 2009
  • Virtualization is base for cloud computing
  • IAAS – Infrastructure as a service
  • PAAS – Platform as a service
  • 1970 – main
  • 1980 – era of small computers
  • Intel processors – 8086 (8, 16, 32, 64) bit
  • MS-DOS (Operating system in IBM)
  • X86 Architectures
  • 2001 –>Virtualization —>In x86 Architecture
  • 2009 —>vsphare 4.0
  • IBM, AIX, HP UNIX, SUN Solaris

↗            ↖

Intel                 sun spark

RISC   (Reduced Instruction)

What virtualization done to OS?

  1. Decoupling operating system from hardware components of physical machine
  2. Intel works on CISC
  3. Hypervisor: -1) Technology behind virtualization is hypervisor

2) Two types of hypervisor

  1. a) Type – 1 (Bare metal hypervisor) —>directly run on hard disk
  2. b) Type – 2 (Applications run on supported o.s)

(Hyper Hoster visor)

Hypervisor – 1 runs on directly HW

Hypervisor – 2 VM ware workstation, fusion, server, Sun or Oracle

Type -1 – Bared metal hypervisor, server virtualization, proc

VM ware company – Type1 – sphere

Microsoft – type 1 – hyper v

Citrix – type1 – mean

Oracle – type1 – Oracle VM

Open source – type1 – KVM (Linux)

V-sphere   – Brand name

VM ware – company

VM ware components

V share infrastructure built with some components

V share product suite components: –

Hypervisor ESX/ESXI is type1 components

ESX – Elastic Sky ‘x’

ESXI – Elastic Sky ‘x’ integrated


Itself an os which creates and manages and runs virtual machine

V-sphere client —>it is an application installed on local machine

(API – Application programming interface)

Web client —>it is application for other operating systems

V center server – it is traditionally designed to install a window

(Centralized management)

Update manager

V-sphere data protection (Backup VM’s) V appliance

V shield end point

V center standalone converter


—->Vsphare client is application program interface (API). It is developed using .net which runs windows

—>V center service providing centralizing centralized management server to multiple ESX servers in an organization

—>V center server appliance which is a preconfigured VM with Linux operating system and v center server

—>Any preconfigured machine is known as virtual appliances

—->VA is used to perform predefined task

Up data manager: –

  1. a) For Windows WSUS: -It is a tool used for up data patches
  2. b) For Linux: – Yum
  3. c) Update Manager is an application get installed in predefined operating system
  4. d) It provides centralized management of paths in VM ware
  5. e) V-sphere data protection: -It helps in implementing antivirus solution in virtual infrastructure. It is a service which runs on ESXL
  6. f) V center standalone Converter is the tool to which we can convert physical machine to virtual machine

P2V – Physical to Virtual

V2V – Virtual to virtual

  1. g) VCLI – V-sphere command line interface
  2. h) It is an application. It is SDK (Software development kit) developed
  3. i) Using Perl scripts

VMA: – (V-sphere management assistance): -It is virtual appliances

It’s running on VM as ESX1. VCLI is installed in VMA

–>Vm features 1) Clustered F.S 2) Distributed locking

History of ESX/ESX1: –

  1. First release 2001 ESX1.0
  2. ESX1 Release 2006 2007, ESX1 3.0
  3. V-sphere 4.0 release 2009, ESX/ESX1 4.0
  4. V-sphere 4.1 Release 2010, only ESX1 4.1 —>Console opened
  5. V-sphere 5.0 Release 2011, only ESXi 5.0
  6. V-sphere 5.1 release 2012, ESXi 5.1

ESX: –

  1. Core component of (virtual machine) os is VM kernel
  2. 2nd important component of operating system is console or user interface
  3. VM kernel + RHEL kernel (COS): – COS – Console operating system


Used to interface with VM kernel

(* RHEL Kernel —>It is a tailored version)

* RHEL Kernel —>It is a customized version of Linux

Console: –

  1. VM kernel + console is hidden
  2. Has small kernel which is more secured
  3. In 4.1 ESXi console is open
  4. * ESXi 5.0 is integrated with basic firewall
  5. Two prospects of virtual machine: – 1) Set of virtual H/W for os 2) Set of files for ESXi
  6. Lightweight
  7. In 5.0 firewall was introduced (Basic) stateless firewall
  8. DCUI – Direct console user interface is used configure ESXi
  9. Console is disabled by default
  10. In 4.1 console is called as test support mode
  11. In 5.0 console is called as shell access

What is difference b/w ESX and ESVi?

  1. ESX has console operating system based on RHEL. Whereas ESXi has only VM kernel
  2. Two types of VM core
  3. a) Set of hardware (VM to operating system)
  4. b) Set of files (folder to os to VM)

1)    ESXi has a file system of VMFS (Virtual Machine File system)

2)    It is a container to store data (VM FS data store)

Data store: -local folder

Share folder


Importance of VMFS Features: –

VMFS: – (Virtual machine file system): –

1)    VMFS data store is used store data where it is forwarded with VMFS

2)    The folder name is name of VM

VM features: –

  1. Clustered F.S
  2. Distributed locking

Importance of VMFS Features: –

  1. Clustered file system (shared file system)
  2. Two types of sharing
  3. a) Os sharing
  4. b) User sharing

Distributed locking: –

Pic1: –

V center components some points: –

  1. V center server appliances for Linux operating system
  2. End users perspective point VM is important rather than ESXi
  3. V center server is essential to use advanced features of v sphere
  4. V-sphere command line interface used to troubleshoot in VM ware. It uses SDK (Software development kit) developed using pearl

Virtual networking

  1. Bring all ESXi host into an N/W 3 components

N/W: -Media, switch, NIC

  1. Virtual machines using their n/c cards connecting through virtual cable to virtual switch
  2. The link between virtual switch to physical switch is physical adapter of ESXi host

Pic2: –

  1. Core components of networking 1. NIC, 2.Media, 3.Cable
  2. Physical NIC card is connected to switch and virtual switch
  3. Virtual switch appears as graphical representation through program interface used in virtual screen
  4. ESX: –

PIC3: –

  1. When ESX is installed by default one virtual switch is created. It 1st connected to physical adaptor available
  2. First connection formed on left side by default VM network (port group)
  3. Second connection set up by default – service console port
  4. This port is used to manage ESX. It is RHEL port
  5. Multiple kernels can exist \n virtualization
  6. RHEL kernel is running on VM kernel
  7. IP is assigned in TCP/IP stack os
  8. IP address of ESX is configured in service console port
  9. Service console port is also called as management network
  10. The 3rd connection created by admin which is called as VM kernel port. It hands 4 traffics
  11. a) ISCSI
  12. b) NAS (Storage Technology)
  13. c) V motion
  14. d) Fault tolerance
  15. An IP should be assigned to 3rd connection
  16. Multiple VM kernel port must be created to handle multiple traffics
  17. ESXi: –

PIC4: –

It handles 5 traffics

  1. Management
  2. ISCSI
  3. V motion
  4. NAS
  5. Fault tolerance
  6. a) By default VM kernel port created for management can also handle iSCCi, NAS
  7. b) Layer id two switches are used to build n/w
  8. c) To avoid loops in switch we use a port cal spanning tree protocol
  9. d) Virtual switches can’t be connected among themselves
  10. e) As ports on virtual switch can act as access port, WAN, port, trunk port, however, v dan’s must be configured on physical networks


Virtual data center infrastructure

The servers used in data center are of three types

  1. a) Twoers servers
  2. b) Packet mount servers

1)    1 unit 1 row

2)    2 unit 2 row

3)    3 unit 3 row

4)    4 unit 4 row

5)    5 unit 5 row

6)    6 unit 6 row

  1. c) Blade servers


  1. Ethernet
  2. Fiber optic
  3. Switches, routers, firewalls

—->Centralized storage

—>NAS Network Associate storage

—>Server virtualization software (Hypervisor) VM Ware v sphere

  1. a) Virtual machine
  2. b) Virtual n/w ing
  3. c) Virtual storage

—->Guset operating system



  1. a) Leased lines
  2. b) Broadband
  3. c) VPN (virtual private network)

—->Cloud computing s/w

*VM Ware v cloud direction

Pic5: –

ESXi virtualization

  1. Binary translation is used by ESXi in virtualization
  2. VM’s running on ESXi host are allocated a portion of physical resources
  3. Hypervisor schedules VM’s, allocates, memory and schedules ms to run on various CPUs
  4. VM’s shares n/w and d are bandwidths
  5. VM’s can be assigned to particular resources Default settings; all VM’s and on ESXi host receive an equal share of resources
  6. Default settings, all VM’s and on ESXi host receive a fair share of resources



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