Translate Success Of Your Career With Tableau Training In Hyderabad

Data visualization is powerful now with different technological advancements. From the beginning of civilization, human beings have used visualization to describe the world around them. With data visualization, you can describe the information with the aid of different visual rendering tools. The surge in the popularity of business intelligence has led to the importance of data visualization. Tableau is the leading software in the arena of data visualization and aids users from different industries and backgrounds. Visualization of data helps in better understanding and decision-making process. You can rely on us for tableau training as we at RCP Technologies cater superior quality training to business users.

Get adequate knowledge

Tableau has turned out to be groundbreaking software that helps in transforming data to interactive and visually appealing visualizations referred as A dashboard. You will get adequate information about this software through our training. Our certified experts will help you to gain expertise regarding the use of this software. With our training, you will translate your investment to the success story of your business, is easy. The curriculum of the training program comprises of topics that will provide you leverage in your business. You can get an insight of different best practices in the arena of data visualization.

Overview of training program

A blend of theory knowledge and practical experience will equip you with information that will help you to outperform your competitors. Experts have designed the training program emphasizes on better understanding of techniques and concepts of this software. Objectives of this training are

  • Understanding interface, terminology, data elements, components and other paradigms of this software
  • Dexterity to create effective and powerful visualizations
  • Complete basic arithmetic, string manipulation, date math, ratio and table calculations
  • Ability to represent data through various visualization processes like a geographic map, cross tab, page trials, bar charts and pie charts.
  • Combine interactive dashboards with visualizations and publish those in the web.

Get competitive edge

An important aspect of this software is that you can learn it with ease. But, a simplicity of this software should not deceive you. Tableau is an important tool that helps in visualization of data in different methods. It is user-friendly and effective use of this software seems to be an art. Our experts will help you to use this software seamlessly. Trainers have a profound experience of catering training programs to professionals in businesses that vary in size. Extensive training of this software will provide a competitive edge over others. We conduct training programs for both individuals and corporates.

Few distinct features

When in need of tableau training in Hyderabad then the only name that you can rely on is ours. Our trained certified have in-depth knowledge regarding visualization of data. Professionals, be it a novice or pros who have to deal with data for decision-making can opt for this training. Few highlights of the training make us stand apart from others

  • Demo and classroom teachings
  • Provision of case studies and projects in real-time situations
  • Get superior quality resource material
  • You can record sessions for future references
  • Round the clock technical support
Different types of training programs

Depending on the need of businesses, you can opt for basic or advanced courses with us. Fundamental courses cover different concepts and techniques of using this software. Participants of this training program develop their skill of building different visualizations with the use of this dashboard. Our advanced courses are for professionals who have profound experience in this arena. For this course, it is important for participants to have in-depth knowledge of topics covered in the fundamental course. Without this, it might turn out to be a daunting task to understand dashboard, spreadsheets and calculations related to advanced visualizations.

Various topics covered

Superior quality training is what makes us stand apart from others. The size of each class is small so that experts can pay individual attention to the participant. There are three modes of training classroom, online or corporate training.Depending on your need, you can opt for a perfect mode that will suit your timing. Irrespective of the training program you choose, few important topics are covered by these courses. Case studies are included in the curriculum o training programs irrespective of the mode you chose. These topics are segregated as

  • Fundamentals
  • Tableau Advance
  • Tableau Server
  • Visual Analytics
  • Administration

Different methodologies of training

There are two methodologies of imparting training. We have provision for both normal and fast track classes for the convenience of participants.In the normal course, you will be taught in details about concepts that are integral to your profession, whereas, in fast track, our experts highlight on important topics. Corporates prefer fast tracks in comparison to its counterpart. You can clarify your doubts after completing the class. Every week examinations are held by experts to assess the knowledge of participants. You will receive the resource online, and if you want, you can even download it as per your convenience.

Opt for online courses

In case, you have a dearth of time then the best option is tableau online training in Hyderabad. You can attend the training programs as per your schedule. For this training, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can save both money and time with this training. We cover different topics that will help you to gain a berth in a real-life situation. Our training programs help participants to perform in real-life setting of businesses. Study materials, manuals all emphasize on improving the learning process.

Training for corporates

For experienced professionals, special batches are conducted in different corporate settings. Customized approach to imparting training has made us different from others. Comprehensive training that we cater has proved to be beneficial for professionals. Apart from the training program, we also help our participants in preparing the resume. You can also get assistance in placement from us. We help in improving the technical skill of professionals irrespective of analytical background. Our partnership with various corporates ensures placement of our participants. You do not have to shell out an exorbitant amount for availing training program from us. So, avail the training and improve your ability of decision-making.

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 Tableau Classroom Notes


Data: – Stored representation anything which is understandable by the system is called as dates

(or) The stored representation of events and objects is called as data